Sorare partnered with English Premier League to create digital player cards based on Ethereum

Sorare hop tac voi Giai Ngoai hang Anh de phat hanh the cau thu 1

The English Premier League and blockchain-based fantasy sports company Sorare have agreed to use Sorare’s platform to issue digital player cards based on Ethereum.

In recent years, Sorare has developed an intriguing use case for Ethereum-based fantasy sports and digital card trading, enabling fans to print, collect, and exchange different player cards with other users on a number of nonfungible token (NFT) marketplaces.

The league and the corporation have been in talks for a while, according to a Sorare representative. In 2019, Sorare started to move within the Premier League network. On the Ethereum blockchain, Sorare creates digital cards for Premier League players. For years, the platform has utilized the ERC-721 token standard for its NFT player cards, which users can collect, trade, and use to participate in a free fantasy sports league.

The Premier League digital cards will initially be offered for sale on Sorare before becoming exchangeable on websites like OpenSea that support them. NFTs, such as digital trading cards and highlights from numerous sports, have recently gained popularity as collectors.

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