CD3D – The Ultimate Blockchain Fantasy Movie League

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CD3D is the first-ever crypto project to be able to meet the growing demand of the market for a decentralized version of a “fantasy Hollywood”, which is a prediction game similar to fantasy sports – a multibillion-dollar industry that has been successfully tokenized and is rapidly expanding.

About CD3D

CD3D is a Binance Smart Chain based token that powers CinemaDraft, an upcoming daily movie prediction gaming platform that resembles the fantasy sports genre. Thus, instead of putting together a virtual team of real-life sports athletes, users select famous actors from current movie releases. Users can earn points for their call sheet (lineup) based on real-life statistics of the actors’ movies’ performance at the North American box office and compete against each other for cash prizes. CinemaDraft also serves as an independent revenue-producing vehicle for all users, whether they are players or speculators.

CD3D Is Tokenizing Contemporary Hollywood

For the past two decades, fantasy sports has grown into a giant in the online gaming industry, with a current market size of 18.6 billion USD and expected growth of 48.6 billion USD by 2027. The lack of transparency in fantasy sports makes it a perfect candidate for blockchain innovation because the technology can help track data associated with teams, winners, and prizes in an immutable way. Meanwhile, the pandemic has further boosted the sector outlook, as more players are staying home and are looking for legitimate crypto projects that let them easily deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies. Inspired by this fruitful combination, the team behind CD3D wants to help movie enthusiasts grow their assets through an exciting fantasy sports-style game for the movies.

CinemaDraft also helps solve Hollywood’s problem of declining movie theater attendance in the past decade, not to mention their struggle to recover pre-pandemic box office revenue. The platform embraces gamification and a traditional fantasy sports salary cap model, resembling the Hollywood Stock Exchange (an entertainment “stock market” where people can buy and sell virtual shares of celebrities and movies), but with more fun and easy-to-transfer cryptocurrencies. Winners and winning amounts can be verified on-chain without exposing any private information, thus eliminating the financial risk typically involved in online prediction games.

On a more personal note, the founder of CinemaDraft and CD3D, Edwardo Jackson, has witnessed firsthand how discriminatory venture capital funding for startups can be. He sees the rise of ICOs, and how innovative some of these business models and use cases were, as a practical way to fund CinemaDraft and create a cryptocurrency that could be used for gaming, services, as well as an asset to be traded on exchanges. Blockchain technology allows communities to support each other economically through innovative funding opportunities for minority owned businesses and presents various pathways to financial and cultural success.

Engage in a Lucrative and Entertaining Platform

With CD3D, players can enjoy free-to-play games with cash or CD3D prizes. There are also pay-to-play games and private games among friends and invited participants, or multi-week seasons with both private and public leagues are under plan for development.

The Community Jackpot Fund is a dedicated portion of the token supply used to reward the most consistently active players and will be deployed on a quarterly basis. CinemaDraft will complete developing its first daily fantasy movies game DraftStream with the funds acquired from CD3D token sale, sponsoring marketing and free-to-play prize pools using cash and CD3D prizes. Future plans include Star Cards, which are the celebrity NFT collectibles for players to own and earn tokens based on the actors’ in-game performance.

Additionally, users can receive dividends from transaction fees and increase CD3D price due to transactional and market-based activity, or earn 33% of their referrals’ dividends. Users can earn additional CD3D from a set-aside reserve at contract creation from each transaction designed to distribute tokens to active participants in the community. This is called Community Rewards. Moderators will be incentivized to monitor the community for similar rewards.

CD3D also inherits beneficial DeFi features, such as:

– 10% transaction fee that includes dividends, burn, plus buyback and burn

– Anti-whale protocol capping transactions to 0.15% of the token supply

– Anti-dumping protocol charges a 5% extra transaction fee on sales through exchanges. This fee will be distributed as dividends to all holders

– 30-day+ staking rewards for longtime holders

– Monthly liquidity release schedule


CD3D is the native token of CinemaDraft.

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Base Currency: BUSD

Type: BEP-20

Total supply: 100,000,000

Use case:

CD3D token is used to make transactions on CinemaDraft gaming platform, for staking rewards, liquidity and community jackpot fund.

Token distribution:

token 3

– ICO: 20M (20%)

– Dead: 40M (40%)

– Team: 2M (2%); locked but released quarterly for 1 year

– Marketing: 10M (10%); 33% locked for 2 years

– Liquidity: 20M (20%); locked but released monthly to our launchpad

pool and to be distributed to other pools

– Community Jackpot Fund: 8M (8%); locked but released quarterly

Team members

Edwardo Jackson is the CEO/Founder and is an expert in publishing, movie criticism, and marketing. He is a pioneer in promoting the use of cryptocurrency since 2013 who created the educational site CinemaDraft and CD3D is a Nevada-incorporated company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America.



CD3D is adopting the Batch Auction style, an optimized crypto version of a classic Dutch Auction, with the fair launch to last only 24 hours. The initial CD3D offering is set for October 7th, 2021. The proceeds will be used to develop a decentralized launchpad for other gaming tokens.  This is a feature-rich decentralized exchange for other tokens to use as a self-service launchpad. As the exchange token, CD3D will generate substantial revenue from entrepreneurs looking for an automated, permissionless way to handle their own token launches in a variety of attractive sales and auction formats.

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Social Channels

Visit CD3D and CinemaDraft and catch up on the latest news:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Telegram

Final Thoughts

CD3D focuses on creating a community-centric platform to encourage the use of blockchain for gaming, return its revenue to holders over time and increase engagement for the movie industry. This project can be particularly successful given the right push from the crypto community.


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