Project Review : BeatGen NFT – Enjoy your music to every single element


Hello Barmians, how are you doing? These days, there have been many new projects born in the explosion of Arbitrum and other zkEVM chain. Let us introduce a brand new project on the Music Industry which may be a strong competitor to the traditional music streaming apps recently.


BeatGen is the all-in-one dApp for soundtrack and music producers, musicians, audiences and content creators. BeatGen provides various solutions for soundtrack and music streaming, remixing, editing, publishing, and so on.

BeatGen is dedicated to enhancing music experience with the most innovative AI and in-depth sound analysis technology, which will elevate the listening experience to new heights.

Some research on music industry show that:

General audiences have growing demands of:

  • Seamless sharing experience
  • New engagement with music
  • Personalized music

Otherwise, content creators and sound producers lack the insights to know what their audiences need and what is trending right now. They also lack knowledge of composing sound and music.

BeatGen was born to solve these issues by:

  • Music playing in sync function and open for social connections
  • Easy-mode option, no prior technical knowledge required
  • BeatGen’s element-based and behavior-based AI technology for individualized song suggestions and editing recommendations
  • BeatGen’s Studio pre-built remix models and commercial solutions feature can help users monetize their soundtracks and contents


BeatGen Music Streaming

BeatGen offers an AI-powered system which supports interpreting music on a profound level, evaluating every component of each soundtrack, and providing consumers with a smooth listening experience.

BeatGen Streaming Service

Some of BeatGen’s USPs:

  • Smart recommendation: BeatGen keeps up with current and historical music trends, so that users can freely discover new music that’s either fresh or nostalgic.
  • Syncing: BeatGen offers users the ability to share and play music in Sync regardless of the number of partners, devices, or physical distance.
  • Collaborative playlists: Users are able to create and share playlists with their friends, making it easier to collaborate on music selection and discovery. The AI system also uses data from user connections and their behaviors to comprehend users’ preferences and adjust personal recommendations.

BeatGen Library

BeatGen Library is introducing the latest soundtrack and music collection. This library offers a wide range of sounds, musical samples, and loops that can be used to produce a number of different musical styles.

  • User-friendly layout
  • Usable and easy to access
  • Even for individuals with poor knowledge of music production

Some of BeatGen Library’s USPs:

  • Easy-mode editing: allows users to easily remix a song with pre-built remix options by professional music producers. Whether you want to incorporate a catchy beat, a funky bassline, or an uplifting melody into your song, our library has you covered. With just a few clicks, your song can be transformed into a new and exciting version.
  • Various tools that enable users to fully customize their music. Users can adjust the tempo, key, and sound effects. 
  • Wide range of sound and music: the library is regularly updated with new sounds and samples, ensuring that users always have access to the latest and greatest in music production.

BeatGen Studio

BeatGen Studio offers users with distinctive and adjustable features, giving them total control over their song.


Some of BeatGen Studio’s USPs:

  • AI Music generator: BeatGen system can create songs and lyrics based on the preferences of the user, including genre, mood, theme, and length of the song, among other factors. This feature sounds very strange to us and a must-try one.
  • Comprehensive tools: A variety of powerful tools and features to help music professionals and enthusiasts create high-quality recordings and produce polished soundtracks, from music notation, composing, edit, remixing to publishing. AI-powered tools enable users to analyze and edit soundtracks at an element-based level, giving them complete control over every aspect of their music.
  • Remix Element Storage: Users can create and apply these elements to generate remix variants. Additionally, professional music producers can create and earn profit from their pre-built remix elements.



Token ticket: $BGN

Total Supply: 30M

The BGN token will be public sale at the price of $1 and listing happens on

NFT Collection

BeatGen introduces a wide range of NFT Collection to users called: ‘The Harmonious Realms collection’. This collection is divided into 8 tiers, each with its own unique theme and style:


Benefits for NFTs owners

  • Ownership: Users have complete ownership over an NFT when purchasing it, which means users can transfer, list and sell it on the marketplace.
  • Staking: NFT owners can stake their NFT to receive rewards and chances for lucky drops or bonus rewards.
  • Membership ranking: NFT owners would be entitled to membership tiers corresponding to the rarity level of the NFT that they possess. Different tiers equal to the tiers of NFT Collection: Diamond – Golden – Silver. A higher membership tier may grant more access to premium and beta features.



BeatGen has successfully launched their websites and social communities on Twitter, Telegram and Discord with over 6,000 users. Moreover, the Genesis Mint of the first collection on BeatGen.

The upcoming event from BeatGen will be the token listing and NFT staking. 

NFT presale will happen on April 2nd, 2023. Stay tuned for that! Details down below:

Beatgen will launch its unique NFT collection for sale with a 15% discount. This collection was designed by top artists and represents a creative and unique approach to the world of music.

The Beatgen NFT collection uses the power of artificial intelligence to create stunning artwork that is unlike anything seen before. Each piece in the collection represents a different aspect of music, from the rhythm of a beat to the melody of a song. The collection is not only visually appealing but also thought-provoking, as it invites the viewer to explore the relationship between technology and creativity.

Social Media

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Using the power of artificial intelligence, the Beatgen NFT collection features breathtaking artwork that is truly unique. Each piece of the collection showcases a distinct element of music, from the rhythm of a beat to the melody of a song. Beyond its visual appeal, the collection prompts viewers to contemplate the interplay between technology and creativity.

Premium users who hold a Beatgen NFT will enjoy a host of advantages, including access to exclusive membership discounts, beta trial opportunities, profit sharing, and more. 

BeatGen NFT is one of the projects that is receiving a lot of attention and spectacular growth on the BNB Chain ecosystem. Hopefully, through this article, you can grasp the basic information and make reasonable investment decisions yourself.