Telegram AMA Recap: CardEx

Cardex Tele AMA Recap

Basic information

Time: 2PM UTC | Oct 24th

Project name: CardEx

Host: Otis from Blockchain Army

Guest speakers: Mcgoon (@MCGOONROON)

Main content:

Segment 1: Introduction

Segment 2: Twitter’s questions

Segment 3: Live Q&A


Otis: We will start this AMA session with the representative of a great name CardEx in a few minutes. Hope everyone will take a moment to monitor and evaluate the investment opportunity. You must follow the following channels in order to participate in AMA:

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Let me introduce our guest today: @MCGOONROON from CardEx. Are you excited today? 😊

@MCGOONROON: Hello everyone!!

Otis: Before we start, I will tell you the rules of today’s AMA. We will have a total of 15 questions which are divided into 3 separate segments:

🔸Segment 1: Introduction (5 question)

🔸Segment 2: Twitter questions (5 questions)

🔸Segment 3: Live Q&A (5 questions)

Please send a sticker or ‘Done ✅’ every time you finish your answer. Have you got it?

@MCGOONROON: Fantastic, ive got it

Otis: So, we are ready on the move!!!

Segment 1: Introduction (5 questions)

1. Could you please introduce a little bit about yourself and CardEx?

@MCGOONROON: Well, my name is Christopher Rooney, I came up with the idea for Cardex through my love of trading cards and crypto. Cardex is looking to create a shared collection of trading cards that will work similar to a mutual fund. Cardex will take a small transaction fee and BUY PHYSICAL “investment grade” trading cards.

I am not sure how well versed everyone is on trading cards. But they are quickly becoming one of the most attractive alternative investments. And I wanted to find a way to merge trading cards and the crypto world to make getting in on trading cards easier. The everyday person cannot invest in the huge high dollar cards, but through a vessel like Cardex they will be able to.

About myself and trading cards, I have been buying and selling cards for over 15 years. I understand the market as well as anyone. Truthfully I think my love for trading cards spurred my love for crypto and stocks because they really draw a lot of parallels.

Otis: Wow, I have to admit that was such an impressive introduction you got 😁

@MCGOONROON: Thank you!

Otis: The sector you are doing is quite new and its seem interesting 💪🏻

Let’s move to next question

@MCGOONROON: let’s do it, i’m ready

2. I believe that strategic partners and backers is a key CRITERIA which investors look at a project to decide whether or not they will invest in. And could you tell me about your team members and what their specific roles are in CardEx?

@MCGOONROON: Well, we were developed by They did all the back end work. Along with introducing us to people to help with front end work.

We have George, @mrbutler20 who has done an absolutely bang up job, he is the head of marketing. I don’t know if the man sleeps but I can message him during all hours of the day and he will answer somehow.

And Myself, my main role will be picking what cards to buy, asset allocation, things like that. Cardex is my baby, I love it more than anything. I have great plans for it, I call it the three headed dragon. We will create the collection of cards, release NFTs inspired by the cards we buy, then we will create a decentralized marketplace for people to buy and sell physical cards.

Presale starts tonight at 0100 utc and pending a successful presale we plan to bring on At Least three new team members.

Otis: Coool, I believe that with such a passionate team, CardEx would be able to go further and further😊

3. What is the most unique feature of CardEx as compared to other trading platforms currently? And could you describe CardEx’s tokenomics?

@MCGOONROON: The most unique feature is that WE ARE BUYING AN ASSET! We are creating a collection of trading cards that we all share proportional ownership of!!

The cards are backing the token! So we can have a situation if we grow steadily where our portfolio of cards is higher than the market cap of Cardex!

As for tokenomics we have only 100,000 tokens outstanding. A 5% transaction fee.

For the presale tonight we have:

  • 30% of tokens releasing in presale at 55% liquidity
  • We will have 15% team tokens. And the rest will go to the public after presale and liquidity.

Otis: Wow, that is really detailed, and with a bunch of advantages, investors will be impressive by how great CardEx is doing as well 💪

Let’s go through the next question.

4. Marketing is always seen as a big problem in every project. So what is your plan to implement your marketing strategy to make CardEx become more and more popular?

@MCGOONROON: Well this is where Cardex can really separate itself from a lot of other utility tokens.

There are the obvious coin ads we can run on certain websites, along with CMS and things like that. Which WE WILL DO! but the great thing about Cardex is that we will be buying a physical object that we can promote!

For example,

Let’s say we buy a 1st edition Base set Charizard for our shared collection. We then will post it all over social media. Put it on Tik tok, make a YouTube video, and Instagram. Blast it everywhere!! And I’m not sure if you’re aware anytime one of these big cards is posted it always gets a lot of attention! And that will draw interest from the trading card community! And the best part is that we will be buying Pokémon cards, baseball cards, basketball cards! We will be very diverse so it will reach a huge audience!!

The cards will be able to market themselves, after we have a decent size collection we will have a built in community for releasing NFTs! And I have A LOT of great ideas for our NFTs

Otis: Welldone you guys, I’d love this strategy you’ve shown.

There is just 1 question left for segment 1

@MCGOONROON: sounds good

5. We are curious about how CardEx will expand the user’s community?

@MCGOONROON: Our plan for expanding our community is simple. Stay transparent, buy good cards, promote the cards, and continue getting better. And a MAJOR key to our success will be through being very very active on social media. Buying cards is built in advertising, hitting the core demographic that will give this project legs.

We have a marketing plan for sending trading card influencers SEALED packs of their respective hobby. So let’s say we are working with a Pokémon card youtuber. We can send them an UNOPENED base set pack to have them open on their channel. This will do wonders to bring people who love trading cards.

We can also do community breaks where we can buy a highly sought after pack and open it on live stream and GIVE the cards away to a random token holder.

We want to make it so that token holders receive so many benefits that every person who love trading cards has to own Cardex.

Also for community post presale we will be TOTALLY revamping the website. Creating a nice platform to display all the cards WE own.

Otis: Amazing, imagine how huge your community will reach.

Let’s go right to segment 2.


Segment 2: Twitter questions (5 questions)

Otis: We’ve already picked 05 interesting questions from our tweet of CardEx

6. Collaborations and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Could you please tell us about the current partners, plans for partnerships and what everybody stands to gain from these partnerships?

@MCGOONROON: Collaborations will be absolutely imperative to our success. I’m the card guy, my specialty is Pokémon cards and baseball cards. We plan to bring on 3 more trading card specialists. One for basketball cards, football cards, and magic cards. All three people we will bring on will be thoroughly vetted, and we’ll be respected in their community. They will all be “influencers” in their respective specialty but above all their knowledge is more important than their follower count. (Although that counts too lol)

Like I said before about sending YouTube unopened back to open up on their channels. We have plenty of ways to collaborate with people in the trading card sector. That won’t be a problem. These partners will bring legitimacy, once they realize how serious we are about this project they will want to join our team. But we need a successful presale to have some leverage to land the big fish. And when we do it’ll move mountains.

Otis: Sounds fascinating

7. Any project’s community is a valuable resource. How will you convince us that the initiative you’re proposing is long-term? Do you have the funding and a solid team in place to continue developing this project?

@MCGOONROON: Anyone who has been in our community long enough will know how much passion I have for this project. I wouldn’t have doxxed myself if I didn’t plan on it being long term. We have an anti rug pull provision in place for our presale tonight on pink sale. This is a long term project. My goal is to be not only the largest buyer of trading cards on the planet, but also the biggest seller of high dollar cards. We have a solid team and plan to add more. Like we won’t have to spend as much on marketing because of the cards we are buying. But that doesn’t mean we won’t spend. I really, truly believe in the legs of this project, and if people get behind us and join the community we really can make a huge difference in the trading card industry. Which is a 25 billion dollar industry by the way.

8. My question is what measures did your team take to attract more investors and Diamond Hands to hold NFTs cards ? Are there any weekly or monthly based Programs conducting to attract more investors to CardEx?

@MCGOONROON: Well, we are not making NFT cards. We are buying REAL physical trading cards. The trading cards will be backing the token itself. With every transaction made we will use that money to buy physical trading cards.

Just for quick reference of how expensive some trading cards are here is a link:

And when we buy a trading card we will create NFTs that are inspired by that trading card, without any infringement. They will be like a keepsake connecting you to the card. We will create three varieties. If you are interested in knowing what I have planned I will answer more thoroughly in our telegram. I promise you will like it.

But any money the NFTs bring will be used to MARKET AND BUY MORE PHYSICAL TRADING CARDS!

That’s why we only have 100,000 tokens because we are looking for people who want to hold and be a part of our community. We would rather 10,000 holders who buy our NFTs and love them rather than people who just swing sell.

Yes, every one to three weeks we will be buying a new PHYSICAL trading card, then we will release the three different NFT variations. We will have tons of benefits for CX holders and when we get farther down the line benefits will include access to buying real trading cards at discounted prices.

As for what we have done, all of our marketing has been organic, this is not an overnight operation, we have been working on this since last spring.

Otis: I understand that unique feature you brought to us 👌

9. First of all ,getting enough funds is a primary goal for the construction of a project. Is your team economically capable of running this project? Do you have enough funding to develop it ? Can you tell us how the profit is generated ?

@MCGOONROON: Well, the construction of the process after this mainly consists of making NFT platform, which I will fund personally. After that the price of the cards we buy will be dictated by the amount of money from the 5% tax, of course the cards will be smaller in the beginning, but that’s the ground floor that we are starting. In the beginning we need to prove the concept that we are continually buying more cards. Progressively if we do everything right everything will compound and there will be a snowball effect. Where the more cards we buy, the more people see, then buy our token, which will allow us to buy more expensive cards. In turn we build a stronger community and sell more NFTs which will allow us to buy larger cards.

TLDR we just have to fund the NFT infrastructure. And if we have a successful presale I will happily get started immediately.

And as for profit? Profit for who? myself? The purpose is to create an easy way for people to get some skin in the game of trading cards. The market is booming and there is no easy way for people to have ownership of these big cards. We have a 5% fee on transactions and we will sell NFTs, this is what will fund the buying of cards. So the more eyes we can reach the better cards we will be able to buy.

Otis: I believe the answer will meet their needs 😃

And the last question of this segment.

10. Could you share the ideas when developing CardEx? What makes you use blockchain technology to do those ideas? In next 6 months, what plans do you have for your product and community?

@MCGOONROON: The idea behind Cardex came from trying to back a crypto by a physical asset. A lot of anti crypto people always say “ it isn’t backed by anything” so I thought to myself what can buy with a token that has a transaction fee.

I wanted something that would be able to appreciate but also be an alternative investment. And BOOM! Trading cards. They have been one of my passions for a majority of my life and I just felt like it meshed perfectly for a couple reasons.

Trading cards are making a comeback, now is the time to start.

The problem is when people start to invest in trading cards there is a huge learning curve!! People always look in the wrong direction.

Another problem with trading cards. The holy grail cards that everyone wants are far too expensive for everyday collectors/ investors to buy. And there are no “mutual funds” for people to get a diversified exposure. So I decided to create something as similar as can be.

Block chain worked perfectly for the idea because one of the biggest issues in trading cards is legitimacy. People don’t know what people actually paid for it, and when we create the marketplace we will alleviate all those issues.

But the crypto space just worked perfectly for what we are trying to create.

In 6 months I would like to have at least 10 cards in our shared portfolio and a successful NFT platform. We need people to trust us for this to work. But if you give me a chance I will earn it.

Along with some major sponsorships and major influence on YouTube and tiktok. Have three to four major trading card partners. Along with working on brand deals with trading card manufacturers, but that may be a little further down the line

Otis: Yah, so this is the end of segment 3. Those were such detailed answers.

Let’s move to the last segment – The most exciting one.

Segment 3: Live Q&A (5 questions)

1. Your project is not only interesting but also important, but it needs a large user traffic to be sustainable over time. What marketing strategies do you have planned to increase the validity of your brand? Are you planning a strategic partnership to level up your project?

@MCGOONROON: I literally couldn’t agree more. But originally we planned to have a lot more tokens to work mainly on the 5% volume, and decided that wouldn’t be wise. That’s why we ended up going with the 100,000 tokens and using NFT sales as another way to get the money to buy cards. CONTINUED.

Well, we have a three pronged marketing approach. We plan to use the typical crypto marketing @mrbutler20 is In charge of. Things like website ads and CMS ect. stuff like that.

Next is ourselves. We have a YouTube channel, we will post highly edited videos every time we buy a card. And in that video basically explaining how Cardex works. Same for tiktok. And I don’t think you all understand how successful videos with these thousand + dollar cards are. People love looking at rare cards. Just imagine how they will feel when we tell them they can have ownership of it!!

Next we will be using trading card influencers, whether it be giving them team tokens to be an ambassador or just sending them cards or unopened packs. AND THAT WILL GET US STRAIGHT TO OUR TARGET AUDIENCE.

We are also open to adding new things also, that’s just a formula we think will work.

2. Do you have an ambassador program in your project?

@MCGOONROON: Not yet but will 100% be a part of our plan going forward.

3. Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?

@MCGOONROON: Yes we are audited. Check this CardEx Audit Contract.

4. Is your project only for elite investors, what about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

@MCGOONROON: Our project is open to everyone. Only .06 minimum bnb requirement.

5. Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

@MCGOONROON: Absolutely!! If you check our telegrams pinned messages you will see they had a huge influence every step of the way. Although when it comes to buying cards I may give options that fit our needs rather than just a blank space.

Well, I’ve done with 5 best questions

Otis: Congratulations on successfully completing the hardest and hottest part of each AMA session, which is interacting with investors and the questions they want to know.

Hope our community satisfied with all of your shares

@MCGOONROON: Hope you guys continue to support and accompany us in the future.

Otis: So this is the end of our AMA today 😊

Thank you for joining us, it is our pleasure to have you here today.


Up to now, CardEx has had an outstanding strategy with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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