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In traditional fantasy role-playing games, in-game currencies have no value in the real world, and it would be a waste if we do not capitalize on the items such games have to offer. In came HeroFi, a rising star in the blockchain gaming world that is pushing the boundaries of conventional RPGs through play-to-earn concept and NFTs.

What is HeroFi?

HeroFi is a mobile aRPG game in which players can earn tokens through PvP/PvE battles between Heroes. It is a blockchain game where players can play to earn crypto tokens and create NFT heroes within the games. All the earnings, be it tokens or NFTs, can be traded on decentralized exchanges deliberately.

When players join the HeroFi metaverse, they will have the chance to immerse themselves in the epic world of Gods and Heroes and take on other players in intense battles. The assets players acquire are fully in the players’ control and have real-life value.

Every player has an equal opportunity to pursue a fun and lucrative side project

HeroFi is not the only P2E game on the market, but it is one of the few games that successfully endorse the free-to-play concept together with mobile fantasy RPG.

Free-to-play and Play-to-earn

Unlike many other P2E blockchain games on the market, players do not need to pay any fee to enter HeroFi. Naturally, “free” is the price point that appeals to the masses, which will surely draw in excited crowds and help the HeroFi community flourish while remaining a level playing field. Each Hero in the game is unique and equally accessible to anyone.

Although they have a humble start, players can expect to come out with sizable earnings that actually translate into real-world assets. Players build an army and win battles to gain rewards in form of collectible resources, which are used to create valuable in-game assets that could be exchanged for real money. The assets are non-fungible tokens that can be sold for high prices, making this game a lucrative side hustle for many people.

Genuine RPG mobile gaming experience

Mobile free-to-play games usually get a bad rap for springing up like mushrooms but lacking in quality. However, with HeroFi, players are guaranteed a near endless stream of entertainment with unmatched game mechanics.

HeroFi presents a captivating narrative with beautiful character designs and compelling gameplay. The game is set in a fantasy world where Gods are at war with each other and magical powers roam free. Players must battle each other to claim the throne and the title One Above All. They can choose to join one of three clans, create heroes with distinct traits, and fight in various special modes. It is a dreamland for role-playing enthusiasts and strategic gamers. HeroFi has the potential to become as much of an epic fantasy RPG as the legendary World of Warcraft.

The team behind this game is Bravestars, one of the top game development studios in Vietnam, that has had more than 300 million game downloads worldwide. HeroFi will be available on Android and IOS.

HeroFi seamlessly combines the best of traditional RPG with P2E and NFT games

Motivation to explore and build item collections

HeroFi encourages players to participate in battles and build an ever-growing collection of unique in-game items and rare purchases, thus effectively increasing the value of their in-game assets. There are hundreds of items and characters waiting to be explored and traded within the game. HeroFi also sets an expiration date for the tokens to motivate players. Every day, a certain amount of tokens is distributed to each hero, and if players do not finish the required number of quests by the end of that day, they cannot receive all the designated tokens.

Full ownership of in-game assets

Traditional games lack transparency and legitimacy of in-game asset ownership. Players sometimes have to bend over backward to exchange assets on black markets to earn real-world money. They risk getting scammed or banished from the games because in-game items ultimately belong to the game publishers. Worst, if the game shuts down, the assets disappear and so do their values.

HeroFi aims to be blockchain-based and NFT-driven to tackle those very problems. In HeroFi, players have full ownership of tokens and NFTs and the ownership is clearly represented on the blockchain. The assets are easily traded on decentralized markets and can be liquidated for real-world money.

Character NFT and HeroFi Marketplace

Each character in HeroFi is an NFT that has a gender and a star rating. When a player joins the game, he/she is given a one-star hero for free. Players can create more “heroes” by pairing up characters to produce an offspring. The characters are minted as NFTs and can engage in fights, while the mature ones can be used for farming and reproduction. All of the character NFTs can be traded on HeroFi Marketplace.

Players should keep in mind a special character NFT called Genesis Hero. This very rare and powerful character is also assigned a gender and a star rating, but their star rating ranges from three to six and their offspring production time does not get longer with time like other heroes’. It takes 100,000 $HEROEGG – a limited utility token in the game – to “hatch” one Genesis Hero. There is only a maximum of 5200 Genesis Heroes to exist. The characters are packed with impressive abilities, can climb ranks easily, and will be a great investment opportunity for players.

Players come to HeroFi Marketplace to trade heroes and game items in the form of NFTs. Rare heroes with high levels and special abilities are also available for purchase on the marketplace. Players can use any BEP-20 tokens to trade on the marketplace with priority for $BUSD. 50% profit from the marketplace will be used to buy back $ROFI and 50% to buy back $LZ. Buyback incentivizes stability and long-term growth for token value as well as attracts investors.


HeroFi’s Token

HeroFi has two tokens: $ROFI and $HEROEGG

1. $ROFI

$ROFI is the main token of HeroFi and is a BEP-20 token.

a. Use case

$ROFI is the pillar of HeroFi’s sustainable P2E economy, used for in-game purchases and can be traded on DEXes. $ROFI use cases will increase as more games in the future use it as their native tokens.

b. Supply and Distribution

$ROFI is emitted regularly at the rate of 10 $ROFI per block and allocated to all heroes based on their star ratings and activities. $ROFI does not have a fixed supply, but the circulating token units are strictly managed by token burns. $ROFI used in the game (not in the NFT marketplace) is divided as follows:

token distribution 1


$HEROEGG is a utility token used to create new Genesis Heroes. It is a BEP-20 token.

a. Use case

100,000 $HEROEGG is used to “hatch” a special character NFT called Genesis Hero. $HEROEGG can be traded with any other BEP-20 token.

b. Supply and Distribution

Total supply: 520,000,000

Token sale is held for $HEROEGG tokens. After the token sale, $100,000 and 20M $HEROEGG will be used to add liquidity for $HEROEGG at the price of 1 $HEROEGG = $0.005

Private sale: 400M $HEROEGG

Public sale: 100M $HEROEGG

Meet the people who made HeroFi possible

Bravestars is one of the top game development studios in Vietnam. The company has published over 70 games with a total of over 300 million downloads on Google Play and App Store.

– Team members from Bravestars


– Advisors from LaunchZone


Partners & Investors




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Final Thoughts

With its upcoming IDO on September 6th garnering massive interests and positive market outlooks from the blockchain community, HeroFi will most definitely become one of the most talked-about cryptos in the coming months. Investors should absolutely be on the lookout for this P2E project.


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