Tank Battle – Build A Formidable Team of NFT Tanks and March into War

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Video gaming is now a multi-billion dollar industry and professional gamers can earn as much in a year as A-list celebrities. As the Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming concept spreads like wildfire thanks to the advent of blockchain, the average casual gamer can also have a chance to earn almost as much as those professional gamers. Tank Battle is one of the new NFT gaming projects following the P2E expansion that is taking center stage this December.

About Tank Battle

Tank Battle is a war-themed strategy NFT game on Binance Smart Chain that employs tactics in the formation of tank squads to fight and win. The game requires players to be great tank strategists, compete against others to gain valuable resources, and upgrade their line-up to form a formidable squad to conquer the Tank Battle worlds and territories.

A game that heightens tactical thinking ability, immersive surroundings, and interaction with others

Strategy games are intellectually stimulating and more of a training exercise for the brains and pump players with a healthy dose of adrenalin every time their army conquers the enemies. Players must first understand the tank’s characteristics to form an eligible squad. Tank Battle encourages players to develop a deep understanding of the game and its components instead of investing and not having a tactical mindset. The graphics in Tank Battle are really vibrant with fun colors and excellent fluidity in motion, which further accentuates the gameplay attractiveness.

Tank Battles has the following types of tanks: Heavy Tanks, Medium Tanks, Light Tanks, Tank Destroyers, Self-propelled Guns, Support Tankers. Each tank has unique strengths and weaknesses with billions of possible combinations. However, due to the diversity of characteristics and the difference of the tanks classes, players must devise an effective strategy to arrange their squad to defeat the opponent’s squad. This is the intriguing aspect of the game: owning a large number of high rarity tanks does not guarantee a win to the war if you cannot put together the right squad to counter your opponent. It’s anybody’s game.

Leveraging NFT and gaming to maximize players’ income

Every in-game asset is an NFT that players can trade for real money in the Marketplace. There are four game modes that offer chances to earn in-game tokens, which are PVE, PVP, Alliance War, and Tournaments.

Players can rent a tank to experience different tanks or squads to complete PVE missions, or compete in PVP rank tournaments without spending a lot of money and effort building and upgrading new tanks. After the rental period expires, the tanks will be returned to the original state of when the owner lists the property on the marketplace. The tank that the tenant receives is not NFT and will be kept in the marketplace’s smart contract, hidden from the marketplace, ensuring the owner’s property’s safety.

Most blockchain games charge in-game gas fees that eat up a big chunk of players’ wallets, affecting the gaming experience and the in-game economic system. Tank Battle has optimized in-game server actions to let players experience full features without paying any gas fees during gameplay. The only fee is a small gas fee to confirm the transaction when minting NFT, selling items on the marketplace, and claiming the reward.

Tank Battle aims for a balance between players’ experience and anti-inflation by creating a high-competition in-game ecosystem that improves the gaming experience. With only a small initial investment, players can comfortably play and earn to help grow the in-game market to the maximum.

“Gold” is the main currency used to gain access to game features and is essential in building a more powerful squad and earning more exciting rewards in battles. Gold can be earned by playing games and used directly in the game, which helps players reduce gas fees when performing transactions in the game rather than having to process on the blockchain. If a player receives Gold as a reward for in-game activities, they are incentivized to lock the rewards to ensure a healthy game economy and contribute more $TBL as a long-term investment. Other methods to maximize earnings include NFTs Quantity Controlling and token burning.


TBL token is the governance token of Tank Battle.


– Token name: Tank Battle

– Token ticker: $TBL

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $TBL

Use case:

– Staking: Holders can stake $TBL with APY level determined based on TVL and current $TBL price.

– Farming: Investors can participate in providing liquidity in currency pairs including $TBL/BUSD, $TBL/BNB to receive LP Token

– Marketplace trading: $TBL is used for making purchases, sales, and rentals of NFTs on Marketplace. $TBL is used for buying limited NFTs through periodic sales, 100% of the collected $TBL will be burned.

Token distribution:

Article Tank Battle Token

Team Members

GOSU Corp is a leading game studio in VietNam with many well-received game products. They are young and ambitious with an expectation to build a great impression on social media about online games.

Article Tank Battle Team


Tank Battle has been audited by Verichains and is launching the official IDO in December.

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Investors and Partners

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Final Thoughts

Tank Battle is an innovative strategy game with a novel play-to-earn model that acts as the guiding light for the project. Hopefully, the game can witness massive participation after its IDO in December and have the potential to outdo all of its predecessors and take the blockchain gaming industry by storm.


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