Dawn of Gods – The First Blockchain Game to Introduce a Gas Compensation Model

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Riding on the ever-expanding highway of blockchain gaming can be very fun and lucrative, but it is definitely not a smooth journey without paying the toll, a.k.a gas fee. But what if you can get a small reimbursement for the dreaded on-chain tariff yet can still enjoy the full gaming experience? Welcome to Dawn of Gods.

About Dawn of Gods

Dawn of Gods is a Play-to-Earn RPG game on Binance Smart Chain. The game is the story of holy and divine battles between humans, gods, and evil forces to return peace to the human lands. Dawn of Gods endorses a standard yet simple click-to-earn gameplay that is integrated with multiple exciting features that have been carefully researched to maximize gaming experience and earnings for players.

Intense battles between powerful and unique hero NFTs

In Dawn of Gods, players can battle each other with cunning and strategic thinking through the recruitment of heroes. The heroes are purchased upon entering the game or can be crafted using Hero fragments and they are divided according to Heroes rank and tiers to amp up the game’s attraction, competition, and difficulty. Hero Upgrade is a faster way to rank up a hero where lower rank heroes can be combined to open a possibility of receiving a higher rank hero. Each hero is a valuable NFT that is under complete ownership of the players, with characters ranging from unearthly Athena, the God of Wisdom, or a seemingly humble yet fierce rendition of vampire slayer Abraham Lincoln.

The Combat System in Dawn of Gods includes the familiar PvE, PvP (Arena), and Boss Raid modes. PvE is the most basic game mode of Dawn of Gods and the main income for players.

Innovative reward systems that give back to users

The battle against the escalating cost of using decentralized exchanges is warming up and Dawn of God is the first blockchain game to unleash gas-fighting weaponry by giving a little back. The game introduces a Gas Compensation model and this ingenious method of distributing financial incentives will make Dawn of Gods a more attractive option for blockchain gamers. Users should be able to keep extra money in their wallet to spend on gas fees and have the means to keep tracking of that amount, all for the sake of convenience. Every in-game activity requires gas to interact with the game smart contract, and when users’ wallets run out of that money without a fore-warning, they are basically frozen in the game and even barred from claiming the reward. Then the user has to manually transfer the gas from another source to solve the problem, which is time-consuming and flat-out annoying for the players and prevents them from enjoying the game. Dawn of Gods will compensate the gas fee for users every time they finish, whether they win or lose, a match with an amount of $0.2 per match. This compensation will be returned to users’ reward wallets in the game’s token, DAGO token, immediately after a match. Furthermore, hero ranks and level does not affect the amount of compensation as it always stays the same for every hero.

There are Chests that contain different types and amounts of rewards and are randomly dropped during gameplay, but players can also actively acquire the Chests through In-game Shop, which only has a limited amount up for grabs, and the Marketplace, where they can freely trade the Chests with other players. Dawn of Gods also introduces Leaderboard, Battle Pass (to enjoy bonus reward and access exclusive contents), Job System (to generate extra income for users who don’t have any heroes), NFT Estates (to Buy & Sell estates to receive passive income), and the never-before-seen/aptly-named Scholarship Program, which is a system allowing players to hire other players to help them play the game.


DAGO token is the main token for the game.


– Token name: DAGO

– Token ticker: $DAGO

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 100,000,000 $DAGO

Use case:

– Purchasing in-game items

– In-game rewards payout

Token distribution:

dawn of gods token distribution

Team Members

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Dawn of Gods is partnering with Solid Group, an auditing consulting firm composed of crypto experts and seasoned smart contract auditors who will be helping to handle smart contract audits.

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Final Thoughts

Dawn of God is a fresh and exciting start for the new year for crypto enthusiasts who are looking for an entertaining and effective way of earning that sweet passive income/digital token. Investors should keep an eye out for the game’s IDO coming this January 2022 and expect big things in the future.


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