File transfer service giant Wetransfer revealed its entry into the NFT industry

Ga khong lo ve dich vu truyen tep Wetransfer tiet lo viec gia nhap

Wetransfer, a file-sharing service, announced its entry into the NFT sector on February 6, 2023.

By using the Minima cooperative technology, users can create NFTs for peer-to-peer sharing, and NFT developers can receive royalties for their work.

Wetransfer’s chief creative officer, Damian Bradfield, said on Monday that the company is “excited to work with Minima, whose vision is strongly aligned with ours to effortlessly link individuals and enable innovation and creativity without sacrificing privacy.”

On its website, the platform promotes the forthcoming introduction of a $MINIMA and describes itself as a “completely distributed network with no single point of failure,” which is supported by “hundreds of thousands of nodes.” How to run a Minima node on Android 9 and higher is detailed in the company’s documentation.

In the digital age, where people still retain ownership and control over their work, they as a partnership look forward to fostering the growth and acceleration of creativity. This partnership will investigate the real-world applications of NFT technology, a topic that fascinates more than just the cryptocurrency sector. It will also serve as a test case to show how this cutting-edge digital tool might be adopted more widely in the future.

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