CyberTime Finance – A Community Playground for Art Lovers

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Since the booming of the NFT trend in early 2021, the blockchain space has witnessed the launch of thousand NFT projects. CyberTime Finance follows their own path of creating a true playground for art lovers, which is run by the community and works for the benefit of the global community.


CyberTime v1 began humbly as an NFT art store on OpenSea. However, the CyberTime team decided to go big and established CyberTime Finance, an NFT environment tailor-made for art enthusiasts.

A Playground for Art Lovers

CyberTime’s unique product line aims to serve the art lovers community worldwide by introducing new artists and artworks, hosting community contests, and bringing financial benefits for their community members.

NFT Fantasy League

The NFT Fantasy League is an art arena where both established and new artists can submit their artworks to participate in voting contests and auctions. The participating artworks are featured on

Artists can build and organize their own “Fantasy Team” and gather their best works to compete in contests. Nine best artists/teams with the highest points will receive a portion of the prize pool as follows:

  • 1st place: 40%
  • 2nd place: 30%
  • 3rd place: 20%
  • 4th-9th place: 10% each

Holders of NFTs by these artists can trade them on the secondary market or burn them in the burning pool.

Fantasy League is a fun and entertaining playground that connects the community of art lovers and brings the names of new artists closer to the public as they have the chance of leaving a lasting mark in the digital art market.

NFT Time Collection

NFT Time Collection is the starting idea of CyberTime NFT store on Opensea. It is a performance project where a collection of 86,400 NFTs by thousands of artists is on display. Participating artists include Fantasy League winners and partner artists invited by CyberTime.

NFT technology is breaking down the barriers of the art industry. It helps artists get closer to the public and bring them more money-making opportunities. For the first time, a massive NFT collection featuring thousands of artists from around the world is going to attract tremendous media coverage and get seen by the masses. This marks a period of solid development of crypto art.

NFT Artist Accelerator

Now, CyberTime is developing an accelerator for NFT artists and young teams in the field of NFT. This will be a very meaningful business that helps young artists reach their targeted audience, get noticed and, on a larger scale, shapes the future of the art world.

Run by Art Lovers

Cybertime Finance is a DAO operated by art lovers. Holders of $CFT – Cybertime Finance’s government token have voting power on important decisions, such as on using the DAO’s fund.

The fund receives 100% fees from Fantasy League (in NFTL) and a portion of the total profit of the whole ecosystem.

Proposals on the project’s development are gathered here.. Each holder of at least 8.64 CTF tokens is eligible to vote. Recently, the community has successfully voted for solutions related to launching the 3rd stage of CyberFarming.

Furthermore, CyberTime’s development team members are also true art and beauty lovers.

word image You can check out their profiles here:


CTF – Government token

$CTF is CyberTime’s government token. The token is generated through CyberFarming on

Use Cases

Holders of $CTF tokens can:

  • Vote on the project’s development
  • Vote on the distribution of the community development fund


  • Name: CyberTime Finance Token
  • Symbol: $CTF
  • Network: BSC
  • Spec: BEP-20 Token
  • Contract Address: 0x410319197d3394652b7dddc669e58fbe30b56090


  • Total supply: 86,400
  • NFTL/BNB LP Pool: 70%
  • CTF/BNB LP Pool: 20%
  • Team: 10%

All CTF tokens will be distributed according to the following scheme:

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NFTL – NFT League token

NFTL is the Fantasy League’s key token. The token is generated through CyberFarming .

Use cases

Holders of NFTL tokens can:

  • Pay for artworks in Fantasy League
  • Pay participation fees in Fantasy League


  • Name: NFT Fantasy League
  • Symbol: $NFTL
  • Network: BSC
  • Spec: BEP-20 Token
  • Contract address: 0x2f7b4C618Dc8E0bBA648E54cDADce3D8361f9816


  • Total supply: 86,400,000
  • Cyber Farming: 30%
  • Crypto Artist Contests: 35%
  • Fantasy League: 35%

SAVENFT – NFT Time Collection token

SAVENFT is the key token of the NFT Time Collection project.

It is used to support Crypto Artists and the NFT market. With every SAVENFT transaction, CyberTime smart contracts will execute the buy back of NFTL and CTF tokens to support their value.

Specifically, the 9% transaction fee is distributed as follows:

  • 3% is distributed to all token holders
  • 3% is distributed to LP creation with a 50/50 split (token/BNB)
  • 2% is distributed to CTF redemption and is transferred to DAO Fund
  • 1% is distributed to NFTL redemption and is transferred to DAO Fund

Use Cases

Holders of SAVENFT tokens can use them for:

  • Buying the NFT Time Collection and other non Fantasy League collections
  • Supporting young creators and their projects


  • Symbol: $SAVENFT
  • Contract Address: TBA


  • Total supply: 86,400,000,000,000 SAVENFT
  • Community sale: 5%
  • IDO sale: 5%
  • CyberTime DAO Fund: 5%
  • CyberTime DAO NFT Accelerator: 5%
  • Burning: 50%
  • LP Lock: 30% locked for 4 years


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Social Channel

Learn more about CyberTime Finance via:

Final Thoughts

CyberTime started small, but they are slowly growing stronger thanks to the support of the true art lovers. In the future, CyberTime Finance will bring even more meaningful projects for communities and artists globally.

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