NFT STARS – The Next Star in Crypto NFT Sector

32 NFT Stars The next star in crypto NFT sector

NFT STARS – The Next Star in Crypto NFT Sector

Binance has officially announced the launch of Binance NFT Marketplace on June 24th, 2021, making NFT the prominent trend of this year. Through statistics, we can see that the market has been raving about NFT for a while. The NFT market cap tripled from last year’s figure (currently more than $250 million), and it’s just getting bigger. Moreover, according to a recent study from Dapp Radar, NFT markets had $342 million in trading volume in February 2021, which was more than the entire year of 2020.

Since the beginning of 2021, several NFT marketplaces on Binance Smart Chain have been introduced, including BakerySwap, PancakeSwap, and NFTMall. June 5th marks the IDO of another NFT Marketplace project which is supported by more than a dozen famous venture capitals in the crypto market. That project is NFT STARS. So, how can NFT STARS differentiate itself in such a competitive market segment?


Even though NFTs are used to protect the uniqueness of the original products, the NFT marketplaces are flooded with counterfeit objects and tokens. This problem has definitely diminished the value of digital art.

NFT STARS, a multi-chain platform, introduces groundbreaking new features and benefits to its customers, which alleviate the drawbacks of NFT marketing activities and give its community access to the most authentic and valuable tokens.

Valuable NFT artwork
Valuable NFT artwork

While other marketplaces are clogged with a jumble of NFT tokens, NFT STARS’ objective is to connect artists and investors. NFT STARS enables artists to sell their work without barriers such as minting fees or customer distrust. On the other hand, investors want to be sure they’re purchasing authentic pieces of art with actual worth – the ones that will increase in value over time and generate profits.

To realize the above idea, NFT STARS offer five unique features. The features improve the NFT trading experience and assist artists with various challenges.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Gallery: Users will access the digital gallery via their smartphone using NFT STARS. All of the artwork displayed in the Gallery is for sale! Artists will design and personalize virtual gallery rooms where they can display and sell their own NFTs.
  • NFT Pricing Scanner: This feature allows you to set the best price for your NFT. The NFT Pricing Scanner tool will scan other platforms for price information of similar NFT tokens, then calculate the recommended average price.
  • Gas-free Minting: Artists can construct their NFTs for free; the minting fee is imposed on buyers. This applies to all blockchains that are supported.
  • White Label: Exclusive brands can sell their NFTs while simultaneously resolving the authorship issues. Each client’s front-end will be customized, allowing them to expand their businesses.
  • Fractional trading: Many investors cannot afford rare NFTs because of the high price. Users can buy a portion of a token using fractional trading, which is a beautiful method to diversify one’s portfolio without large initial investment.

About NFTS Token

Use case

The native token of NFT STARS is $NFTS. NFTS is the governance and utility token; and it is used in the following use cases:

  • NFT AR customized rooms: Users can spend NFTS tokens to buy an AR room, where you can showcase and customize your collectibles.
  • Community Governance: Users can propose and vote on NFT projects
  • NFT and NFTS VAULTS: Users can get extra rewards by staking NFTs and NFTS tokens.
  • INFTO Initial NFT Offering: Users must stake their NFTS tokens to obtain allocations from upcoming projects in the INFTO Initial NFT Offering. By joining INFTO, users can buy NFTS tokens at a good price, thus, earn more profit when they sell them later on.
  • NFT discount: Users can receive an NFT discount by using your NFTS tokens as a purchase instrument.
  • NFT MANIA QUEST: Users can use NFTS tokens to purchase tickets for future quests.
  • Collaborative NFT ownership: Users can build ‘NFT team’ and share ‘equal’ profits with all team members.


Basic information

  • Ticker: NFTS
  • Total Supply: 20,000,000 NFTS (20 million)
  • Initial Market Cap: $975,000

Token allocation

The total supply of NFTS is 20 million, with the following distribution.

  • Marketplace mining: 45%
  • Core Contribution: 16,25%
  • Team: 15,5%
  • Marketing Activities: 12%
  • Airdrops: 6%
  • Reserve Fund: 2,5%
  • DEX Liquidity: 1,5%
  • Community Offer: 1,25%

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Team & Investor


NFT STARS’s team members’ information is public, which creates more transparency and trust among the community. .

NFT STARS’ CEO is Dan Khomenko, formerly an Executive board member of, one of the leading software development and blockchain consulting companies in the crypto industry. He has a background in Software Developing, Entrepreneurship, and Investment.

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The concept was well-received by market participants and investors, and the team has already acquired the backing of some well-known funds and strategic partners. Some of the most well-known ones are:

  • DAO Maker: The old-hand in the crypto fundraising sector
  • AU21 Capital: Investor of the most successful projects in blockchain world: Binance, OKEx, Huobi, and
  • Morningstar Ventures: Morningstar Ventures was strategic partner of Splyt (SHOPX) – one of the most significant project recently


NFT STARS team has not publicized their business and product roadmap. Their next step is to launch their Initial DEX Offering on Cyberfi Samurai and BSCPad on June 5th to help fund platform development. The funding will be done in a two tier procedure, with buyers being allowed to sell their tokens immediately after the IDO ends.

The NFTS token will unlock Premium account features and provide holders with additional rewards and services. Aside from that, holders will have special privileges in the Initial NFT Offering. NFTS enables customers to enjoy the platform’s capabilities and faultless NFT trading.

Tutorial On How To Join IDO on BSCPad

Social Channels

Follow NFT STARS’ social channels to find more information about the project.

Final thoughts

NFT STARS is a project that aims to resolve concerns such as NFT legitimacy, minting costs, and pricing evaluation. NFT STARS lifts great burdens from artists, and allows them to concentrate on their work. Because NFTS is powering all of this deliciousness, the coin itself can possibly have a potential growth.