#HoldOnChain: Top 6 Advantageous On-chain Analytic Tools

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On-chain Data is really crucial. So have you questioned yourself on how researchers get the On-chain data from?

Today, we will give you the Top 6 Supportive On-chain Data Analytics tools that almost all researchers use on a daily base. So, let’s started!


On-chain data comes from a public ledger system that allows anyone to review all the transactions recorded on it. By using this transparency, various raw data containing information such as amount and time sent, wallet address and fees are being paid to the miner showing the details of the operations through the transaction. Translations can be extracted from on-chain data.


Based on these raw data, users can analyze and make price predictions of various crypto assets. With on-chain analysis, traders can see what happens in the networks that lead to price movement. For example, exchange flow data gives users insight into the actual cash flows of the major players in the network.



Santiment is a comprehensive market intelligence platform for cryptocurrency, focused on a reliable data feed, low latency signals and market analysis. Leverage online, social, development, and other data sources.

Santiment has three different product plans, including: Free, Pro for $49 and Pro+ for $249, billed monthly. With the Pro+ plan, users will get exclusive features like customized education & referrals and closed chat with Santiment market analysts.

Some data that Santiment provides to users:

Exchanges In/Outflow


NFT Trades Count

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BTC Supply Distribution

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CryptoQuant provides market and on-chain data through APIs or directly to Python, R, Excel, and many other tools.

CryptoQuant offers 3 product packages including: Advanced for $29, Professional for $99 and $699 for Premium. CryptoQuant also has a free plan that gives users access to view all the indicators.

Some data that CryptoQuant provides to users:

Exchange Flows

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Miner Indexes

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Messari là một nền tảng phân tích dữ liệu cho cộng đồng tài sản crypto toàn cầu.

Messari cung cấp dịch vụ biểu đồ miễn phí và người dùng có thể đăng ký với giá 29 USD / tháng để nhận các tính năng bổ sung như nghiên cứu hàng tuần dài hạn độc quyền, dữ liệu CSV có thể tải xuống và hơn thế nữa.

Một số dữ liệu mà Messari cung cấp cho người dùng:

Supply and Market Cap

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Price in Real time

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Glassnode is an on-chain data information delivery platform. Glassnode brings data intelligence to the blockchain and crypto space. Glassnode builds apps that provide new ways to deliver blockchain and crypto insights.

Glassnode has 3 product packages, including: Free, Advanced Plans for $39 and Professional Plan for $799.

Some data that Glassnode provides to users

Number of Active Addresses

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Transaction Fees

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Dune is a web-based platform that allows querying Ethereum data using simple SQL queries from a pre-populated database. Instead of writing a specialized script, users can query the database to extract almost any information that exists on the blockchain.

In particular, view data on-chain using query code. Dune Analytics comes with a free plan to Query blockchain data with SQL, Create dashboards, and share charts. In addition, Dune also has a paid plan of $390 which will give users additional features such as exporting results to CSV and bypassing query queuing times.


Nansen is an on-chain analytics platform. Currently, Nansen can analyze more than 70 million labeled Ethereum wallets and their activity. So users can separate out the noise in blockchain data to make more accurate investment decisions.

Nansen has 3 product packages, including: Standard for 149 USD, VIP for 1490 USD, and ALPHA for 2500.

Some data that Nansen provides to users

DeFi Analytics

image 10

NFT Analytics

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Read more about the Nansen HERE!


On-chain data is one of the key factors that help investors make more informed decisions.

On-chain data analysis is a skill, a process that any investor needs to learn and study. Hopefully, through this article, you can have a better overview of the tools you need to use in the process of analyzing On-chain data.

Wish you success and make a lot of profit from this potential market.

Andrew – Barmy Team