Scammers have stolen $300k through fake Blur airdrop websites

Nhung ke lua dao da danh cap 300 nghin do la thong qua ca trang

Scammers continue to prey on NFT users seeking to receive airdrops for Blur ($BLUR) tokens through a variety of phony websites.

Despite being a relative newcomer to the NFT marketplace, the genuine Blur platform is already making headlines thanks to its rising user base and trade volume, which are directly attributable to its three-phase airdrop incentive program. In its second token airdrop program, which began on February 15, 10% of Blur’s total token supply was allocated to users based on their trading behavior.

Anybody who traded an NFT on Ethereum in the six months before to the debut of the platform in October 2022 was eligible for the first airdrop, which was retroactive and awarded tokens. Users who listed NFTs before to December 6 were eligible for the second airdrop; users who placed bids on the platform after the feature was live were eligible for the third airdrop.

The mechanics of the incentive program have led to a large number of people searching for BLUR tokens throughout the NFT ecosystem. This gave con artists the chance to spread false airdrop links to harmful websites. According to the Web3 browser security extension TrustCheck, since February 15th, money worth about $300,000 has been taken from 24 distinct phishing websites. Only a few of these websites are still active, and they caution visitors against connecting their wallets.

The websites make use of smart contracts, which trigger transactions automatically when users connect their Ether wallets. The amount of money taken so far has been tracked by TrustCheck thanks to the draining of all the ETH from the wallet to a particular address.

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