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Welcome to the new Barmy’s Airdrop Instruction Session. Today we will talk about one of the most potential airdrops, which is called LayerZero


Last month, crypto investors witnessed one of the biggest airdrops of the year when Aptos decided to give away to users who participated in Aptos Incentivized Testnet and users who owned Aptos: Zero NFT.

This event has been seen as one of the biggest airdrops ever in the crypto space.

The question here is whether or not there has been any chance for those who want to get a Retroactive Airdrop like this.

The answer could be LayerZero

LayerZero is a cross-chain infrastructure protocol, LayerZero introduces a new concept, Omnichain Dapps (odApps). With its architecture, LayerZero allows developers to create odApps as easily as developing dApps for a single network like Ethereum or Polygon while leveraging aggregation across networks.

Up to now, there have been 21 projects that officially put their names on the LayerZero landscape with DeFi being the most extensive counterweight protocol.

Dubbed the “king of Omnichain”, LayerZero was poured more than 135 million USD from big names like a16z, Sequoia and FTX.


Interacting with Stargate Finance

Stargate Finance is a cross-chain bridge solution built on LayerZero

Some of the activities that need to be done:

Step 1: Buy $100 $STG. You could go PancakeSwap to buy.

Step 2: Use Stargate Bridge: https://stargate.finance/transfer

to bridge $STG from BSC to other chains (ETH, Arbitrum, Optism, etc)

Step 3: Participate in DAO voting: https://snapshot.org/#/stgdao.eth.

If there are not any proposals available, skip them.

Step 4: Stake $STG at: https://stargate.finance/stake.

The staking period will depend on you.

Step 5: Join Guild, connect the wallet, complete the task, and take the roles

Step 6: For those who have more than $1000, participate in adding liquidity

Go to https://stargate.finance/farm and select the token you want to stake.

Farm liquidity tren Stargate Finance

Interacting with Pontem Wallet & Liquid Swap Bridge

Step 8: Add Pontem Wallet Extention on Google Chrome by going to this link:

Step 9: Create and backup an Aptos wallet on Pontem

Step 10: Using Pontem Bridge: https://bridge.liquidswap.com/

This is a project that makes it possible for users to move tokens between Ethereum and Aptos.


Step 10: Participate in $USDC Testnet of LayerZero Bridge with the link below:


This is a project that helps users deposit USDC tokens on a blockchain with EVM.

  • USDC Goerli Contract Address: 0x07865c6E87B9F70255377e024ace6630C1Eaa37F
  • USDC Avax Contract Address: 0x5425890298aed601595a70AB815c96711a31Bc65


Through this article, Barmy has provided you with information on how to participate in the LayerZero ecosystem to find and increase the great Airdrop opportunities from “skin in the game”. However, completing all of the above tasks will not give you 100% of the Airdrop, so you should just do it with a happy mind.

Through this article, you must have somewhat grasped the basic information about the project to make your own investment decisions. Barmy is not responsible for any of your investment decisions. Wish you success and make a lot of profit from this potential market.

Good luck and have a nice day!

Andrew – Barmy Team


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