CanonCrypto – A Vast Crypto Treasure Awaits


CanonCrypto (CATO) is a perfect combination of crypto gaming and farming to bring players the best gaming experience and the most profitability. Because why not have fun while making a lot of money?

About CATO

CATO is a platform that integrates NFT games and decentralized farms on Binance Smart Chain. CATO is of the role-playing game genre where players buy eggs to hatch fish, raise them, and transform them into CATOs to conquer new lands, destroy other species on the battlefield to earn rewards, and effortlessly farm/work to become rich.

Crypto gaming and farming with an interesting plot

CATO is set in a fantasy dystopian future, where fuel and resources are becoming increasingly scarce. As a result, galaxies resort to invading each other, creating the ultimate space wars. In our story, there is Xebel – a ferocious army which has conquered many planets and inflicted pain on many other armies. Yet for them, this is not enough, as their goal is to dominate the universe. They began to invade each Milky Way. When they reached the solar system, the Earth was their first target.

To carry out the invasion, Xebel created a destruction machine called CATO. CATO is shaped like a shark, with sharp iron teeth ready to crush opponents. CATO is invincible and has caused countless casualties. Xebel has created many more soldiers, with functions and shapes similar to CATO, instituting an army of sharks. The main purpose of creating CATO and invading is to build a new world called CATO WARRIOR. So is there hope for the Earth and other planets? Will there be anyone strong enough to defeat CATO? Or will Xebel eventually create a world called CATO Warrior?

CATO offers various forms of battles to satisfy all players. There are three types of challenges that players can choose: 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5. Despite the intense plot, the game is lightweight and contains high-quality graphics and animations. Players can also farm for the game token.

Rewards flowing in from many sources

The team behind CATO has the desire to create a world where people can both make a living and have fun through digital gaming, which has taken the world by storm since the early 2000s and is showing no sign of stopping. When you combine this ever-so-popular culture of digital gaming with the newly flourishing blockchain technology CATO always believes in the players and continuously empowers them to contribute to the ecosystem and bring them economic benefits.

CATO incorporates BSC technology, which ensures a trusted and transparent gaming experience to the players while providing them with maximum security of a decentralized network.

Besides actually engaging in battles through shooting fish, CATO also has Slot Game for players to bet and spin for money. During this gameplay, there will be special bonuses appearing during play such as Bonus, Free spin, and Jackpot. “Bonus” means the player will get extra money, “Free spin:” means the player will get extra free spins with their current bet, and “Jackpot” is when the players earn an amount of the jackpot fund. In addition, there are Quick game, Bounty hunt, Spin shark, and Spin pirate, all of which players can make money from.


1. CATO token is the governance token for the CATO game.


– Token name: CATO

– Token ticker: $CATO

– Decimals: 18

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 100,000,000 $CATO

– Smart contract address: 0xc052b242b5AF30e5888AF242DaEab6512A9bb68c

Use case:

– hold and stake to take part in the decision-making process

Token distribution:

Article Canoncrypto Token

2. GOLD token is valid in the game. Players can use it to bet on slots and buy ammo in fish shooting games. $GOLD can be earned as a reward by shooting down an item in a fish shooting game or winning a bet on the slot game.

The player can recharge by buying $GOLD with $CATO at the rate of 1:25 (1 $CATO = 25 $GOLD).

Team members

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CATO has successfully passed the security audit verified by Verichains.

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Social Channels

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Final Thoughts

In the future, CATO will provide more in-game services to greatly enrich the player experience. The game also ensures that there will be more powerful protection for the player who might encounter crypto asset infringement. CATO is truly revolutionizing the classic fish shooting game.


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