Coinfluence – Drives Crypto Startups into the Spotlight

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Social media always plays a vital role in the cryptocurrency market. In fact, the first Bitcoin transaction was conducted via negotiations on a small Bitcoin forum, Bitcoin Talk. That guy traded 10,000 Bitcoin for two pizzas – the date is later marked as Bitcoin Pizza Day.

We know how Dogecoin rocketed after Elon Musk showed his support towards this meme coin on Twitter. Imagine a project that receives that kind of unanimous support from many Twitter influencers, it will definitely come into the spotlight and achieve better growth.

It is no longer imagination – Coinfluence is there to bring it to reality.

The missing piece of success

The truth is that no matter how potential a project is, it is still too far to be a successful case like Dogecoin. According to Coinopsy, there are more than 2,000 crypto projects that have failed to fulfill their missions. Some were considered scams, there were abandoned and forgotten.

Some reasons for these failures include:

– a shortage of funds;

– lack of public trust and support;

– poor fulfillment of idea;

– lack of exposure;

– liquidity issues and so on.

Coinfluence will directly tackle the difficulties and weaknesses of crypto projects to help them achieve effective development and expansion.

Way to success

Struggling projects can count on Coinfluence when it comes to community development, user base growth and media exposure.

Coinfluence’s community of crypto influencers will spread the word for their followers., while the launchpad platform targets fundraising – a fundamental problem for a project’s development and expansion. However, there will be a strict verification process to avoid frauds and scams of any kind on Coinfluence launchpad.

The community has the right to make proposals and vote on them to improve the operation of Coinfluence.

Coinfluence to the rescue

Provide access to funding: Coinfluence helps new crypto projects organize an IDO for fundraising. After the registration and verification process, projects will be added to their launchpad. The community will promote the projects on various social media channels to maximize their target reach.

Increase public trust: Projects often find it hard to build trust and attract investors without being vetted. Coinfluence’s analysts will review the projects in terms of the team, actual use case, partners, and goals.

Increase media exposure: The mighty strength of Coinfluence’s community is to spread via exposure for the approved projects. A group of great influencers who are good at crypto, finance, and technology can lead followers and build their trust in the promoted projects. Coinfluence targets a wide range of audiences via Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedln, Blogs, etc. Therefore, it is getting easier for projects to reach investors and potential holders.

Offer professional counsel: Coinfluence will assist crypto startups with mentorships and necessary resources.


Coinfluence accepts MetaMask for transactions on their platform. Other wallets (TrustWallet, Coinbase, etc.) will soon be added.


$CFLU is a native token of the ecosystem, which acts as the entrance ticket to the Coinfluence platform. $CFLU also represents holders’ right to vote for projects development proposals or Coinfluencers.


Token Name: Coinfluence

Token Ticker: $CFLU

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Spec: BEP-20

Smart Contract Address: 0x466BDA30B87CcE9121a452742F6aEE20D0d00613


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $CFLU

Seed Round: 150,000,000 $CFLU

Public Sale: 650,000,000 $CFLU

Team: 100,000,000 $CFLU

Marketing: 100,000,000 $CFLU

8.21 Coinfluence Allocation

Transaction tax

Each $CFLU transaction will apply a 10% tax, which is divided into three portions:

4% to add liquidity

4% to reward token holders

2% to add to the marketing budget

8.21 Coinfluence Transaction

Coinfluence Team

Coinfluence is a multinational team with a public LinkedIn profile. Learn more about them here:


Q3 2021

Development of Coinfluence Launchpad and Vetting Process

Influencer recruitment

Q4 2021

Listing on PancakeSwap and Blockfolio

Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

Development of the mobile version

Q1 2022

Establishment of the 100,000-influencer network

8.21 Coinfluence Roadmap

Social Media

Get the latest news about Coinfluence via Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Youtube | TikTok.

Final thought

Coinfluence paves the way for crypto projects to get closer to their goals and missions in this competitive market. Through their network of qualified influencers and the development of a sophisticated vetting process, Coinfluence will turn crypto startups into blockchain winners.

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