Heroes TD – Summon Heroes and Enter the Legendary Base Battles

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Over the years of countless breakthroughs, GameFi has undoubtedly become a key player in the field of blockchain technology and is sucessfully promoting the mass adoption of blockchain. Following this wave of Web3 revolutionary technology, Heroes TD has joined the world of GameFi to build a fun, friendly and competitive environment for both gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike.

About Heroes TD

Heroes TD is a strategic tower defense NFT game on Binance Smart Chain developed by CG Studio, a Singapore-based studio with years of experience on cross platform games. Heroes TD provides players with collectible Heroes to battle against opposing bases and protect their own army.

In the world of Aeon Disks, humanity is divided into two different realms, with the High Class that live in Cloudspire and the Low Class in the Garden of Eden. Players will become part of the war between the Council of Seven, which consists of the strongest Heroes, and The Alliance, formed by the newly emerged Heroes that seek to reclaim their rightful power. Players can be integrated into a sophisticated social hierarchy and a complex gameplay where interesting challenges await. Heroes TD delivers to the audience meaningful entertainment combined with new social gaming experience and insightful blockchain knowledge.

The gate to the battlefield is always open

Heroes TD is a Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn game, meaning real-life profits can be gained from playing the game and participating in exclusive activities. Players do not need to pay any initial fee to have access to a great and rare playing opportunity as Heroes TD. When players first enter the game, they can start with 5 free Basic Heroes. A game between players lasts for several rounds. In each round, players will have to build a solid defense to push back the waves of invading Heroes that are sent to invade their bases. In order to do this, players have to use up Points of Energy to summon Heroes, and the cost increases after every successful summon.

Using the Heroes provided at the beginning of the game, players will have the chance to earn $CGC – the native token to Heroes TD ecosystem. Heroes TD offers plenty of different game modes for players to farm more $CGC and explore the most out of the special Heroes TD Metaverse. Players have quests and missions, and PvP Mode to compete with real-time players, or even Challenges and Tournament to further sharpen their skills and strategies. All of these activities can earn players plenty of $CGC. In other words, any form of gameplay players experience in Heroes TD can bring you tokens.

Assets accumulated translate to real-life value

By adopting the blockchain technology, the field of gaming now has the ability to grant players with assets that not only aid players in the virtual world, but also hold value in the real one. The in-game token CGC is one example of how Heroes TD can help players build a real-life fortune from the game. The Heroes that have been mentioned above are playable NFTs, which players have full ownership over and can be traded in the Marketplace to bring back earnings to the owners. Besides the Basic Heroes, there are NFT Heroes, which require $HTD to buy or two other NFT Heroes to summon one. Each Hero is unique in their design, characteristics, and abilities, which makes them special in their own way and preserves their value on the market. In addition, climbing up the PvP Leaderboard will also help players earn $HTD, the native currency of Heroes TD. Heroes TD is indeed a haven for great strategists to test their abilities and build up their own wealth.



$HTD is the main token of Heroes TD that can be earned through trading in the Marketplace and winning PvP Leaderboard.


  • Token Name: Heroes TD
  • Token Ticker: $HTD
  • Type: BEP-20
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Total Supply: 468M $HTD
  • Smart Contract: 0x5E2689412Fae5c29BD575fbe1d5C1CD1e0622A8f

Token Distribution:

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Use Cases:

  • Purchasing NFT Heroes
  • Staking
  • Taking part in Heroes TD DAO


$CGC is the native currency of Heroes TD. This token can be earned through PvP Mode, Tournaments, Challenges, quests and events.


– Token name: CGC
– Token ticker: $CGC
– Type: BEP-20
– Network: Binance Smart Chain
– Total supply: Unlimited

Use Case:

– Marketplace trading
– Joining game modes
– PvP reward
– Collecting playable NFTs

Team Members

CG Studio was founded in 2012 and has developed multiple cross platform games. The team has been focusing on casual and world-trending games, and seeks to enter the era of blockchain technology.

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Social Channels

Learn more about Heroes TD at:

Website | Twitter | Telegram

Investors & Partners

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Final Thoughts

Heroes TD is a fun and complex game where players can have a complete gaming experience without any initial fee. By integrating the blockchain technology, CG Studio has an investing environment within a game. Players can, at the same time, explore the unique gameplay, and make lucrative crypto investments. Heroes TD is indeed a project worth looking into, for both gamers and investors.


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