MetaMask has introduced several new features aimed at enhancing privacy for users

MetaMask da gioi thieu mot so tinh nang moi nhatang cuong quyen

A number of new features have been added to the Web3 wallet app MetaMask that are aimed at improving privacy and giving users more control.

After MetaMask was previously criticized for allegedly invading users’ privacy, the new features have been introduced.

When a user first set up the wallet, MetaMask used its Infura RPC node to instantly establish a connection to Ethereum. According to a report from Ethereum node operator Chase Wright, even though the user could change the settings later, this still meant that the user’s public address was sent to Infura before they had a chance to change their node.

Under the new version of Metamask extension, labeled “10.25.0,” users are prompted with the option to use a “advanced configuration” during setup. By selecting this, a number of configurable options become available, one of which lets the user select an alternative RPC node to the Infura default.

The “advanced configuration” dialogue box allows the user to disable incoming transactions, phishing detection, and enhanced token detection in addition to letting them submit their own node details. According to the app’s UI, these capabilities call for data to be transferred to third parties like Etherscan and jsDeliver. Now, users who are concerned about privacy have the option to disable these features during setup.

The post claims that MetaMask’s new mobile version also has privacy improvements. Previously, the app did not allow users to connect one account to a Web3 app while leaving another account disconnected. The user’s options were either to connect every one of them or none at all. The new version, however, gives users the option to choose which specific accounts they want to connect to an app while keeping the other addresses they control a secret.

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