Epic Hero – An NFT Treasure Trove That Knows no Bounds


Epic Hero is a blockchain game of many firsts with multiple use cases for tokens, endorsement for the P2E concept, prompting users to benefit from collecting and simply holding NFTs and tokens for passive income, and so on. All those features make EpicHero friendly to crypto experts and novices alike, and attractive to investors in various states of the market.

About Epic Hero

Epic Hero proudly calls itself the biggest play-to-earn NFT War Game on Binance Smart Chain. It is also the world’s first NFT platform to give holders reflection rewards in BNB, which gives Epic Hero the potential to revolutionize blockchain gaming.

Players can collect and build an unrelenting ensemble of war characters by choosing from their favorite mythology heroes. There are thousands of Collectable Epic Hero Battle Card NFTs to summon, merge, and evolve, and ultimately battle each other in the largest NFT gaming arena.

Ever-expanding 3D character design/NFT

Epic Hero’s collection of NFT is almost limitless and powered by the players’ imagination. Here, Gaming and Culture are intertwined to include as many user bases as possible. Players from all regions of the world can have their say of which NFT they’d like to see in the game, be it a Vietnamese Hero like Lac Long Quan or Au Co, or legends from the West such as Napoleon. Players can be immersed in the epicness of Greek, Norse, China, Japan, Egypt, India and Roman Mythology, and so on. With the motto ‘no borders, no restrictions on creativity, the number of 3D NFTs on Epic Hero that can be created is endless. As long as the culture has appeared on Earth, Epic Hero will be able to bring it into the game. The local community can also vote for the next heroes to be born.

Each Epic Hero’s NFT has stunning 3D graphics that show a high level of dedication from artists and developers. Epic Hero’s NFT is truly 3D, as users can view their heroes in high definition and rotate them 360 degrees with a zoom-in and zoom-out function, a unique feature not yet implemented in any BSC NFT game.

Innovative gameplay and storyline to ensure the best experience for players

Epic Hero is set to create the most unique gaming experiences on BSC, the first-ever in the history of NFT gaming: Stake to Conquer. The mission is to kill the Big Boss and conquer the top of Olympus. Everyone can engage in the battle for Olympus by choosing one or more legions from humans, gods, and titans, and deploying their heroes in one legion pool or all of the 3 legion pools. The winning faction that conquers Olympus will get double the staking rewards.

Heroes can be merged or given birth to produce a new hero with a higher rarity. The gameplay is flexible, as players can Summon, Merge, Fight, Quest, or Join a Clan, and even Hire a hero from other users, own lands, and invade others. There are also many activities planned for users to interact and show off their impressive collection. This is the first NFT game to pose two armies, consisting of thousands of users against each other in an epic 1,000 vs 1,000 battles; these players can fight alongside each other with the chance to win enormous prize pools on a monthly basis.

Enjoying the merits of the reflection mechanism

Reflection mechanism is a relatively new concept in cryptocurrency, but has exploded in popularity and is currently available on a growing number of decentralized exchanges.

Thus, there is a widespread acceptance of reflective tokenomics, often known simply as reflection, an innovative idea that aims to alleviate the difficulties associated with farming rewards. Reflection also incentivizes holders to keep their tokens in order to earn larger returns that are proportional to the holder’s token holdings. The reflection system actually doubles the profit for holders that keep their tokens the longest.

Reflection can address issues such as selling pressure, excessive price movements, security, most importantly DeFi yield generation where it automatically awards bonuses, allowing holders of reflection tokens to use their tokens for staking and other yield generation purposes. Reflection also ensures fair distribution of earned tokens, because the distribution process is automated.

With Epic Hero, those who do not wish to actively engage in gameplay can sit back and relax as their NFT value increases simply by holding their NFT cards. As a result, they can earn a passive income in the long run in the form of BNB. This feature helps Epic Hero NFT cards to become more desirable and more popular among non-gaming users.


$EPICHERO powers the Epic Hero NFT game.


– Token name: Epic Hero

– Token ticker: $EPICHERO

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $EPICHERO

– Smart contract address: 0x47cC5334F65611EA6Be9e933C49485c88C17F5F0

Use case:

– to pay for in-game expenses, for example challenging dungeons and upgrading equipment, or hiring other player’s heroes to form a team

– NFT Farming

– game incentives

– governing

Token distribution:

Token Distribution



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Final Thoughts

Epic Hero can be considered the Safemoon of NFT and a pioneer in the blockchain gaming field. Epic Hero is committed to bringing more innovative ideas and applications to change the entire GameFi space.



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