Galaxy War – Explore and Conquer Space on an Epic Galactic Adventure


Deep Space is an endless source of inspiration for humankind, while blockchain is a prime example that reminds people of what technology can achieve. As an attempt to merge these two futuristic concepts, Galaxy War is an innovative blockchain game that thrives on building an immersive world rooted in science fiction, with an emphasis on realism.

About Galaxy War

Galaxy War is a DeFi + NFT space strategy classic simulation game on OEC (OKEX Chain). It’s inspired by traditional and legendary games like Minecraft, EVE, Roblox, and more. Galaxy War provides players around the world with an ever-expanding Metaverse product that integrates multiple gaming elements such as simulation operation, starship battle, and planet collection. Players can compete against thousands of other players for supreme control of the universe.

Compose One’s Vision of the Future with Hyper-realistic Graphics

In Galaxy War, everything starts with the foundation of a small colony on an uninhabited planet. What is special about this game is the top-of-the-line 3D graphics that will surely make the players forget their reality for a moment by immersing visually and mentally into the world of wars between galaxies. Galaxy War has the ability to expand its audience with our high-quality games to attract more SLG players from traditional games.

Galaxy War offers realistic graphic design including up to 50+ Constructions, 20+ Techniques,15+ Starships,10+ Campaigns from exploiting resources and building facilities to PvE, PvP, and even legion war. The game’s narrative focuses on a new fantasy universe created by a young science fiction writer. Players can wage war, politics, piracy, trading, and exploration across 1,000,000 stars with hundreds of thousands of other players.

There are many activities that Galaxy Wars bring to the blockchain gaming table to help players form and farm their own in-game space future and expand their influence across the belt. Players can:

– Build economic and military infrastructure and charge into battle for valuable resources

– Arm fleets and consolidate strength

– Mine resources or plunder them from other players

– Trade with other peaceful civilizations

– Forge alliances and attack other planets in concert

Rewarding Gameplay and Full Ownership

Players of Galaxy War can of course enjoy all the merits of NFTs gaming, from earning money and amplifying their incomes to having true ownership of their in-game content.

Players can get basic rewards by defeating Non-Player Characters or taking other players’ assets by defeating them in combat, which is the core content of Galaxy War. They can also sell their in-game assets (crystals, components, weapons, and even planets) in the trading market, and all relevant transaction information is disclosed on the blockchain. Most importantly, NFTs come in the form of the Hero system, which has 5 careers (Eternal, Matrix, Technical Pioneer, Terminator, Bounty Hunter). Attribute bonuses vary by career, with each career having 25 hero skins with rich and epic visuals. Random heroes can also be acquired when GalaxyHero BlindBox is opened. Each hero that players gain is a valuable NFT and can be traded freely in the market.


1. $GWT is a multifunctional governance token, with applications both in-game and in directing real-world economic policy.


– Token name: GalaxyWar Token

– Token ticker: $GWT

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 100,000,000 $GWT

– Smart contract address: 0x253C16dDa6Ff0C289F0469500875cE27e11e83Fc

Token distribution:

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2. $DARK is the native in-game currency used to acquire buildings, ships, crew, and equipment. There is no capped supply.


– Token name: Dark Matter

– Token ticker: $DARK

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Smart Contract Address: 0x5666E0bCeF4dB2FF775138D40D5058fB8630A3f4

Team members

Gru – CTO & Founder

– 20 years of experience in game programming

– Led the development of 5 web games

– 6 years of experience in blockchain development

– Developed 5 blockchain products

Jack – COO

– Used to work for UBI Senior Executive Producer

– 10 years experience in game development

– 3 years experience in blockchain game development

Roke – Core Programer

– More than 10 years of programming experience in-game front

– More than 10 web games development experience

– The total turnover of web games exceeded 1 billion

Steven – Contract Programer

– 8 years of experience in programming

– 3 years of experience in blockchain development

– Developed 3 blockchain products

Queena – Core Art Designer

– Used to work for UBI and Zynga

– Original character design for games

– 8 years experience in game development

Rock – Designer

– Used to work for UBI

– 8 years experience in game development

– 2 years experience in blockchain game development

Jean – UI Designer

– Used to work for Zynga

– 5 years experience in game UI design

Sunny – Core Marketing

– 5 years experience in the advertising industry

– 3 years of brand promotion and operation experience in a Fortune Global 500 company

Kaylee – Business Development

– 5 years of USA study and work experience

– 3 years of business development experience in the game industry

Dan – Counselor

– Used to work for Binance and Tencent

– Senior Game Planner and User Growth Leader

– The highest monthly turnover of games exceeded 500 million


GalaxyWar Smart Contract has been audited by KNOWNSEC Blockchain Lab. The IDO is on November 15th and the first test project is at the end of November.

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Final Thoughts

The team behind Galaxy War will focus on optimizing the product and continuously developing new content for the game. Investors and players should not miss out on the chance to jump on this epic galactic adventure and make big returns.


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