Project Review:

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I. Overview

Each player in the community-focused metaverse game has an NFT mech that is totally unique to them. Each every mech has a distinct appearance, feel, and set of skills. In the game, ore, which can be converted into the cryptocurrency known as Forge Token, is acquired by players using mechs. By mining resources and participating in arena combat, you can earn ore, which you can then use to enhance and maintain your mech. In the Trading Post, ore can be converted into forge tokens, which can subsequently be used to breed two mechs or buy brand-new mechs from the Mech Marketplace.

Trey Smith, the owner of Kayabit Games, developed Over 100,000,000 people downloaded games from Kayabit Games. Eight of the games developed by the Kayabit team cracked the Top 10 of the App Store, demonstrating Trey and his team’s proficiency at making games that are both well-liked and, more importantly, fun. Trey and his team produced ten Kayabit games, which Ketchapp and Ubisoft jointly released.

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II. Unique Selling Points

  • Dynamic Gameplay: Battle other players in community owned arenas. Free-for-all, one-on-one or team death matches, countless battle arena types and designs await you.
  • Map / Building Editor: Use the game’s procedural expansion tools to build on your land. Create and design your own arenas, mini games and so much more.
  • Mini-Games: Play Mech Mini-Games casually whenever you have free time, be it at work or in the middle of a coffee shop’s waiting line.
  • Upgrade & Repair: Upgrade and repair your Mechs using Ore you win in battles against other players.

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III. Tokenomics

The Forge Token is an Ethereum blockchain-based ERC-20 token. Everything in the Mech metaverse is powered entirely by the Forge Token. By mining Iron Ore or by defeating other players in battle, players can acquire Forge Tokens. A total of 1 billion units of this ERC-20 token will be created. Forge Tokens will be gradually unlocked over the course of a rolling, six-month period that will last ten years. More information will be released soon.

IV. Team & Backers


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V. Roadmap


  • Mech token
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Mining & Mini-games


  • Land Sale
  • Breeding


  • Battle Arenas


  • Creation Tool


  • MechVerse

VI. Socials

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VII. Summary

With the idea that having fun comes first, is a Player Versus Environment (PVE) and Player Versus Player (PVP) game developed on the Ethereum network. The project’s main goal is for the community to create the most thrilling, rewarding, and financially successful NFT game available to gamers. The aim of is enabling users of our embedded tools to create enterprises in the metaverse. To aid other players, gamers will be able to purchase land, build shops, improve, and sell goods.

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