Polygon Labs collaborates with Unstoppable Domains to create Web3 “.polygon” domain names

Polygon Labs hop tac voi Unstoppable Domains de tao ten mien Web3

In collaboration with Unstoppable Domains, Polygon has made it possible to register Web3 “.polygon” domains.

By using the service, users will be able to access Web3 applications, use human-readable wallet addresses, and build decentralized websites.

Some 180 million people and 40,000 services in the Polygon blockchain ecosystem will have access to the service. On the Polygon blockchain, more than 2.7 million domains have been registered as of this writing. Users will be able to build digital identities that are interoperable with 750 applications, games, and metaverse platforms by using “.polygon” domains. This can be used to log into online applications like decentralized websites and cryptocurrency wallet addresses.

Users can also establish profiles on Unstoppable Domains that can be linked to social media sites and serve as a digital identity on various Web3 platforms and networks. Sanket Shah, vice president of business development at Polygon Labs, made the following statement about the significance of enabling user-owned digital identity for Polygon users:

“Web3 domains will provide our community with a digital identity that they completely own, allowing them to log into dapps without disclosing their personal information and transact in cryptocurrency without using long wallet addresses,” the company claims.
Starting on March 16, Unstoppable Domains will also provide access to premium “.polygon” gaming and digit domains.

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