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In 2021, the rise of meme coins is completely unprecedented and these coins have become far more accessible than ever before. People are eager to set out and buy these highly valuable and entertaining cryptocurrencies, one of which is DogeBNB – Binance Smart Chain’s very own doge ambassador.

About DogeBNB

DogeBNB is a decentralized meme currency powered by Binance Smart Chain. It is a people’s coin from the people to the people to serve the people. As a people’s coin, DogeBNB welcomes token holders from all backgrounds and income levels, which can include TikTok content creators, Twitter influencers, nurses, teachers, students, startup founders, YouTubers, and so many more. The token holders are not defined by gender, race, or age but rather by a common interest in having fun with DogeBNB in the crypto space. Much fun indeed.

The thing that makes the $DogeBNB token unique is how it uses community-driven gamification to grow its market cap. Community members can complete missions and unlock hundreds of millions $DogeBNB tokens.

More than just a meme coin – it’s a coin that redefines the BSC experience

In 2021, the crypto space is getting flooded with memes. Many investors believe that these memes-based tokens should not be treated as a joke because they have performed fairly well in the cryptocurrency arena, and some people have created a fortune from them.

$DogeBNB can be considered a community tribute for Binance and Binance Smart Chain. Initially debuted as a meme coin, $DogeBNB is quickly becoming a BSC ambassador. DogeBNB’s ultimate purpose is getting people excited about crypto and space. The team behind this project strives to show their support for Binance and get more people excited about cryptocurrencies and humans’ multi-planetary future. Because why not support a DeFi platform that offers low transaction fees and performance suitable for mass adoption? And a Doge token provides just the right amount of hype and fun and solidity to draw people in and help them be part of a rapidly growing community.

DogeBNB is constantly on the wheel to improve its utility functions. The team has revealed that 20% of the fees collected for NFT trades on the DogeBNB NFT platform will be used to buy back and burn DogeBNB tokens.

DogeBNB provides a myriad of benefits

DogeBNB is still in the early stage with a low market capitalization, which makes it a perfect token for early adopters and low cap gem hunters. In addition, the liquidity of $DogeBNB is locked forever and 37% of the tokens are burned forever. DogeBNB is available and tradable on PancakeSwap, Coinsbit, and Azbit. Specifically, on Coinsbit, is launching with 110% APY staking on, where users can earn 0.3% daily or 110% yearly.

The rewards just keep on coming, starting from pure airdrops to more specific milestone-based campaigns allowing users to unlock mystery boxes, DogeBNB tokens, BNB tokens, Bitcoin, and of course partner offerings from other BSC coins.

DogeBNB is developing a cutting-edge NFT marketplace with limited edition NFT collectibles that will surely soar in value. DogeBNB is guaranteed to become one of the most awesome communities in the whole of crypto with rich content, absolute diversity, transparency, and fairness for all.


1. DogeBNB token is the utility/governance token for DogeBNB and opens up a vast space for users to explore its use cases.


– Token name: DogeBNB

– Token ticker: $DogeBNB

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 644,687,693,002,937 $DogeBNB

– Smart contract address: 0xa591588aC622303C730a85EEa4Eb8C20FE7ef82A

Token distribution:

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After listing on CoinMarketCap, the DogeBNB token saw a 3,700% rise – an impressive amount of growth for the token.

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Final Thoughts

The DogeBNB team believes that blockchain is still young and has so much room for one more revolutionary meme token, especially on BSC. Since DogeBNB just started, there is definitely a ton of potential, much similar to the other meme tokens which have made record ATHs.


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