Daily Crypto News | July 6th, 2022

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1. 1 Billion Chinese Citizens Had Their Personal Data Leaked

A billion Chinese residents’ worth of data, totaling roughly 23 terabytes, have allegedly been taken from a Shanghai police database by an unidentified hacker. If confirmed, this would be one of the greatest data breaches in history, according to experts.

The data can be purchased for 10 bitcoins. This amount, as of this writing, is around $197,806. Names, residences, dates of birth, national ID numbers, mobile numbers, and information about crimes and cases are all included in the hacked data.

On a hacker forum on Thursday, a member going by the alias “Chinadan” posted an advertisement for the data. According to the user, the data was stolen from the database of the Shanghai National Police (SHGA).

2. Crypto-stealer Malware PennyWise Spread All Over YouTube

A new type of cryptocurrency malware is being transmitted via YouTube, luring users into downloading programs that are intended to steal data from 30 different cryptocurrency wallets and browser extensions.

Chromium and Mozilla browser data, including login information and data related to Bitcoin extensions, were stolen from the victim’s PC. Additionally, it has the ability to hijack chat sessions from programs like Discord and Telegram and snap screenshots of them.

According to Cyble, the malware also targets cold crypto-wallets that support Zcash and Ethereum. These wallets include Armory, Bytecoin, Jaxx, Exodus, Electrum, Atomic Wallet, Guarda, and Coinomi.

3. Italian Government Aids Blockchain Projects With $46M Subsidies

The Italian Ministry of Economic Development has stated that starting in September, some blockchain projects will be eligible to apply for up to $46 million in government subsidies.

The Ministry announced on Tuesday that businesses and public or private research institutions will be able to submit financing requests to the government for the creation of initiatives including blockchain, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence.

As part of the Italian government’s objectives for investments in technology, research, and innovation, the fund will have an initial budget of 45 million euros, or roughly $46 million at the time of publication, for expenses and costs ranging from 500 thousand euros ($512,150) to 2 million euros ($2,048,600).

4. The Future Of The US Central Bank Digital Currency Remains Vague

American policymakers at the Federal Reserve have been talking about the technology but haven’t revealed if they’ve made any headway on creating a central bank digital money.

Economic advisors and Fed top brass discussed digital assets and whether a CBDC may help the US at a symposium on the worldwide role of the currency on Tuesday.

The Fed claims that the “panelists generally agreed that technology by itself would not lead to drastic changes in the global currency ecosystem.”

5. Registrations For Ethereum Name Service Saw A 216% Rise In 1 Week

Over the weekend, the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) saw an increase in registrations, with 64,000 new .eth names being registered just on Sunday and Monday.

108,000 ENS domains were registered in the previous week. Lead ENS developer Nick Johnson’s data showed that this 216 percent growth resulted in a noticeable rise in income. The ENS earned $684,000 on Sunday, an increase of $500,000 from the day before.

The Ethereum-based .eth domain names, which are sold as NFTs and can be linked to a user’s cryptocurrency wallet, are issued and renewed by the ENS.

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