ShibaRocket – The new memecoin movement

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When we hear “memecoin”, we think about Dogecoin. But it is still a long way for Dogecoin to truly become a payment option or a store of value, and many set off in quest for Dogecoin’s successor – a memecoin with great visions and ambitious plans.


ShibaRocket as the new memecoin movement

Originally, a memecoin is a joke turned into a cryptocurrency and therefore retains its popularity through increasing public awareness.

Long-term and professional investors are looking for more: the future of joke coins is promising only if it comes with utilization, quality and sustainability. ShibaRocket is the latest project on Binance Smart Chain to redefine memecoins: have fun, make money, and make a difference!


Hop on: Shiba’s interplanetary journey has just begun

The ongoing list of space-themed movies, books, comics, etc. mirrors centuries of humans’ longing for worlds beyond ours and travelling to nearby stars. As the pioneers on Binance Smart Chain, Shiba and his gang are massively supported by the community to prepare for their journey through the galaxy. The combination of two major trends in the crypto space – memecoin and NFT – makes ShibaRocket one of the most tempting and grandiose schemes of all time.

No conventional crypto project immerses their users in the adventure by augmenting reality, until ShibaRocket. ShibaRocket is designed to serve as a gateway to real-life tales of astronomy and bring users the audiovisual experience of Shiba’s magnificent journey. The builders of Shiba recently kicked off this exceptional project and will soon release comics and minigames to engage users in the recreational activities. The tales about Shiba, his friends and why they decided to go in the universe will unfold in their comics, which will be ready for download as ebooks on the website. Meanwhile, users can participate in minigames to earn economic benefits (redeem points in the form of NFTs and get discounts in stores and outlets). Early investors and advocates can also expect to get their rewards in Q3 2021. 

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ShibaRocket comic draft
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One of the ShibaRocket minigames

Check out their cartoon here: Link to video

The ShibaRocket Augmented Reality DApp, which is the focus of this whole project, will be released in Q4 2021, together with its beta launch on Google Playstore. The team also plans to integrate SHIBAROCKET Wallet with the DApp for convenient storing of collectibles and other tokens.

ShibaRocket roadmap
ShibaRocket Roadmap

Driving values for the “fun” coin

ShibaRocket convinces crypto and memecoin skeptics and proves itself to be the next generation of DOGE and SHIBA by creating real use cases of SHIBAROCKET. 

SHIBAROCKET is the medium of exchange in ShibaRocket DApp. In-app purchases and other fees are paid in SHIBAROCKET, encouraging the acquisitions of the platform’s native token. Rare NFTs or NFTs that can’t be collected from minigames and missions can be traded for SHIBAROCKET. In short, SHIBAROCKET is a must-have for any player, guaranteeing a rise in the token’s demand.

According to the plan, ShibaRocket DApp V1 will be released around October and later implemented in the V2 Augmented Reality DApp that comes out in December. Launching two integral versions is a smart move of the team; that way early adopters don’t have to wait too long to play the game and/or see the financial gains from their investment.

Moreover, SHIBAROCKET holders have the right to participate in the decision-making process and determine the future of this project. To encourage users to exercise this right, ShibaRocket has decided to offer an airdrop to both old and new users. More information will be announced on their official channels.

As SHIBAROCKET is a BEP-20 token, the team commits to providing their user base with high-quality yet affordable transactions. Binance Smart Chain is well-known for empowering secure and economical activities, while offering sustainable adoption of blockchain technology. The utilization of such facets is equivalent to a lasting prosperity of SHIBAROCKET.

The idea behind the complementary SHIBAROCKET Wallet is a built-in feature for the DApp. Players don’t have to use a separate wallet to keep their collection and holdings secure, meaning less disturbance and faster payments/collections.


There are two types of tokens in the DApp: SHIBAROCKET as the utility and governance token and NFTs as collectibles. More information on the in-game collectibles will be released in the following weeks.

SHIBAROCKET is currently listed on:


Token Name: ShibaRocket

Token Ticker: $SHIBAROCKET

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Spec: BEP-20

Smart Contract Address: 0x782d8c5c0150bedc70d94fe6737763ede839f205


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Graphics by BARMY Xpress

Transaction fees

A 3% tax is levied on each SHIBAROCKET transaction to unlock more liquidity and remunerate loyal users. To be more specific, the transaction tax is divided into two portions:

  • 2% to add liquidity
  • 1% automatically distributed to SHIBAROCKET holders

Official channels

Make sure you don’t miss the latest updates from ShibaRocket and turn on notifications for their official channels: Website | Twitter | Telegram


ShibaRocket conveys the irresistible idea of a decentralized and integral AR app that spreads the knowledge of astronomy via interactive plot and gaming activities. Being the first augmented reality DApp, this powerful project can very well inspire experiential projects to explore this new realm. The innovation of ShibaRocket is making passive content consumers become active and simultaneously providing them a passive income stream.


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