Dinoland – When Adorable yet Ferocious Dinosaurs Roam the Land

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Blockchain games are surprisingly easy to play and very addictive, with the Play-to-earn concept that brings profits to players. The newest addition to this ever-expanding blockchain gaming collection is Dinoland, which offers adorable dinosaur pets that can be a ticket to enter a whole metaverse that is only at the beginning.

About Dinoland

Dinoland is an NFT game on Binance Smart Chain that is packed full of content to entertain gamers and allow them to earn from their efforts while playing the game. The premise of the game starts with a land that is out of reach and out of sight, always green and wide, and completely separated from the human world called Dinoland. There lived adorably airpod case-shaped dinosaurs which are no less fierce than the scary dinosaurs in movies. The mission is to train your dinosaur to be the best and defeat Darkie Monsters to bring peace to Dinoland.

Dinosaurs, but make it NFT

Dinoland cleverly taps on the desire of the crypto community to experience a fun and new way to interact with NFT collectibles, while also trying to satisfy everyone’s inner child’s dream of owning your very own powerful pet. In this case, it is the dinosaurs, which have been brought back to life after 65 million years in the form of adorable and valuable NFTs.

The dinosaurs in Dinoland are these cute little creatures called “Dinos” that sport vibrant and unique appearances of various types and hues. The Dinos can be hatched from eggs or bought directly from the market. Dinos are divided into 3 classes, each with its own unique characteristics, including: Novis Class (representing the power of Fire/strength), Aquis Class (power of Water/enduring vitality), and Terros Class (power of Trees/defense). Dinos can also match and breed to create a new baby Dino which will inherit traits from parents. This is a special feature that is cutely named Love of Dinos: Dinos will fall in love and love will be crystallized into essences, which are “Eggs” created by Dinos Mom and Dad.

Dinos also have 5 levels of Rarity, effectively adding some spice and elusiveness to the Dinos. A Dino needs to be trained every day to become stronger by fighting with Darkie Monsters and accumulate EXP, ultimately level up.

A dynamic game with real-world value rewards

Dinoland delivers a carefully executed game and token mechanics that opens up a soon-to-be bustling place of exciting gaming and fair trade, while developing a comprehensive ecosystem and robust in-game economy that empowers players. The game is definitely heading in the right direction with a heavy focus on play-to-earn mechanics, a common theme of all blockchain games out there.

Dinoland offers PVP Battle mode where players can defeat other Dinos to earn $DNL. The second fight mode is Defeat Darkie Monsters, where players must protect the land of Dinos by defeating Darkie Monsters and also earning $DNL. There are also Sudden Time for surprise attacks from the evil monsters and Weekly Events to challenge the Monster King.

Players can freely buy and sell their in-game assets on the marketplace, an asset that no one can forge. The economy of Dinoland is community-driven, and will be developed with the players’ needs in mind. The game also encourages providing liquidity to generate DNL tokens and for new users to access the ecosystem.


Dinoland token is a functional multi-utility token of Dinoland game. DNL will provide a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement between participants who interact within the ecosystem on Dinoland without any intermediaries.


– Token name: Dinoland

– Token ticker: $DNL

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Use case:

– Purchasing in-game items/NFTs

– Economic incentives

– Providing liquidity

Token distribution:

Article Dinoland Token

Team Members

The Dinoland comprises talents from all over the world who have high passion and full of energy to create a wonderful metaverse. There are more than 40 people from 3 offices spanning from Hanoi to HCM City of Vietnam and Singapore.

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Article Dinoland Roadmap

Social Channels

Run with the dinosaurs in DinoLand:

Website | Twitter | Telegram Group | Telegram Channel | Discord

Final Thoughts

Dinoland is a well-positioned game to become the next big hit in GameFi, as it combines the most captivating concept of cute yet deadly dinosaurs waging wars with dark forces, specifically big and elusive evil bosses, with a fair and profitable platform for all crypto users. The crypto community should definitely keep an eye out for this project and expect big things from it in the future.


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