DeHR – A Universal Career Passport to Change the Future of Work

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The advent of blockchain opens up exciting times for HR technology startups as the technology, along with AI and data analytics, will inevitably change the way that HR professionals handle large amounts of sensitive employee data and connect with a wide pool of candidates, or vice versa. DeHR is one of the few crypto pioneers paving the way for blockchain to enter the HR scene.

About DeHR

DeHR is a Decentralized Social Career Metaverse on the revolutionary Web 3.0 to foster a direct and safe connection between recruiters and job seekers. DeHR aims to create a more convenient and credible pathway for all parties through disruptive AI technology providing an end-to-end solution from the screening phase to onboarding talents.

In this career metaverse, people have full control of data without having to go through any third party in order to earn money, global jobs, and relationships on a daily basis. Users can simply Connect to Earn with legit profiles, trusted connections, and dream jobs. The job-seeking journey can even be a source of passive income for users.

DeHR is here to help the struggling job market

DeHR is trying to improve transparency and trust in the recruitment processes in a competitive hiring landscape. The current HR field is facing many challenges, mostly regarding verification of identity and qualifications for employers, and personal information security and company credibility for employees. In addition, the deadly pandemic that has been sweeping the globe has been hard on honest and hard-working people with jobs getting scarcer every day due to companies being forced to close as the economy dwindles.

DeHR’s vision can be understood as a universal career and relationship passport that contains both personal and professional data for everybody to connect, share, exchange, and elevate their career path. DeHR is doing all this on blockchain securely with transparency and convenience and forgoes any intermediaries. It introduces the concept of Connect to Earn and a Career NFT marketplace to fulfill job supply and demand while giving users a lucrative passive income by staking, yield farming, and countless other activities to earn tokens. Big and small companies and job seekers can all benefit from a cost-efficient and time-saving way of recruiting compared to the traditional way.

CareerFi Network

DeHR products focus on three key pillar ideas. First is the Data Marketplace where DeHR links all stakeholders to provide adequate HR data and cater to the job supply and demand. Data owners can monetize their personal data with security and control while data demand can access and buy these data using smart contracts. By doing this, DeHR removes the middleman and promotes direct matching between recruiters and job seekers, making it a one-stop resume destination for millions of people. DeHR incentivizes users to expand their connections, and gives passive income to stakeholders through a lucrative reward system, and utilizes Alecta AI as well as Web3.0 for an accurate, safe, and user-friendly data service. The searches can take less than 60 seconds to give results.

Second is Decentralized Career Finance to encourage In-Platform Staking and help users gain a passive income. There is also Yield Farming to invite liquidity providers joining $DEHR pools that are paired with another token according to DeHR’s partnerships. In the future, DeHR will extend to DeFi Lending, DeFI Payroll, and other financial services while implementing integration cross-chain to form a universal ecosystem.

Finally, there is Social Feeds Activities, a DeHR Social Network that is not simply about idly scrolling through social feeds, but about presenting an abundance of varied missions for users to complete and earn DEHR tokens. Users can create an account and use Referrals to invite friends, set the price for their resumé, and have the DEHR token sent directly to their wallets each time another user wants to view the resumé. Uses fully control the access to their information. When users connect with more people to expand their network, they can open up more missions including verifying people, endorsing their skills, etc. Simply Connect to Earn.


$DEHR is the native token of DeHR.


– Token name: DeHR

– Token ticker: $DEHR

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $DEHR

Use case:

– Unlocking Data Marketplace

– Staking in pool

– Purchasing social feeds and NFTs and Career services

– Governance

Token distribution:

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Team members

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Social Channels

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Final Thoughts

DeHR’s mission is community-centric and can successfully integrate blockchain-driven solutions with HR. With an emphasis on “human connection” and “globalization”, the project is one of the most promising blockchain-HR startups out there, and we can expect many more milestones from them in the near future.


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