Metamask has warned users: ” Carelessness and haste can just as easily result in a loss of funds”

Metamask canh bao su bat can cua nguoi dung co the dan den mat tien 1

Users of the cryptocurrency wallet system Metamask should be cautious of a recent scammer strategy known as the address poisoning assault, which relies on the user’s “carelessness and haste above all else,” according to the developers of the software. While the attack approach may appear innocent, the Metamask team continued, “it can just as well result in a loss of funds.”

The Metamask Support team said that hackers and scammers frequently take advantage of typical behaviors among cryptocurrency users, such as copying and pasting of wallet addresses, in its statement dated January 11 that outlines how scammers utilize this new strategy to steal from unwary customers.

The researchers cautioned that although this guarantees that money is transmitted to the right location, scammers are aware that many users are unwilling to memorize their wallet addresses.

The Metamask Support team has reported that fraudsters frequently start a poisoning attempt by transferring a little sum to a fake wallet address that substantially resembles a Metamask wallet user. Following this, the con artist will wait and watch in the hopes that the victim(s) will “accidentally copy their address from your transaction history and paste it somewhere.”

When money is delivered to the wrong address, it is lost forever since transactions like these are believed to be immutable or irrevocable. Users of wallets must therefore exercise extreme vigilance, verifying “every single character.” Wallet users should make an effort to stop copying addresses from their transaction history, according to the Metamask Support team.

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