Project Review: Cryptoys

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I. Overview

An NFT-native digital toy platform called Cryptoys NFT makes experiential, commercialized collectibles that are interactive. Since they are NFTs, you can genuinely claim them as your own to the fullest extent possible. They are entirely reactive and evolve over time, unlocking new skills. 

The project, created by OnChain Studios, aims to be a varied entertainment business with configurable and interactive characters appropriate for all ages.

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II. Unique Selling Points

  • Mystery Boxes: Cryptoys, a unique interactive digital unboxing experience, comes with CryptoyCubes. You’ll discover a brand-new, randomly minted Cryptoy when you open your CryptoyCube box, with some versions being rarer than others.
  • Intelligent Interactions: Cryptoys are intelligent interactive digital toys that come to life as soon as you engage with them. The more you engage with characters, the more they might respond to you in different ways, develop intelligence, and learn new talents. 
  • Character Customization: To make your Cryptoys even more distinctive, give them special accessories and attire. In the Cryptoyverse, you can purchase, sell, and trade each thing as an NFT.
  • Special Skills: You can use Gems to offer your Cryptoys new skills and abilities. You can purchase each Gems NFT to gain access to new integrations, games, powers, and intelligence. 
  • Virtual Interaction: Within the Cryptoyverse, a fully interactive universe that is continually developing and expanding, Cryptoys will be playable in a range of games, apps, and experiences.
  • Partnership Expansion: In addition to the project’s own Cryptoys character lines, partners can get in touch with them to have their own creations made into fully interactive, one-of-a-kind digital toys that can be collected. the Cryptoys platform be used.

III. Team & Backers


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IV. Roadmap

Phase 1:

  • Cryptoys Classics airdropped to early supporters
  • Origin story trailer revealed
  • Genesis Line of Cryptoys Released (30,000 1st Edition Heroes)
  • “The Block” (our gaming engine) launched
  • First Mattel Cryptoys Released
  • Collector’s Score and Incentives Reveled

Phase 2:

  • Initial Mini-Games Launched
  • Binary Dust Utility Token ($BD)
  • 3rd Party Marketplace Support
  • Staking Functionality

Phase 3:

  • Items & Accessories Launched
  • Skill Gems (poWer-ups)
  • NP and Al Functionality
  • Companion App

Phase 4:

  • Cryptoys Animated Series
  • New Breeds
  • Pocket Dimensions
  • Playsets

V. Socials

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VI. Summary

Cryptoys is a simple yet innovative project that embodies the childhood memories that adults once had. From the ground up, Cryptoys is creating a digital toy firm that is unique to NFT. One that enables interaction between users from all around the world and rethinks the boundaries of games, collections, and toys. Unconstrained by the practical constraints of production, supply networks, or retail, one in which fandom’s potential is unbounded and unconstrained.

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