Shanghai Brings 20 Urban Locations into the Metaverse

Thuong Hai dua Metaverse den voi 20 diem Do Thi

Shanghai, China is moving swiftly to include the metaverse in its residents’ daily life.

A pilot project to transform 20 different metropolitan areas into “main metaverse application scenarios,” which would use digital technology in various ways, was recently unveiled by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization.

This technology will be used in a variety of societal sectors, such as commercial operations, education, branding, and entertainment. The city anticipates that doing this will enable residents to utilize these city facilities’ smarter services.

The Shanghai Skyscraper’s general manager, Guo Yifeng, indicated that they are hoping this new focus would assist the tower, which was recently rebuilt, draw in more tourists. He declared:

“We hope these new metaverse projects can enrich people’s visiting experience and make our online marketing more accessible and interesting.”

All of these initiatives are a part of a strategy that Shanghai unveiled back in July of last year, listing the various objectives the city will need to accomplish in order to become a $52 billion metaverse cluster by 2025. One of these goals is to incorporate digital elements into diverse activities and industries.

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