ShopNEXT – Introducing Crypto to Billions of Shoppers Around the World

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Taking the first steps into the world of cryptocurrency can be quite daunting, but it is a necessary journey to make in a time when mass digitalization is taking place. ShopNEXT, a new project on blockchain-based on the ever-so-familiar concept of shopping, is taking the initiative to help people adapt to cryptocurrency.

About ShopNEXT

ShopNEXT is a Shop-To-Earn crypto onboarding platform supported by Binance Pay and Binance Smart Chain to help new crypto users with their blockchain adjustment process. By rewarding users free stablecoins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, USDT) when they shop at ShopNEXT’s partners, this project can facilitate the convenient and high profitability of transacting on blockchain as well as welcoming cryptocurrency mass adoption. In addition, for every shopping transaction, ShopNEXT also rewards users with extra NEXT tokens, the cryptocurrency issued by ShopNEXT, which users can sell on the decentralized and centralized exchanges to make even more money.

Cashback and cryptocurrency as the new spending trends

Everyone is very keen on the idea of passive income, hence the birth of the cash-back mechanism. Because honestly speaking, is there any person who does not like earning everyday rewards on things they’d be buying anyways? Cash-back programs debuted in 1986, and since then, they have become extremely omnipresent, and nearly every major card issuer now offers the feature on at least one of its products. This is an effective incentive for existing customers to continue using the products and for acquiring new clients or poaching them from a competitor.

Cryptocurrency is currently the trend in finance, and it would be a waste not to capitalize on the passive earnings of cryptocurrency and cashbacks. If done successfully, cashback blockchain projects can see members and purchases grow exponentially over time as they continue giving even more value back to the users. ShopNEXT aims to do just that and more by helping onboard novice crypto users and spreading mass adoption of blockchain.

ShopNEXT promotes Shop-to-earn and assists novice crypto users

Cryptocurrency has opened its door to billions of people around the world as users can set up their own wallet addresses without the need for a bank account. It is a powerful tool that has created endless opportunities, but much of the focus around cryptocurrency has been around speculative trading and recently, gaming. However, cashbacks through shopping might be the easiest and safest way to start earning cryptocurrency. It is an already common practice around the world, and nobody can go about their lives without making any sort of trade, so it might be the only practice that can include every person on the planet.

After or even before onboarding, crypto users need to have sufficient knowledge and exposure to the crypto ecosystems. ShopNEXT will make it possible through partnering with other top crypto projects to offer more services to users such as DeFi investment, NFT collecting, and even more, thus helping them get familiarized with what DeFi has to offer. The platform is also considering offering exclusive services for Reward Tier members to make our ecosystem even more attractive. Cryptocurrency is bound to gain more awareness and adoption in the coming years, and ShopNEXT can become one of the key players in the crypto onboarding field. By offering the easiest and safest onboarding process through super user-friendly mobile apps, ShopNEXT users can feel comfortable trading cryptocurrency and earn rewards in simple daily activities like booking taxis or hotels and such.

To facilitate the mission to bring millions of people onboard crypto, ShopNEXT decides to partner with Binance Smart Chain,a public blockchain that can possess the following characteristics: fast so that the transaction finality must be fast enough without any congestions, cheap so that micropayment transactions can happen and a big ecosystem so that our users can interact with many other projects smoothly.


NEXT token is the utility token of ShopNEXT and the heart of the whole ShopNEXT ecosystem. The more NEXT users own, the more cashback they get on shopping both online and offline. There are also many privilege services for NEXT holders including stake and savings will be released in the near future.


– Token name: ShopNEXT token

– Token ticker: $NEXT

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Use case:

– To make shopping payments and earn cashback

– Rewards

ShopNEXT has set up a model for users to easily understand how the first-ever Shop-to-earn token flow works. Essentially, here’s what’s going to happen: (1) Users who shop with ShopNEXT will earn 2 rewards: Cashback and NEXT. (2) For each $0.1 cashback earned, users will also receive 1 NEXT. (3) Users can stake enough NEXT in their wallet to become MOONers to earn 20% more cashback and x5 NEXT reward. (4) They can also use NEXT to participate in in-app activities.

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Token distribution:

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Final Thoughts

ShopNEXT is a platform for all, from crypto enthusiasts to hard-working people that are looking for ways to save their hard-earned money. This project can make shopping easier and more profitable, from an impromptu birthday gift to planning your next getaway, and it is striving to drive growth in the blockchain community.


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