Safely Getting to Mars with SAFEMARS


Safely getting to Mars with SafeMars

“Everyone is aiming for the moon, this is simply not enough, what’s further than the moon? Mars!” (Ken – SafeMars CEO)

And when he mentioned “to Mars,” he meant to push the boundaries of the crypto world to succeed in the billion-dollar mainstream financial market.


Inspired by the “getting to Mars” concept, SafeMars helps you grow your crypto assets in an incredibly safe and simple way with their deflationary tokenomics & investor protection mechanisms.

After 4 months of launch since March 13th, SafeMars has achieved desirable success for a crypto project: At ATH, they have 480k+ investors with a peak market cap of $450m and a daily trading volume of $1.3m.

Recently, SafeMars’ moves have revealed a much larger ambition: to go beyond the boundaries of the cryptocurrency field to conquer the mainstream financial market.

The ambition to outreach the crypto world

SafeMars’ registration as a legal entity

In a recent announcement to the community, SafeMars representatives confirmed that it has officially registered to become a legal entity.

This is the first action to help them realize their goals of business expansion and capitalization growth.

First of all, as a legal entity, SafeMars has the legal status to register to be listed on the top-tier mainstream financial exchanges with a market capitalization of up to billions of dollars instead of only being listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. This position helps SafeMars access huge investment capital from the mainstream financial market.

In addition, SafeMars’ legal status allows them to expand their products and services into many business models and legally reach out to a vast number of customers/users.

SafeMars is a pioneering cryptocurrency project in legalizing its operations, and this move can potentially secure its investors’ safety. Currently, governments do not have regulatory frameworks for crypto & DeFi. That means that if there is any change in government policy, users/investors are vulnerable and unprotected. SafeMars’ legal status may partially protect users’ rights against these changes.

Building SafeMars brand in mainstream media

In addition to legal entity registration, SafeMars is actively promoting their own branding on mainstream media channels. Specifically, they are applying for an interview with Jane King broadcasting on Nasdaq Marketsite once the number of SafeMars holders reaches 500k. The Marketsite, which is located in the heart of New York’s Times Square, hosts interviews with some of the world’s most prestigious business leaders, political icons, and celebrities every day. Moreover, SafeMars is also planning for TV interviews and interviews on Bloomberg, Fox Business, Newsmax, RNN, & Kron.

SafeMars is playing big in branding and reaching the masses. In particular, advertising at the NASDAQ market site – the heart of Wall Street – the world’s No. 1 financial center, has the potential to become a media splash that brings the SafeMars brand “to Mars.”

SafeMars and its sister token, SafeEarth, is also sponsoring an upcoming event at Rave Culture 002 on Saturday, July 24th. Performers such as W&W will be performing a full online Live Streamed Digital Club Experience for all to experience! Check out all the information here

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SafeMars’ CEO – Ken, said in an AMA with LaunchZone: “We are a registered company and we are building hard to establish our brand SafeMars not just in crypto but outside of it too – along with it will come many new use cases. This is just the beginning!”

Successful marketing will lead to increases in SafeMars’ capitalization, token floor price and liquidity, which directly benefit the project’s loyal investors.

An integral ecosystem as the foundation

SafeMars’ deflationary tokenomics

SAFEMARS is SafeMars Ecosystem’s native token.


  • Token Name: SafeMars
  • Token Ticker: $SAFEMARS
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Spec: BEP-20
  • Initial Total Supply: (1 quadrillion)
  • Smart Contract Address: 0x3ad9594151886ce8538c1ff615efa2385a8c3a88

Token allocation

The total of 1 quadrillion SAFEMARS tokens are distributed as belows:

  • BlackHole Burn: 53.5%
  • Presale supply: 40.5%
  • Team wallet: 6%

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Simply hold, and you will get more

Although DeFi’s initiatives like Yield Farming and Staking have taken the space by storm, these concepts have one drawback, which is Impermanent loss (IL). Impermanent loss happens when there are dramatic changes in the underlying token price after you have “locked” your tokens. Even though you still get rewards, the token net worth will be much less than if you kept them in your wallet.

All transactions (buys/sells) under the SAFEMARS smart contract are subject to a 4% fee. 2% of this is immediately transferred to holders, without the need for farming. As others transact, the number of tokens in your wallet will continue to grow constantly. In this way, the impermanent loss is completely avoided, and you earn a reward for just owning SAFEMARS.

Furthermore, the SAFEMARS smart contract adds 1% of each transaction to the liquidity pool automatically. SAFEMARS token will have a higher price floor as the liquidity pool grows.

Long-term investors that trust in SafeMars’ success will profit from this mechanism. As the number of transactions on SafeMars grows, so do transaction fees and reward pools for holders.

Liquidity is locked forever

SafeMars values the safety of their investors’ funds above everything else. That’s why they took steps to ensure SAFEMARS is 100% safe and technically unrugable.

To make sure that the project is “unrugable,” SafeMars continuously “burn” these tokens, thereby locking liquidity forever.

Following the launch of SafeMars token on March 13th, 53.515% of the total supply of SAFEMARS was sent to the black hole address, permanently reducing the supply down to nearly 47%. The initial liquidity was locked forever. Check out the smart contract: Burned 53% of total supply

Moreover, as mentioned above, out of 4% transaction tax, 1% is automatically sent to the liquidity pool by the smart contract. The team gave up ownership of the LP tokens and locked them permanently. The burns are carried out regularly. They are entirely transparent as they are recorded on the blockchain. Check out the smart contract: Burned the LP tokens FOREVER 🔥

Currently, they have $12 million in liquidity, locked forever, and the number is increasing.

Generous pay-back to the community

SafeMars’ success depends on the community. Therefore, they have been exploring and finding new engaging ways of keeping holders happy. Since May 4th, they made a community lead decision to use 1% out of 4% tax for community developments through rewards & giveaways to holders.

Right after the successful community vote on changing tokenomics, SafeMars hosted a Tesla Model 3 giveaway program. In this program, any holder had the chance to win a Tesla Model 3 or $50,000 depending on their choice.

Besides that, SafeMars have been developing a staking Dapps where users stake to earn rewards. Not only will you get rewards for staking LP tokens, but you can also win some great prizes! Winners will be selected randomly by the Dapp, (by wallet), so there is no FUD, and everyone has an equal chance to win.

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It’s just the beginning of SafeMars, and they are already starting to come up with more use cases for SAFEMARS tokens by developing SafeMars’ DeFi ecosystem comprising several Dapps.

  • Mars Swap: SafeMars’ swap platform. Mars Swap is available on
  • Mars Pool: SafeMars’ liquidity pool platform. Mars Pool is available on
  • Staking Dapps: SafeMars’ staking Dapps allows users to stake to earn rewards in prizes. The Dapps will be available in July or August 2021.
  • SafeWallet: SafeMars’ wallet allows users to store their crypto assets.
  • NFTs and NFT farming: SafeMars are designing exclusive Safemars NFTs. Soon, SafeMars is in talks to partner with Degenr on NFT farming.

The SafeMars ecosystem will create demand for SAFEMARS tokens, and thus contribute to SAFEMARS price increase in the future. Furthermore, SafeMars has applied for their CertiK audit which will increase investors’ confidence when investing in their business.


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The majority (90%) of their previous 2 quarters have been achieved, which looks set to continue.

Since its inception four months ago SafeMars has been listed on 10 exchanges and 2 swaps; and they are also applying to be listed on many top-tier exchanges.

Originally, SafeMars didn’t have community governance. However, with a strong focus on the community interest, SafeMars later gave their users the right to vote on important decisions, such as the tokenomics change in May.

The contract audit is pending due to CertiK’s long backlog.


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There are 8 members in the SafeMars’ core team. In addition, they have various subgroups for marketing, social media, influencers management, Dapp development, and CEX listings. They are one big Martian Family!

Social channels

The SafeMars community is one big family with more than 60,000 members in the English-speaking telegram group. Community members are active, supportive and believe in the future of SafeMars.

You can join SafeMars’ community via the following social channels:

Final thoughts

Although SafeMars has reached impressive milestones in just 4 months, this is only the beginning of the journey toward their ultimate ambition. The most enormous rewards are still waiting for those who trust and accompany SafeMars in the long run.

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