METASEER – An Innovative DeFi Platform of Many Firsts

7.21 METASEER An Innovative DeFi Platform of Many Firsts

In the DeFi world, where hundreds of projects spring up daily like mushrooms after a rain, it seems like everything is too oversaturated and hardly anything new can come out of this space. Yet, we see the advent of Metaseer, an ecosystem of many firsts in the crypto scene.

The World’s First Decentralized Hybrid Options Market

Metaseer is the next generation of decentralized trading platform that allows users to trade hybrid options on both Binance Smart Chain and Solana. Building on three main principles of Innovation, Safety, and Ecosystem, the project offers many creative solutions to the DeFi space.


In a traditional setting, investors can only trade either vanilla options or trade options. Metaseer allows users to trade with various unique hybrid options that have equitable risk to return. Each option has a different payout ratio depending on their moneyness and expiry time. Payout ratio of each option is as follows:

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The totally new paradigm of options empowers users to trade with more flexibility and proactivity.

Metaseer also aims to be the bridge for the DeFi and traditional financial markets by which may pioneer another revolution in the crypto world. Currently, investors are able to trade BTC, ETH, DOGE, RXP, and BNB on the platform. In the future, derivative assets from traditional financial markets such as SPX, DJI, etc. will be integrated into Metaseer. This will enable more traditional investors to explore DeFi solutions, as the advantage of DeFi is that investors have full control of their own assets.


It is the rule of thumb that safety is the first priority in any project that wants to thrive in the crypto market. Metaseer understands this rule so they use oracles for price feeds of all tradable markets.

It also introduces the first-ever insurance feature with which users can mitigate risks and protect their trades against absolute loss before the expiry of options. Investors who choose to buy insurance on Metaseer must use $METAS (platform token of Metaseer), which is a creative use case for the token.


Metaseer integrates a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) ecosystem that enables other DeFi projects to add new use cases to their tokens. This will not only improve the token value but also prevent investors from dumping their tokens, which is a matter of life or death to new projects.

The incorporation of other tokens requires the use of $METAG (governance token of Metaseer) and $METAS (platform token of Metaseer), further developing the Metaseer ecosystem and creating more value for $METAG as well as $METAS.

ecosystem of DeFi project Metaseer on Solana and Binance smart chain BSC Source: Metaseer Website

Tokenomics of Metaseer’s Double-Token Model

The Metaseer ecosystem has two tokens which are $METAS and $METAG.

$METAS – The Utility Token of Metaseer

$METAS is the platform/utility token of Metaseer. It is used as (i) rewards for liquidity providers on Metaseer, (ii) platform currency to trade hybrid options and buy insurance, and (iii) payment method for services of PaaS.

  • Token Ticker: $METAS
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain / Solana
  • Spec: BEP-20 / SPL
  • Initial Total Supply: 30,000,000
  • Smart Contract Address (BSC): 0xfa1e1754bd2896d467930c97d07af799c531cb7d
  • Token distribution

token distributions of DeFi project Metaseer on Solana and Binance smart chain BSC

Source: Metaseer Website

  • Token vesting schedule

2021 07 23 18 13 08 METASEER An Innovative DeFi Platform of Many Firsts Brave

  • Metaseer is the first DeFi project in 2021 to have an IDO launch on three platforms, namely Solpad, Oxbull, and CyberFi Samurai. It is also the first project to launch on Solpad, the first BSC IDO on CyberFi Samurai, and the first Solana IDO on Oxbull. All three IDOs will happen on July 27, 2021.

$METAG – The Governance Token of Metaseer

  • Token Ticker: $METAG
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain / Solana
  • Spec: BEP-20 / SPL
  • Initial Total Supply: 300,000

Roadmap – What Investors Can Expect from Metaseer

Q2 2021

  • Project blueprint planning
  • Feasibility research and studies
  • Market analysis for DeFi ecosystem
  • Competitor’s analysis
  • Cross chain conceptualization
  • Architecture design for inter chain liquidity bridge
  • METAS Token value roadmap
  • Wire framing of platform design
  • UX/UI planning
  • Tokenomics & Whitepaper development
  • Minting of METAS tokens (BEP-20 / SPL)
  • Community group creation

Q3 2021

  • DEX listing
  • Smart contract assignment & deployment
  • Liquidity pool testing & deployment
  • Defining rules for liquidity pool contribution
  • Development of METASEER platform
  • Web development for front and back office
  • Finalizing UI/UX testing
  • Community group expansion
  • Partnership & collaborations
  • Minting of METAG tokens (BEP-20 / SPL)
  • Commencing on METAG mining
  • Creation of voting & proposal forums for community
  • Deployment of METAG staking pool 

Q4 2021

  • Official launch of METASEER platform
  • Developer bug bounty program
  • Listing on CEX
  • PR & branding engagements
  • User growth marketing engagements
  • Ecosystem Partnership and onboarding of other DeFi tokens for Hybrid option trading
  • Commencing on service of Platform as a Service
  • Building multi-chain structure

Team & Advisors

Metaseer is the project where many megaminds in crypto converge. From Oction, CyberFi Samurai, and Raydium to Huobi, Bybit, etc., this super team will likely make Metaseer a great success.

team and advisors of Metaseer on Solana and Binance smart chain BSC

Source: Metaseer Website


Source: Metaseer Whitepaper


Besides the ambitious tri-pad IDO, Metaseer has gained significant interests from various private investors. Eight big private investors who have joined the Metaseer ship can be seen below.

2021 07 22 21 17 26 Metaseer Brave e1627035049113

Source: Metaseer Website

Metaseer’s Social Channels

Keep up with Metaseer’s good work via:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium | LinkedIn | Discord

Final Thoughts

Metaseer IDO will happen on July 27. Even though the project is not launched yet, it is already a force to be reckoned with. Being a daring pioneer with many firsts in the crypto market that is moving at a breakneck speed gives Metaseer a lot of advantages. Good luck to Metaseer with their IDOs and launch! 



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