Mozik – The Future Game Changer in The China Music Industry

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Mozik - The future Game changer in the Chinese Music industry

“Having been involved in this industry for 15 years, I have witnessed first hand the problems faced by many artists. Now, with blockchain and NFT’s, there exists a genuine alternative that will change how we consume and engage with music, incentivizing talented artists to keep creating quality works.” (Mario Lee, Mozik Founder & CEO).

Mario Lee, Mozik’s founder, and CEO is the former COO of Rock Mobile, the largest record company in China. With over 15 years of experience in the music industry, he – more than anyone else – understands the difficulties of artists in China. These understandings motivated Lee to lay the foundation of Mozik – the Music NFT platform based on blockchain technology.

About Mozik

Mozik is a decentralized music NFT platform that promotes a “healthier” and “fairer” music ecosystem. It resolves the deep-seated problems of the Chinese music industry: Artist’ underpayment, high demanding record labels, monopolies, and expensive paid promotions.

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Since its beginning, Mozik has reached 10M+ users on its streaming app, received a grant from Tezos Foundation, and earned several prizes. Some of the most notable famous awards include TechCrunch Best Design Awards, Tencent/Baidu Entrepreneur Champion, and Comm Youth League Championship.

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Mozik’s solutions

Mozik uses blockchain technology to register revenue from music copyright, super-star IP, celebrity traffic, and IP derivatives on the decentralized NFT platform.

The music ecosystem as a whole, including composers, publishers, purchasers, and fans, may all participate equitably. Artists are encouraged to make more and higher quality music as a result of Mozik’s platform. All participants may benefit from decreased publication costs and more involvement from fans, resulting in a healthier and more equitable music ecosystem.

Mozik creates online music distribution agreements and copyright transaction price agreements. Thanks to these agreements, a blockchain community for online music production and digital copyright-related IP derivatives trading has been developed between online music makers and consumers. Art creators use digital tools to upload their music assets to the blockchain. Critics, traders, and industry operators identify outstanding works in the community and disrupt centralized platforms’ traffic monopolies. These actions promise to result in an efficient, fast, and low-cost creation, storage, trading, and IP derivative development system for various online musical forms globally.

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In specific, Mozik provides the following services:

  • Music Sharing: Creators contribute their work to be shared. Music may be shared, listened to, and subscribed to by anybody.
  • Social Fans: Music fans use the platform to communicate online and offline, contributing to the traffic value. The blockchain distributes the corresponding platform traffic value to all users. This traffic value will be used to calculate the user’s platform dividend ratio later on.
  • IP NFT: The published music is a form of NFT asset protected by Mozik. Through smart contracts, creators, fans, and Mozik collaborate to manage and share assets.
  • Digital Asset Exchange: Mozik wallet is a digital asset exchange that allows the issuance and administration of NFT assets. Mozik has built-in features that will enable you to swap assets.

About Mozik tokens

Mozik has two different tokens: MOS & MOZ. MOS is used for the platform’s economic operations, while MOZ acts as Platform Equity Coin.

MOS token

MOS is Mozik stable token. It serves the following roles as a blockchain-based point system issued by the platform.

  • The platform’s asset value measurement unit: User can stake or utilize issued assets with MOS as an economic aggregate reference.
  • The medium of exchange and pricing: The platform will provide essential services for different DAPPs. Then it will set the corresponding service’s price with MOS.
  • Platform income dividends valuation.

There are no data about MOS tokenomics.

MOZ token

Use case

Mozik issues MOZ (Platform Equity Coin) to assist investors, fans, creators, and players obtain the platform’s rights and interests. Holders of MOZ will earn platform dividends.

  • Earn MOZ by holding and issuing copyright assets: The stabilizer of the Mozik system can get MOZ with a matching value assessment. Users can stake MOZ on the platform or swap for MOS to fund their music creation. In both cases, they can still earn platform dividends. The platform dividend ratio is calculated based on the user’s music subscription sales income, copyright authorization income, and traffic contributions.
  • Funding fandom management: The Mozik Foundation will distribute a portion of MOZ to fund creators’ fandom management to promote content creation and fan rewards.


Basic information
  • Ticker: MOZ
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 MOZ (1 billion)
  • Contract: 0x9e47b042a651c6c2ad00941cfb211a5e368d2576
MOZ token distribution

The entire supply of the Mozik platform token MOZ is 1 billion, with the following distribution.

  • Core team: 12%, locked in for 18 months on major exchanges
  • Operation: 20%, utilized for community and project operations
  • Ecosystem rewards: 25% is used for ecosystem creation, community project awards, fan awards, and urban partner awards.
  • Content mining: 25% of the budget is allocated to content mining to incentivize content authors and fans to contribute traffic.
  • Early investors: 18% for early investors

Team, Advisors & Investors


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Mozik team has in-depth experience in the music industry, technology, and community management. The team members’ knowledge, network, and impact on the music industry are valuable for the project’s development.


Mozik has strategic partners and advisors who are influencers in China music industry, and in blockchain industry.

  • Angel Investor: Wang Yuehua
    Partner of Deding Innovation Fund
    Famous blockchain expert and investor
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    Strategic Advisor: Li Jing
    Former Chairman & CEO of Rolling Stone Mobile – the leading record label in China
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    Strategic partner: Chen Xi
    Former Agent of Zhang Liangying, Current Artist Director at Sony Music
    Represented Ouyang Nana, Su Yunying, Xu Jun,
    Gong Ge, Huang Qishan and other popular celebrities


Mozik’s partners and strategic investors are big names in the crypto market.

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Business roadmap

  • Q1/2021: Official project launch and platform token issuance.
  • Q2/2021: Mozik planned to introduce ten music producers, acquire over 2,000 users, and develop diverse domestic communities.
  • Q3/2021: Some international initiatives is expected to be launched
  • Q4/2021: Releasing a single market growth mechanism for entrance and issuance, implementing a platform model, co-constructing an application platform, and establishing a community-based governance model.

Product roadmap

  • Q4/2020: Design of the system architecture.
  • Q2/2021: The wallet feature and a music-sharing platform will be available. Asset management for IP NFT is now available.
  • Q3-Q4/2021: Improvements to the underlying platform, including optimization of music asset management, distribution, fan community activities, and governance of IP assets.
  • Q1/2022: Release of Mozik governance function. This function primarily covers the fundamental platform, chain community transfer, and co-governance. Asset, content, and user community features are all being improved.

Key social channels

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Final Thoughts

Mozik’s a user-oriented solution that solves critical problems of artists in Chinese and the global music industry. By having strategic partnerships with big players in the crypto market and a remarkable number of user adoption, Mozik had laid a sustainable foundation for growth.