Interpol preparing to police the Metaverse

Interpol chuan bi kiem soat Metaverse

Police agencies are having trouble implementing specific procedures to uphold the law in the metaverse. The International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol, according to its secretary general Jurgen Stock, must be ready to respond to crimes that are committed online.

During a BBC interview, Stock said:

Because they are skilled and competent, criminals can swiftly adopt every new technical instrument that is available to them in order to perpetrate a crime. We must react to that adequately. Lawmakers, the police, and our cultures can all be a touch slow on occasion.

Verbal abuse, physical violence, as well as other crimes including ransomware, forgery, money laundering, and financial fraud, are currently occurring in the metaverse. According to Dr. Madan Oberoi, Interpol’s executive director of technology and innovation, one of the main issues the agency is now facing is assessing whether a certain conduct on the metaverse qualifies as a crime or not.

Oberoi knows for a fact that Interpol must communicate with and be present on metaverse platforms in order to police the metaverse. The organization was founded in the metaverse during its 90th General Assembly, which took place in New Delhi in October, for this reason, and it already has its own location there. Interpol’s metaverse platform also serves another purpose by enabling it to provide training online to personnel from other nations and enabling them to immediately put their new skills to use in the metaverse.

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