Telegram AMA Recap: Infinite Launch

Infinite Launch Tele AMA Recap

Basic information

Time: 1PM UTC | Oct 30th

Project name: Infinite Launch

Host: Otis from Blockchain Army

Guest speakers:

Mylo (@mylovo90) | Partnership Manager

Henry (@nguyenvan0503) | Partnership Manager

Main content:

Segment 1: Introduction

Segment 2: Twitter’s questions

Segment 3: Live Q&A


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Hello you guys, I’m Otis from #BARMY. I’m here to be a companion with all of you through this AMA today.

Welcome to our guests @mylovo90 and @nguyenvan0503 from Infinite Launch. Are you excited today? 😊

@nguyenvan0503: Can’t wait to share with everyone about what we are building 🥳

@mylovo90: Hello there! I’m really excited to be here today!

Otis: I’m already excited 😊

Before we start, I will tell you the rules of today’s AMA. We will have a total of 16 questions which are divided into 3 separate segments:

🔸Segment 1: General questions (5 question)

🔸Segment 2: Twitter questions (5 questions)

🔸Segment 3: Live Q&A (5 questions)

Please send a sticker or ‘Done ✅’ every time you finish your answer. Have you got it?

@nguyenvan0503: Yup, loud and clear.

@mylovo90: Sure do ! Let’s roll now

Otis: So, we are ready on the move 👌

Segment 1: General questions (5 question)

1. Could you please introduce a little bit about yourself and Infinite Launch?

@nguyenvan0503: I’m Henry from Infinite Launch. I have been in the crypto space since 2017 with my initial project at Incognito Chain as growth lead.

I’m now in charge of partnerships at Infinite Launch to help the project establish great relationships with big partners in space.

Excited to be here today sharing about what we are building at Infinite Launch.

Over to @mylovo90

@mylovo90: I’m Mylo and currently I’m the Partnership manager of Infinite Launch with over 6 years of experience in the entertainment industry and also a true crypto enthusiast and passionate entrepreneur.

@nguyenvan0503: Infinite Launch is a launchpad combined with NFT Platform, providing quality projects including Defi and Gamefi, some key features of Infinite Launch can be mentioned as:

  • Tier System helps holders get different benefits such as early access to good projects launched on Infinite Launch or free NFT airdrop
  • Farm and Staking receive token and NFTs for Holders
  • Join Gamefi games or NFT project directly developed by Infinite launch’s team in the future
  • Trading NFTs on our NFT Marketplace
  • We give more use cases to our NFTs, making it more than just a JPEG.

Otis: Wow, I have to admit that introduction is so impressive. Both of you guys have many years in this fast-changing sector. Such a strong base 😲

And I believe that Infinite Launch will be a interesting project to invest in

Let’s move right to next question

2. Strategic partner and backers is a key CRITERIA which investors look at a project to decide whether or not they will invest in. Could you tell me about your team members and what are their specific roles in Infinite Launch?

@mylovo90: Our project covers a variety of products, therefore the team is not particularly small. Our team is divided into 2 main departments:

  • Dev & Chain: 7 members, who have been spending their recent years building DeFi products, from diverse backgrounds. As the project progresses, team expansion is a MUST, to make sure we can keep up with the usage and ensure the best users’ experience.
  • Growth team: 7 members, including 1 growth lead & 1 marketing team. We allocated 4 members to take care of the community & partnership, cause members & partners are the heart of our operation.

@nguyenvan0503: To add on:

– Our Founder/CEO is David Nguyen, who has 12 years of experience in software development & 8 years in Blockchain Engineering. He has successfully built Incognito Privacy Blockchain from scratch to a privacy network with the most validators all around the world.

You can check our team profile on website of Infinite Launch:

Otis: Sounds amazing, you got a solid team on your back. They must be supportive.

I believe that with such an experienced team, Infinite Launch would be able to go further and further😊

@nguyenvan0503: FYI

This is also built by David.

Just a fun fact that everyone might be interested in.

Let’s move on to the next question.

3. What is the most unique feature of Infinite Launch as compared to other famous projects currently? And could you describe Infinite Launch’s tokenomics?

@nguyenvan0503: Infinite Launch is different from the very design of the model.

A majority of launchpads on the market relies mostly on the source of upcoming new projects. If there’s a shortage of new projects or a decline in projects’ quality, it’s going to severely affect the token price since there’s no longer reasons for community members to hold tokens, which will lead to a sharp decrease in price.

To minimize such risks to the project, we integrate NFT Marketplace into the ecosystem.

Therefore, Infinite Launch’s revenue is not dependent on the project. There is also revenue from trading NFT. Owning Infinite Launch’s NFT will receive benefits such as:

  • Get early access to projects IDO on Infinite Launch
  • Bonus %APR when staked $ILA token on IFL platform
  • NFT/artwork airdrop
  • Exclusive tokens airdrop

About artists on Infinite launch, now we not only approach famous artists but also some non-NFT famous artists who haven’t known about NFT before, this strategy will make our NFT marketplace become more diverse and can attract both crypto & non-crypto users.

Besides, there’s also a big NFT event ( for our community members.

Tomorrow, we will launch our first NFTs collection – Bony Bastards on Halloween. Being a part of the Bony Bastards can offer you the following benefits:

  • Get early access to 3 upcoming projects IDO in November on our platform
  • Bonus %APR when staked $ILA token on Infinite Launch
  • Holders of Bony will get free tokens & merchandise airdrop from our partners and our treasury funds

@mylovo90 will share about the tokenomics.

@mylovo90: Thanks Henry ! Now let me share with you about Infinite Launch’s tokenomics

There are important information relating to our tokenomics:

  • Total supply: 1B $ILA
  • Circulating supply when listing: 38,000,000
  • Initial market cap : $547,500
  • Private sale price: $0.010$
  • Listing price: $0.015
  • Team: 6 month full locked, then 5% monthly.

For more information about tokenomics. Click here:

word image 1

Otis: Can’t wait for those events from you guys!!!

Note those important information, our community.

The next question is

4. Marketing is always seen as a big problem in every project. So what is your plan to implement your marketing strategy to make Infinite Launch become more and more popular?

@nguyenvan0503: I agree with you that marketing is one of the factors to develop a project. Therefore, our team do so many things to make our communities more bigger:

  • We approach potential investors from major crypto markets in the world such as Turkey, China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, India, Vietnam
  • Every week, Infinite will organize awarding activities such as AMA, QUIZ, MINIGAME and some other activities so that users can update information and Infinite groups are always active.
  • We have established partnerships with renowned ventures and communities all around the world. The big names we can share are OIG, DCI, AVSTAR, X21, Panda, Kangaroo, Basics, Phoenix and many KOLs & big communities . These partnerships not only help us ensure the project’s financial stability but also raise awareness and gain trust among the community thanks to the valuable support of VCs in terms of marketing and communications
  • We cooperate with 3 trending quality game-fi projects which will be listed on Infinite Launch that makes Infinite Launch become viral. There are Farmers World, Wasted Land, and Champ Force. Remember to join Infinite Launch’s telegram to update details

We believe launchpads have the advantage at its core as a grow-hacking platform, attracting community members from other projects. That is why we are confident about our future growth, especially when we have awesome projects onboard.

Otis: Welldone you guys, I’d love this strategy you’ve shown.

And there is only 1 question of this segment

5. We are also curious about how you will expand your user’s community?

@nguyenvan0503: As I briefly shared above, it’s about the growth-hacking mechanism that launchpads have.

  • Projects launching on our platform will direct their users to join our community in order to participate in IDOs.
  • Artists launching their NFTs will also drag their fan community over to Infinite Launch to support their favorite artists.

=> The above activities will eventually lead to the expansion of Infinite Launch.

Therefore, we will focus on onboarding more quality projects, trusted partners, combined with marketing events to amplify our growth.

Otis: Amazing, imagine how huge your community will reach.

And this is the end of segment 1

Let’s go right to segment 2 to see what they say on Twitter.

@nguyenvan0503: Let’s go!

Looking forward to the first question on Twitter

Segment 2: Twitter questions (5 questions)

6. It is known that each NFT card has its value for authenticity, but in addition to that, will there be ratings of limited edition cards and other less attractive cards?

@mylovo90: So we have teamed up with various renowned artists from around the world to come up with each NFT collection. Hence, each NFT owner can ensure that their NFT cards will be unique and distinguishable from each other, which enables the owner to hold a valuable NFT.

Of course, there will be some NFTs which are rarer than others due to:

  • Allocation rate of different traits in each collection
  • Special NFTs which we partnered with famous artists to use for giveaway events or giveaways for Platinum tier.

However, you can be sure that when owning any NFT from our platform, you will receive exclusive benefits from Infinite Launch. 😉

Otis: In my opinion, in a sector that updating every second, you guys must have a solution for that 😊

And the next question

7. Infinite Launch is one of the first capital and NFT launchpads to deliver both game-fi and IDO experiences. So do we need to be KYC’d to participate in any IDOs launch here at Infinite Launch? Can you mention the other important requirements?

@nguyenvan0503: For protecting users’ investments, we require users for KYC and expect to deliver this feature this month. However, in the meantime, you still can join to buy IDO of upcoming projects via Infinite Launch by: owning NFTs launched via our platform.

We will launch our 1st collection named Bony Bastards on 31 Oct. Buying this NFT will give you priority to participate in IDO of potential projects on Infinite Launch, which are The Farmer World, The Wasted Lands, Champ Force.

You can visit our website to find out more:

Otis: That’s cool!

For the next question

8. You organized an AMA session very rewarding and received a lot of questions related to utilities and technology, future vision, etc. So now I want to ask: what do you want to receive from the community?

@nguyenvan0503: The ultimate purpose is that we organize AMAs and answer everyone’s questions across topics and departments, and give crypto communities a clear picture of what we are building, our vision, our roadmap, our team.

And who believe in our project, will become community members and investors, high quality ones. We want those people to join our project, people who believe and share the same vision as ours.

Otis: I believe your try is worth the value 😊

And the next question

9. Most of the current launchpads are based on a lottery system to decide who can participate in IDOs. This leaves room for bots to abuse the system and hold a large portion of allocations. What tactical measures will InfiniteLaunch introduce to ensure fairness and prevent bots attack?

@mylovo90: At Infinite Launch, alongside with a lottery system for IDOs, there are many ways to join IDO of potential projects such as:

Buying unique NFTs drawn by famous artists on Infinite launch at a reasonable price means that you own a priority ticket to participate in the whitelist of projects on IFL. This event will be announced specifically on telegram. Please join the group for the latest information.

Regularly participate in group activities to have slots on the whitelist such as Q&As, quizzes, minigames, community management support,…

Our system has a KYC and whitelist system as well as some private mechanisms to prevent bots. Each user needs to meet several requirements to be eligible and can participate in the pool sale on Infinite Launch.

Otis: That would satisfied the one who asked

And we’ve made it to the last Twitter question

10. I would love to stake $ILA, how does Staking work, what’s the minimum amount of $ILA I need to stake, the prospective annual returns and any more information I need to know?

@nguyenvan0503: Our platform will offer both single asset staking and pair assets staking. There are 3 ways to stake:

  • Stake $ILA, $BNB to earn $ILA.
  • Stake NFT to earn $ILA
  • Stake others to ear $ILA

Moreover, staking also helps upgrade your tier on Infinite Launch, you can see more in the attached picture

word image

For currencies deployed in Staking and Farming pools, we will use $ILA, $BNB and other trending tokens.

Remember follow us.More info will be announced soon.

▶️Twitter :

▶️ Youtube:

▶️ Telegram:

▶️ Discord:

@mylovo90: Really informative 🚀

That’s all questions from Twitter

Let’s move to the most interesting part of today AMA

Segment 3: Live Q&A (5 questions)

1. NFTs are hot trending now. Do you have a play to have NFTs in your platform? If so, can you tell us the plans of your project in NFTs?

@nguyenvan0503: NFT is one of our key focuses and our NFT marketplace is going live in 7 days.

Our NFTs are different from other NFTs on the market because:

– It has real utilities: giving owners tickets to join IDOs of amazing projects on our platform

– Amazing artwork collections created by great artists all around the world.

For more information about NFT collection, visit here:

2. Why did you choose BSC for your project? Is there any plan to add more blockchains in the future??

@nguyenvan0503: Well, we choose BSC because it’s the network that can tap into the majority of people out there, with the following reasons:

  • Low gas fee
  • Fast transaction time
  • Compatibility with popular crypto wallets, such as Trust Wallet and MetaMask so that we easy approach majority of users

In Q4 2021 we will integrate more blockchain networks including Polkadot, Matic, Solana và Avax. Therefore, we can approach more investors and potential projects to keep them updated with the latest trends and also help Infinite launch grow-hack the community.

3. From where you get your project name? What is the main motivation behind your project? Do you have any stories to share?

@nguyenvan0503: Infinite possibilities, we do everything with a can-do attitude so that is why it’s become our inspiration for the idea of Infinite Launch.

We aim to offer a platform to connect amazing & disruptive ideas to top-notch quality investors.

4. As a launchpad platform does Infinite Launch have any concern about rug/scam possibilities? How does Infinite Launch minimize the possibility of a scam/rugpull project?

@nguyenvan0503: We take investors’ hard earned money seriously.

Therefore we have many factors we use to onboard projects, 2 of which we believe are more important:

  • If the team has a solid team behind, with transparent background & searchable on social network
  • If the team has a real working product behind, or just some vague plan far into the future.

If they satisfy either of the above, they are good to go. As for other factors such as tokenomics, roadmap, we can advise & support to make sure they are solid before listing on Infinite Launch

5. Can you share some Details about Recent Major Achievements done by your project? Also, what are the Future Roadmap & Targets of your project?

@mylovo90: Up until now, we have achieved so much along the way, we proudly say that all of our milestones have been conquered much faster than the expectation, even more than what listed on our roadmap. That was because of the team’s hard work and of course, the love and support of our community as well.

As we mentioned above, we’re going to list our project in DEX exchanges around the third week of November. For that reason, we’re now doing our best to push our marketing intensively in this time period. There’s no doubt that our very first NFT project – Bony Bastard – will be a giant BOMB on 31st and the success of Infinite Launch IDO is completely ensured.

About KYC functions, our team is working as hard as they can to make sure that we can deliver it this month. Which means 3 months earlier compared to our roadmap.

And yeah along with the newest version of our website, all the information included in the roadmap will be updated as well.

word image 1

@nguyenvan0503: To add on a bit, we have achievements across tech, to community growth & partnerships.


  • Launchpad: We have a functional platform working on BSC & ERC20, with its system fully functional. Multichain integration will go live in December.
  • NFT marketplace: Ready, going live in 7 days.


  • 3 huge gaming & NFT projects are landing on Infinite soon, one of the 3 has already sold over $2 millions NFT for their game and their IDO is coming in November. They are Farmers World, Champ Force, Wasted Land,…and some projects whose names are un-disclosable at the moment due to the embargo we signed.
  • We also partnered with a few huge artists who are dropping their NFT soon on Infinite Launch, which certain exclusive members will have early access to.
  • Onboard top VCs to support the project.

Community Growth: more than 50,000 community members.

Otis: Wow, you guys put all your enthusiasm in each answer. Respect that!

Congratulations on successfully completing the hardest part of each AMA session, which is interacting with investors and the questions they want to know.

Do you have the last word with our community?

@mylovo90: Hope we could answer most of your concerns ! And again, thanks for having us today, it was amazing!

@nguyenvan0503: We are finalizing all the last pieces needed to launch Bony Bastards tomorrow. Very excited to get these things into the world!

It’s a Halloween NFT collection we are dropping tomorrow as a ticket to join our top projects IDO in November.

You will not want to miss this opportunity.

For more information, visit our NFT site at

Otis: Yah, can’t wait for that

This is the end of our AMA today. 😊

Thank you all ❤️


Up to now, Infinite Launch has had an outstanding strategy with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

Disclaimers: Writers’ opinions are solely their own, and do not constitute any financial advice, investment advice, or trading advice.

BSC Army strongly recommends that you do your own research, and seek professional advice from a financial advisor where appropriate.