LaunchZone X Argon X BSC Army – The Triad of Creative Solutions And Powerful Communities

LaunchZone x Barmy x Argon The Triad of Creative Solutions And Powerful 1

About Argon

Argon is the first completely decentralized freelancer marketplace on Binance Smart Chain. They create the perfect platform for hiring managers to seek talents and for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide. While other freelancer platforms usually charge a hefty commission which sometimes amounts to 40% of total earnings, Argon allows freelancers to work, earn money, and pay ZERO commission to the platform. They only need to pay transaction fees, which are minute as Argon runs on BSC.

Argon has partnered with Venus Protocol and Transak to diversify payment options for freelancers. At the present, Argon accepts BNB, BUSD, ARGON, VAI, and XVS as payment currency. The partnership with Transak also enables Argon users who have never used crypto before to easily buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card.

Because of its excellent solution, the project has been mentioned by Binance Smart Chain many times and named top marketplace eco by 30-day volume on

About LaunchZone

LaunchZone is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange-centered ecosystem that runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). LaunchZone has continuously released original Dapps that are never before seen on BSC or even in the whole blockchain market. However, any good Dapp is easily duplicated, so LaunchZone creates an ecosystem made up of interconnected outstanding Dapps, which makes it impossible to duplicate.

Also, LaunchZone realizes the importance of community in the decentralized sphere. That’s why LaunchZone partners with the Sowing. Network to establish BSCX Heroes program that incentivizes users to promote LaunchZone.

With quality products and a powerful community, LaunchZone has accomplished such milestones as:

  • Top 3 token traded on BSC by 24-hour trading volume
  • Top gainer on CoinMarketCap
  • Top 10 token on PancakeSwap
  • “Star Project” titled by Binance Smart Chain
  • Top project with the highest social signal by BSC Daily
  • Top 3 decentralized project on BSC according to Dapp Radar


About BSC Army

BSC Army is the first DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) for social media industries on BSC, and a community-centered initiative that strives to promote the adoption of BSC and blockchain in general.

Despite holding 0 tokens from the IDO, BSC Army has achieved some incredible feats by being a robust community-centered project. In less than a month, they have attracted more than 24.4k holders and 15.5k Twitter followers. The unique BSC Army Marketing Program that rewards content creators for BSC Army currently has hundreds of dedicated participants, creating the most powerful community of BSC supporters on Twitter. By leveraging this community, BSC Army provides promotional services for projects on BSC and has since partnered with numerous BSC projects.

BSC Army ranks among the top BSC projects with the most social activity as mentioned by Lunar Crush and Coin98 Analytics.

When Three BSC Powerhouses Come Together

Argon is a creative and ambitious solution to freelancing. Their freelancer platform is scheduled to go live on July 9th.

The three teams can do cross-marketing, connecting investors from both communities, and together reaching a much wider audience. LaunchZone and BSC Army’s dynamic communities will surely attract a lot of users to the Argon platform. BSC Army’s content creators, especially artists, can go to Argon and find suitable gigs for themselves. Meanwhile, users of Argon can also join the Marketing Program to earn more money.

Besides, mutual sharing of business information will enable all to be more proactive and creative in the fast-growing crypto market.

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