Genopets – The World’s First Move-to-Earn NFT Game

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I. Overview

Genopets is a smartphone NFT game that encourages players to lead active lifestyles and is free to play and move to earn. Genopet is a virtual companion whose development is intricately related to your own. Your daily activities fuel your journey through the Genoverse as you explore, engage in combat, and grow while earning cryptocurrency. 

The gamification of an active lifestyle is done through Genopets. Be it a walk in the mall, a workout jog, or a run from one office to another, yout Genopet is always by your side, keeping track of the steps you’ll take to power your gameplay, no matter how you stay active.

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II. Unique Selling Points

  • Move-To-Earn: As you walk throughout the day, you play Genopets passively. To benefit from your day’s activity before the clock strikes midnight, you must bank your steps each day. Typical mobile gaming grinding is replaced with the development of better habits through gamified self-care by eliminating the need for hours of staring and tapping on a screen.
  • Web3 Gaming: Web3 games should be developed using economic models that take away the prohibitive entrance costs. In the case of Genopets, regardless of their level of familiarity with the industry or their financial capacity, anyone with a smartphone will be able to download the app on iOS or Android to begin playing and learning about the advantages of Web3.
  • GameFi Sustainability: Genopets was created from 3 core principles. First off, it’s a game that pays players for effort and talent, not just how much money they’re prepared to put into it. In a marketplace economy where players must constantly choose how to earn money, it also makes it easier for players to create and exchange value. Finally, it produces NFTs and experiences worth paying for. This makes it possible for deflationary sinks to maintain the game’s economy.
  • Marketplace Economy: Genopets gives users a variety of opportunities to make money by contributing to and exchanging value with one another. A Genopet can be upgraded to become more effective in combat, travel farther through the Genoverse, and ultimately become more rare and precious when exchanged on marketplaces. The market is not limited to Genopets. Players can trade value created by their in-game actions, whether they are constructing a rare Augment, terraforming a Habitat, or perfecting a fresh batch of Crystals.

III. Tokenomics


The governing and staking token for Genesis NFT sales, seasonal drops, and in-game manufacture of precious things is called GENE Token. Stake GENE to receive benefits and incentives in-game. 

Use Cases

  • GENE Staking For Rewards
  • Exclusive Genesis Drops 
  • Governance Voting 

Token Distribution

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KI Token is an in-game utility token. Habitat owners can turn energy from their daily steps into KI. When used, KI burns, and its daily earning potential is capped.

Use Cases

  • Crystal Refinement 
  • Alchemy & Crafting
  • Terraforming

V. Roadmap


  • Hatch a baby Genopet for free as a representation
  • Bank your steps each day
  • Earn XP for your steps
  • Level up your Genopet


  • Genesis Habitats
  • Craft & Refine NFT Crystals
  • Earn GENE Staking rewards
  • Earn KI Token
  • Trade INFTs in marketplace
  • Take on fitness challenges
  • Earn achievement badges


  • Explore open world
  • Earn Augments
  • Earn Accessories
  • Earn Items
  • Fight for leaderboard rank


  • Battle in PvP
  • Battle in PvE
  • Undertake quests

VI. Socials

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VII. Summary

The Move-To-Earn game Genopets does more than just track your movement and pay you according to how far you walk. The game depends on you becoming close to your virtual friend and giving it daily care by giving yourself daily attention. 

The emotional bond that one has with their pet may be very strong, whether it’s paying respect to the fond memories of caring for our Tamagotchi, battling and evolving our Pokémon, or even rearing our first real-world pet. Genopets is built on that emotional drive, and eventually it’s what will inspire you to lead a more active lifestyle.

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