Tago – The World’s First Mental Metaverse

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I. Overview

Tago is a global Web3 mental health app with AI, NFT, Gamefi and Socialfi elements. Tago has 85.000+ users across 148 countries. Tago’s main business is connecting people in need of mental healthcare and spiritual assistance with its professionals and experts because it has the most users and the most spiritual/mental healthcare experts working on it. The 1:1 consulting sector is the core of Tago’s business.

The AI feature has been tightly integrated into Tago in order to enhance the range of spiritual and psychological counselling services. This system may be quickly scaled up over time with the goal of serving numerous consultation needs.

The app’s spiritual matching feature enables matching based on information users to submit, including horoscopes, anthropology, human resources numerology, and more. The core of Tagoverse, Tago, intends to develop into a spiritual social network that may successfully link individuals on a spiritual level.

II. Unique Selling Points

  • Transparency: On Tago’s Community, blockchain technology can increase transparency. Blockchain technology ensures that the information on user morale and expert reviews and ratings on Tago will become more public, meaning unfalsifiable. Blockchain technology will also be used to certify the competence of the Tago specialists. 
  • Independent Ecosystem: Tago can use blockchain technology to help with the automation in gamification. According to Tago, positive behaviour has a tendency to repeat itself when properly rewarded. With the aid of blockchain, Tago can create a unique token for its ecosystem that can be utilized as a suitable incentive for all users to support and contribute to Tago’s expansion.
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization: Tago was able to create a DAO with the use of blockchain technology. The Tago team has long wished to realize the DAO concept in its entirety. However, prior to this, the creation of such an organization was merely theoretical and did not have full technological support. Blockchain technology is now being used by Tago to empower its community.

III. Tokenomics


Talk To Earn is unable to grant Tago Tokens. Tago Token can now only be owned by investors.

Use Cases

  • Payment for products and services on the platform
  • Foundation to reward content and scholarship contributors
  • Charitable donations

Governance and Reward Pool

  • Stake Tago to receive administrative rights through proposals or a consensus vote on proposals.
  • Governance participation allows investors to receive rewards from the platform.
  • Staked Tago token will be temporarily locked to distinguish long-term users.

Token Distribution

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SOUL is Tago’s native token.

Use Cases

  • ​Newborn Soul​
  • ​Leveling up NFT TAGO SOUL (including Unlocking Slot)
  • ​Gems upgrade​
  • ​Tax and Fee
  • Increasing % Gem Upgrade
  • Opening Mystery Box​

IV. Team & Backers


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V. Roadmap

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VI. Socials

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VII. Summary

Tago has set its goal to create a super app by utilizing Blockchain technology to create the official web 3.0. With the most recent complicated technologies at its disposal, Tago is now capable of making the required decisions and empowering its community to collaborate in co-creation and co-decision, thereby creating the greatest mental health community in the world. Blockchain enables Tago to easily expand its worldwide scope.

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