Luxon – Web3 Personalized NFT Provider

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I. Overview

LUXON is focused on creating games with significant NFT depth via collectible characters and other items. Luxon’s first game, Desperado B218: The Scars of Exos, is a turn-based battle role-playing game (RPG) in which players control a squad of five characters. Desperado B218: The Scars of Exos will have a distinct fantasy look and heavy anime inspiration and will consist of NFT-centric gameplay where players can acquire assets either from the publisher or from the marketplace in order to take different roles in the game. With LXN tokens users can purchase or trade NFT game items that are generated by the user’s game activities.

II. Unique Selling Points

Since the company’s inception, Nerdystar has scaled to 100 developers and artists, most of whom are seasoned team members who transitioned from OOZOO studios of LINE Games to focus on Web3 games.

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  • $10.8M Total Funding: led by Blocore with participation from BITKRAFT Ventures, LINE Games, FTX Ventures, GuildFi, Formless Capital, VistaLabs, Seum, and SBXG. The investment will be used to continue to build the LUXON web platform and focus on game development, with the first game scheduled to launch later this year.
  • Experienced Founders: Established by founders with over 10 years of expertise in the game industry, Nerdystar is on a mission to build games where players earn ownership of the game while also enhancing the rights of gamers as providers, traders, and players.
  • Trade as creator: Users can create their own NFTs and trade on LUXON. NFTs from multichain can be managed on LUXON effectively.

III. Summary

Through its blockchain game platform, LUXON, the company aims to accelerate the Web3 transition for gamers and game developers by publishing high-quality blockchain games within a sustainable ecosystem and economy. Games on LUXON will be based on the original IP owned by LINE Games which has achieved remarkable milestones in the Web2 gaming market. Third-party games will be accepted after a successful launch of games based on the original IPs.

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