Okx exchange will launch its own metaverse experience specially tailored for soccer fans

The “Okx Collective,” a soccer-focused metaverse experience, has officially launched by Okx, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market.

To provide fans a way to interact with their heroes and get a glimpse of their off-the-field activities, Okx exchange has teamed up with a number of players from the Premier Competition, the country’s top-tier soccer league. The exchange noted in a news release that the collective will provide fans a look into the world of these celebrities, who will contribute their exclusive workout music, content, and NFT-based digital experiences to the site.

Soccer teams have shown a special interest and level of activity in introducing new experiences of this nature to deepen and strengthen their relationship with their supporters. Haider Rafique, CMO at Okx, commented on the connection between metaverse technology and soccer as follows:
It is their goal to share the limitless potential of Web3 and invite fans to personally experience it by introducing great players to their recently built metaverse. Web3 has the ability to surpass all previous technologies in size.

The Okx collective’s players come from a variety of backgrounds. Four Manchester City players, including veteran Ilkay Gündoan, Jack Grealish, Ruben Santos, and Alex Greenwood from the rows of the women’s Manchester City team, will contribute their content to the platform. They think that introducing soccer to the metaverse will give fans a fresh perspective on the game. Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and even leagues like the Spanish Laliga have all tried metaverse and NFT-based efforts in the past, with varying degrees of success.

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