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Monster of God (Mogwar) takes players on a journey through the land of mystical and adorable Monsters as they embark on a quest to rehabilitate a new world. As pocket-sized and cutesy as the Monsters may fool you to think they are, these powerful creatures can wage brutal and earth-shattering battles, and even become real-life treasures for the players.

About Mogwar

Monster Of God (Mogwar) is a NFT and strategy idle RPG game on Binance Smart Chain that incorporates the novel and energy-saving Auto Battler mechanics. Players can earn Monster Soul Potion (MSP) and collect MONX tokens through the game’s many activities. Each Monster is a unique NFT and equally accessible to anyone. Monster Of God is completely Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn.

Auto Battler, idle RPG, and many more elements that make up a perfect casual gameplay

Mogwar adopts an Auto Battler mechanic where players can simply open up the game, start a round, flip a switch, then go back to what they were doing while the AI continues to draw out the rest of the battle. Players can just wait for the result and possible virtual reward at the end of each round. This mechanic really takes idle RPG to a new level, allowing blockchain gaming to generate money in form of tokens for players while they hang back, making the meaning of passive income truer than ever.

The game modes in Mogwar are typical of the RPG genre with PvE and PvP modes. For PvP, there are 4 types of battles: Daily PvP, Regular PvP, Arena Season and Tournament. The battles consist of 3 vs 3 teams, so the mixing and matching of Mogwar different Monster races is much more complex. Players have to understand about these 8 Monster races with different strengths and weaknesses: Fire, Water, Lightning, Metal, Rock, Wind, Psychic, and Plant. Proper squad formation before each battle will enhance chances of victory.

Besides the main gameplay, Monster Of God is also developing exciting mini games and side quests. The Monsters have a breeding function to create new ones, but there are limited times for a Monster to breed in order to avoid inflation,

In-game assets are completely in the hands of players

Up until the advent of blockchain gaming, true ownership of in-game assets has never been possible, even in popular and time-consuming games such as Pokemon, because players are still at the mercy of the game creators and are limited in their ability to exercise their property rights. The incredible potential for blockchain gaming lies on the complete in-game ownership that it brings. Players are spending hours per day and days on end to engage with the game and in some cases, their personal identities are invested into that game. Thus, the feeling of being able to buy something they create in the game and trade it or display it to friends has immense value to the players. And thanks to the fact that all market transactions in Mogwar, much like all other transactions using cryptocurrency, are recorded on blockchain, players can trade with each other freely without the need to verify trust or worry about the lack of transparency between the two parties.

The Monsters in Mogwar all have the same base form in different classes, but what makes them different are their parts, such as the mouth, ears, hair, tails, etc. This is where the NFT Monsters draw value as their varying parts not only help in battle but also make them unique when it comes time to enter the market. The art style of Mogwar is a cherubic, vibrant 2D design with excellent fluidity in motion. Players will want something cute and fun to look at and collect, which can drive up the value of these NFTs.


MONX token is the governance token of Monster Of God.


– Token name: Monster Of God token

– Token ticker: $MONX

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 2,400,000,000 $MONX

Use case:

– Enabling P2E events and tournaments

– Purchasing in-game assets

– Breeding fees

– Staking (in development)

– Governance

Token distribution:

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Team Members

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Final Thoughts

Mogwar’s ultimate goal is to deliver a charming game that endorses in-game asset ownership, collectible and entertainment values as well as clear economic benefit, and community engagement, which makes it a perfect contender for one of the best blockchain games this year.


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