MONIWAR – An Epic Tale of Puzzle RPG Gaming and Blockchain

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Every now and then, you stumble upon a great game where developers consider all aspects of gameplay, making the game fun and exciting, and even better when they integrate the game with the latest profit-generating NFT trend and allow players to literally own and control what they buy, earn, or craft. That is the story of MoniWar.

What is MoniWar?

MoniWar is a perfect blend of PvP puzzle and RGP game genres on BSC and has the ability to redefine gaming and DeFi. The game employs leading NFT and DeFi technologies to introduce a large number of ACGN well-known IP, make full use of the unique “interoperability” that blockchain has to offer, allow toy figures in the real world to interact with NFT’s in the virtual world through MoniWar’s entertainment metaverse, thus breaking dimensional barriers. The ultimate goal is to create a world-class pan-entertainment platform on blockchain.

Players can download the game on Android & IOS applications or use the web version and register to play the game. Everyone who joins is ensured pure entertainment consists of novelistic but familiar gaming experience with fantasy-themed puzzle battles, while attaining sustainable ways to make real-world money through NFTs.

MoniWar is the combination of GamePad + NFT Yield Farming + GameFi Play to earn

– GamePad: promotes game incubation and distribution and builds MoniWar entertainment meta-universe with various games

– NFT Yield Farming: allows innovative NFT collections to be used in DeFi Yield farming, which exceptionally enhances NFT collection value

– GameFi Play to Earn: focuses on the NFT gaming metaverse and creates a new financial system integrated with blockchain and gaming, making the application entertaining and a great investment

MoniWar is making the crypto gaming experience worthwhile

The gaming industry has gone through years of development, adaptations, failures, and additions. MoniWar absorbs all of that assorted knowledge and tries to become the most addictive, action-packed and competitive game on blockchain, while also adding a few more generous “allowances” to keep things moving and the players motivated. The game graphic is fresh, aesthetically pleasing and exudes a sense of epicness accompanied by a compelling storyline of Greek mythology. The battle of three magical realms and monsters spans across five beautiful maps with various modes, including PvP and Match 3, Boss Hunting, World Boss Battle, and Dungeon.

MoniWar’s innovative approach to gaming integrates puzzle-solving and RPG with the combat system revolving around matching colored gems, much similar to the classic “Bejeweled”. Detecting and swiping for match-three titles were found to stimulate thinking and problem solving, and completing milestones brings about a great sense of accomplishment for players. Players can complete puzzles and open their way to bigger adventures. The game is simple enough to jump into and play casually, and the hybrid style invites gamers of all skill levels. The type of multiplayer interactive conflict called PvP is kind of like two games in one, and players have to be quick so as not to miss their turn and get hit with a full-powered combo. Players can go on multiple missions every day to explore maps, fight bosses, and hunt pets.

Balancing entertainment and profitability

MoniWar inserts itself in the crypto scene with a mission to promote the expansion of the BSC ecosystem and to take the lead in the mass adoption of blockchain applications in the gaming industry. With this game, players are part of a ‘play-and-earn’ economy where they all earn and trade in-game assets in an open economy. Players can also use the tools provided by the game to cast NFT and issue physical toys. Through the advanced NFT and NFC/AR technology combination, the NFT in the digital world can be one-to-one correspondence with physical toys in reality.

All of these can be bought and sold on MoniWar market and helps players retain the value that they put into these items in the first place. MoniWar’s in-game dynamic markets will allow players to become smart crypto traders.

NFT Marketplace

The game aims to make MoniWar NFT Marketplace one of the top cross-chain NFT marketplaces on blockchain. Monimarketplace is where users can exchange unlimited NFT categories such as pets and in-game items.

The marketplace is divided into four smaller sections:

MoniWar Shop

MoniWar Shop is the main market of the community where players and investors can easily buy and sell their game items and pets to others.

MoniWar pool & MoniWar NFT pool

A pool for players and investors to mine and farm $MOWA or MoniWar NFTs.

MoniWar Action

This is where you can earn rewards, receive exclusive in-game pets and items, and trade them in the shop through two main events: Blindbox and Auction.

– BlindBox: BlindBox is awarded to players after each round in the game and can be bought or sold on the market. With a BlindBox, players have a chance to receive items, pets, cards, or upgrading stones.

– Auction: Creators and sellers can organize NFT auctions in the marketplace to broadcast their NFTs to broader potential buyers and have more chances of selling them at a higher value.

MoniWar Bounty

Before and during the launch and IDO stage of MoniWar, there will be a lot of airdrop events and minigames where lucky attendees can receive valuable prizes and early NFT items from the publisher.


$MOWA is the native token of MoniWar. There is a very small transaction fee of 1%, and all the proceeds generated from buying, selling, auctioning, and upgrading items are returned to the supply to support the play-to-earn economy.

The game adopts a very effective mechanism to make tokens burn very quickly, greatly reducing the circulation of the total supply and maintaining token value.


Token name: MoniWar

Token ticker: $MOWA

Type: BEP-20

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Contract address: 0x411Ec510c85C9e56271bF4E10364Ffa909E685D9

Launchpad: Launch Zone

Total supply: 300.000.000 $MOWA

Use case:

– Purchase: Players can use tokens to trade on the in-game marketplace.

– Mining and farming: Players can mine and farm $MOWA.

Token Allocation:


Team members

Behind MoniWar is a programming team with nearly 15 years of experience in making traditional games in Vietnam.


Partners and Investors

Partners and Investors


The game is persistently being improved and refreshed. MoniWar’s IDO is set for October 13th, 2021.

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Social Channels

Keep in touch with MoniWar’s through the following social channels:

Website | Twitter | Youtube | Instagram | Telegram Channel | Telegram Group

Final Thoughts

MoniWar can absolutely blossom into one of the most anticipated and in-depth games built on blockchain and is expected to experience a revenue boom by the end of this year. Crypto lovers and game enthusiasts alike should not miss out on this promising project on BSC.


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