Level Finance Overview – The best DEX Derivatives on BNB Chain

Level Finance


Level Finance is a derivative DEX built on BNB Chain, providing spot (Spot) and perpetual contract (Perpetual) trading with up to 30x leverage.

With many similarities like GMX, Level Finance also offers low fees, zero price impact, instantly updated price information based on Chainlink Oracle, and with the familiar Real Yield mechanism. on decentralized exchanges.

In addition, Level DAO is also deployed to decide spending from the liquidity pool, treasury, fees collected from actual profits, through the governance token, $LGO. With this governance token that can only be obtained when staking $LVL, users can compete for the right to manage the project fairly, even holding the majority of control.

Dev Team



Level Finance has received investment in 3 rounds with a total investment value of up to 1 million USD

All of these investments are invested in $LVL and are locked in the Level Finance DAO.

Details of $LVL investments can be read here


Level Finance sử dụng 2 token chính là $LVL (token tiện ích) và $LGO (token quản trị). Ngoài ra, khi người dùng thực hiện cung cấp thanh khoản cho nền tảng, họ có thể được nhận token LLP (Level liquidity provider – token cung cấp thanh khoản).

  • Token $LVL

Token: LVL

Price: $5.2

Cir Supply:

Max Supply: 50.000.000

Cir Market Cap:

FDV: $262M

Token Distribution và Vesting Schedule:

Screenshot 394

One thing to note about $LVL’s token allocation is that the Team and strategic partners account for a total of 30%. This division allows the project to hold a relatively high amount of tokens compared to new DEXs using the Real Yield mechanism, but the lock time of this token is also quite long (Team token will be locked for 4 years, unlocked ¼ tokens every 12 months) thus also controlling the risk.


The $LVL token is a utility token of the Level ecosystem with a total supply of 50,000,000 tokens. $LVL is mainly used for the purpose of compensation: to pay rewards to liquidity providers, to the community, to strategic partners and to the project itself.

  • Token $LGO

The project’s governance token, $LGO, is a token with a total supply of 1000, they can only be obtained when staking $LVL. Holders of the $LGO token will be considered as shareholders of the project, and in the future will receive the corresponding benefits that the project commits to bring.

On-chain Analysis

Screenshot 395

Checking on-chain on Nansen we can see that Most of the $LVL lock is in incentives → paying users regularly weekly, monthly

→ great inflation pressure

However, on the contrary, we also have positive signs when the amount of $LVL stake is increasing sharply in the past week. In addition, other wallet addresses are also actively collecting more $LVL coins.


Level Finance is built on BNB Chain, this Blockchain has an undisputed appeal to traders. At the same time, there are not many DEX exchanges on BNB Chain at the moment, the growth potential is extremely large with Binance’s hints about investing in decentralized exchanges in the near future.

Currently, comparing blockchains, BNB Chain is ranked 2nd in TVL with $4.97 billion.

Level Finance is currently in the top of projects with great revenue on the BNB Chain system (Top 3 revenue and transaction fees from users) when it was only launched within 2 months. Therefore, the project is likely to receive support from Binance in the future, which is understandable.

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Some milestones that Level Finance will implement in 2023 (Source at here)

  • Innovating LGO
  • Weekly Trading Contest to increase trading volume for Level Finance platform
  • Governance Forum to encourage the community to contribute to development
  • Cross-chain to other blockchains


Level Finance is one of the projects that is receiving a lot of attention and spectacular growth on the BNB Chain ecosystem. Hopefully, through this article, you can grasp the basic information and make reasonable investment decisions yourself.