Shooting for the moon with Moonlift


One of the biggest crypto perks is putting your holdings to work and earning your passive income effortlessly. With heavy focus on the community, Moonlift is here to cultivate the perfect passive income generator of DeFi space.



Inspired by the concept of “financial independence”, the genius team of Richie, Logino Dujardin and Jordi Murset has recently launched a new project named Moonlift Protocol. They strive towards creating a seamless crypto experience for both competent investors and newcomers and simultaneously helping them maximize their profit from this maturing industry.


Moonlift’s key component

The key to Moonlift’s splendid yield is the protocol’s native token, $MLTP. All information on $MLTP is transparent and available online.

The team imposes a higher charge on selling transactions, thus prevents fudders and whales from manipulating $MLTP prices. 15% of these transaction fees are eventually burned, i.e. completely removed from circulation. The deflationary mechanism adds another layer of insurance for all Moonlifters.

To enhance the deflationary effect of Moonlift, the team offers to buy back and burn $MLTP on a regular basis. Since the launch of the project in May 2021, the total supply has dropped from 100,000,000,000 $MLTP to 87,670,000,000 $MLTP as of July 3rd, 2021. The oversubscribed tokens were manually burned to increase the token value in the long run, which serves as a tribute to its loyal community.

Moreover, the tokenomics of $MLTP includes a built-in reward system that retains long-term holders and attracts new users as well. Users will receive 50% of the transaction fees just by keeping $MLTP in their wallets.

It obviously takes time to get used to blockchain technology; the Moonlift team leaves out all fancy staking mechanisms, simplifies the process and as a result lowers the entry barriers for better adoption of decentralized finance and crypto as a whole.


Tokenomics of $MLTP


Token Name: Moonlift Protocol

Token Ticker: $MLTP

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Spec: BEP-20

Initial Total Supply: 100,000,000,000

Smart Contract Address: 0xf390fB7d16f2cbba037c1fC48862463116a7E545



Source: Moonlift Whitepaper

Moonlift Protocol has successfully raised $600,000 in their seed round at the TGE price of $0.00006. However, only 25% of the tokens sold is available at launch; the rest will be released gradually over the next three months. This strategy once again supports a sustainable growth of the project.

Transaction fee

Moonlift users are charged the so-called “fee” of 5% for a buy transaction and of 10% for a sell transaction. The distribution of transaction fees is determined in the following ratio:

  • 50% automatically sent to holders’ wallets pro rata
  • 25% automatically goes to Liquidity Pools on PancakeSwap, SushiSwap and LaunchZone
  • 15% permanently burned
  • 10% to Moonlift Protocol wallet and used for marketing, rewards and burned



The project is building a complete ecosystem where users can conveniently engage in DeFi’s most attractive activities: liquidity mining, decentralized transactions, auto investment fund and NFT marketplace.


Source: CryptoBooster

Decentralized transactions

Moonlift Protocol isn’t your average DEX. DEXs are the brilliance of the DeFi sector, and Moonlift Protocol will take it to the next level.


Source: Moonlift Protocol Official Twitter

Some unique features to be integrated into Moonlift’s DEX are:

  • Supernova
  • Lottery
  • Tournament
  • Play & Earn

Even though details on these innovative features are not yet available, we know that the dev team is working day and night to bring their users the whole package, with a dramatic touch of difference.

Liquidity mining

In the first stage, Moonlifters can earn juicy rewards by depositing their $MLTP on three acclaimed decentralized platforms: PancakeSwap, SushiSwap and LaunchZone. The first pools to go live are on LaunchZone’s PoolX. This is a foolproof and effortless plan for maximizing the profit. 

Read the official announcement for new staking pools here.

Auto investment fund

Auto investment funds will be the new trend in DeFi. Often referred to as the future of finance, this industry promises to bring traditional financial services to the blockchain. Moonlifters will be able to enjoy automated investing for the first time in DeFi through the help of a pre-programmed system.

Personalized crypto investments without lifting a finger – that is not something we’ve ever seen before.

NFT Marketplace

With a growth rate of 1,785% in Q1 2021, NFTs have become the most popular trend of 2021. You don’t want to be left behind: Moonlift NFT Marketplace will allow you to take a break from technical conversations and get familiar with the “artsy” monetization.


Autonomous community

The Moonlift team relentlessly pursuits the decentralization revolution. Moonlifters is a vibrant community with the rights to democratic governance. Be it a rookie or a veteran, Moonlift’s governance mechanism is easy to use and encourages the community to exercise their rights.

Moonlift Protocol, together with their users, is going to explore the rudimentary model of decentralized management with absolute determination. In order to protect the community from malicious operations, the team has set up robot verification to guarantee user authenticity.


Transparency at its best

Because of the transparent nature of blockchain technology, all transactions, data and codes of Moonlift Protocol are available online and constantly updated, building trust among users of the platform. To ensure better security, the dev team has applied for smart contract audits by the accredited CertiK and Hacken. Check out their audits here:


The founders of Moonlift level it up by disclosing their personal information. Let’s take a look at Moonlift’s three musketeers:

  • Richie: Former Global Head of Community and European Marketing Manager at OceanEx, an AI-powered crypto exchange ecosystem. He is also the advisor to Polkally, a P2P auction platform for NFTs. His strong suits are strategic marketing and community development.

Richie’s Twitter Profile:

  • Logino Dujardin: Former CEO of the financial solution provider Safe Haven. He is also the strategic advisor to Safe Haven, Polkally, and Vulcan Forged. At Moonlift, he is responsible for strategic business and growth.

Logino Dujardin’s Twitter Profile:

  • Jordi Murset: He is a blockchain engineer with considerable expertise in information security, risk management, and front-end development.

Jordi Murset’s LinkedIn Profile:


Roadmap and achievements



Source: Moonlift Whitepaper

Graphics by BARMY Xpress


All Q2 goals are achieved. $MLTP is already listed on PancakeSwap, LBank Exchange, CoinMarketCap, Delta, Blockfolio and CoinGecko. Moonlift Team has also submitted their listing request form to SushiSwap. The Staking and Reward Program for $MLTP holders is available on PancakeSwap and LBank. The current number of MLTP unique addresses is over 6,000.


Social Channels

Keep up with Moonlift’s good work via:

Telegram group | Telegram channel | Twitter | Medium | Github | Reddit


Final Thoughts

Slow but steady, the Moonlift team is creating both economic and social values for blockchain geeks and crypto advocates. Realized by the implementation of blockchain technology and external tools, their revolutionary vision is truly delivering us to the moon.



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