Telegram AMA Recap: Trava Finance

Recap Ama Trava

Basic information

Time: August 30th, 2021 at 10:00 PM GMT+8 (HKT)

Project name: Trava Finance

Host: Andrew from BSC Army

Guest speakers: @minhTrava and @quinnTrava

Main content:

Segment 1: Introduction

Segment 2: Twitter’s questions

Segment 3: Live Q&A



Andrew: We will start this AMA session with the representative of a great name Trava.Finance in a few minutes. Hope everyone will take a moment to monitor and evaluate the investment opportunity. Welcome to our guest @minhTrava – Founder of Trava Finance and @quinnTrava – Marketing Lead of Trava Finance. How do you feel today?

@minhTrava: Thanks Andrew, I am good. Hello community. We are honored to talk to you today.

@quinnTrav: Hello BSCARMY Community, thanks host team for having me today.

Andrew: Great. It is our pleasure to have you today to talk about Trava Finance? Are you ready?

@minhTrava: Yep. Of course, we are ready.

@quinnTrava: Yes, absolutely, Can’t stop being thrilled to introduce Trava to everyone.

Andrew: By the way I’m Andrew – AMA Host for our AMA with Trava Finance today. I will tell you the rules of today’s AMA. We will have a total of 3 separate segments.

Segment 1: Introduction (3 questions)

Segment 2: Questions from BSC Army (5 questions)

Segment 3: Live Q&A from community. (5 questions)

For each question you choose in segment 3, you could answer by replying to their questions.

Please send a sticker every time you finish your answer.

Have you got it?

@minhTrava: Very clear, thank you. We are so excited to get started.

@quinnTrava: Yes, I got it, go forward with the AMA 🔥

Segment 1: Introduction

1. Could you please introduce a little bit about yourself and Trava Finance?

@minhTrava: My pleasure. My name is Minh, CEO & Co-founder of Trava.Finance. I received a Ph.D. degree in Applied Informatics from the Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia in 2013. My research interests include distributed systems (especially blockchain technology) and data analytics. I have participated in many research projects funded by the European Commission, Slovakia government, Japanese government, and enterprises. I joined several blockchain projects like V-chain, Zeeroo, …

@quinnTrava: My name is Quinn Pham, Marketing Lead of Trava.Finance. I am very happy to be a part of the revolutionary project. I’ve worked in the field of MarCom in many IT projects over the years and immediately fell in love with DeFi and Lending in particular. I can’t find this sort of energy and culture outside of crypto space. Trava team including specialists and individuals in such domains of blockchain, finance, risk management, and other related fields expects that users can assess TRAVA.FINANCE as a lending project providing the best solutions with a long-term vision.

Andrew: Your backgrounds are so impressive

@minhTrava: Thank you. We still have to learn more and more, especially in crypto.

2. What is the problem which Trava Finance is about to solve? The investors will be considering what is Trava Finance’s revenue model and why they should invest in your project? What makes your project become attractive to them?

@minhTrava: Thank you for your question. TRAVA is the world’s first decentralized marketplace for cross-chain lending. While existing approaches provide only one or a few lending pools with their own parameters such as borrow/supply interest rate, liquidation threshold, Loan-to-Value ratio, or a limited list of exchangeable cryptocurrencies, TRAVA offers a flexible mechanism in which users can create and manage their own lending pools to start a lending business. TRAVA also offers the credit score function based on financial data on-chain analysis as a useful tool that reduces risk and increases profits for all users. We build our solutions on TRAVA.FINANCE whose smart contracts are deployed on the BSC network, so the speed of transactions, gas fees and robustness depend on the BSC network. We also provide the lending pool on different chains such as AVAX, Fantom, Polygon in the very near future.

TRAVA token has been listed on PancakeSwap with trading pair BNB/TRAVA since last month. In addition, tomorrow TRAVA will be listed on BitMart Exchange (September 10th) with TRAVA / $USDT trading pair at 8:00 AM UTC. Find more about our project on website and our channels:

Andrew: Cross-chain solution is always appreciated in crypto space as I knew. So, let’s move on to the next question.

3. Could you tell me about your team members and what are their roles in your team?

@quinnTrava: Good question! Let me introduce Trava team to the community

About the team, Trava has been established since 2018 with initial 20+ members. Our team has gathered outstanding specialists and individuals in such domains of blockchain, security, finance, risk management, and law as well. Information about Trava core team is public transparently on our website

At the moment, We currently have more than 30 members, each member in charge of different roles. We are still planning to hire the qualified people for the long term development of the project.

Andrew: I believe that with such an experienced team, Trava Finance will become successful in the future. So, we will move to segment 2.

@quinnTrava: Thanks, we gather talented people to develop the best Trava for users in the long term.

Segment 2: Question from BSC Army

4. Strategic partner and backers is a key CRITERIA which investors look at a project to decide whether or not they will invest in. How about the partners and backers of Trava Finance, what are they?

@minhTrava: An interesting question. Yes, partners and backers are very important for a project. Let me tell you about the partners first. We have a close partnership with ORAICHAIN. And based on the relationship, we created a vault for ORAI token holders to stake and get TRAVA before launching time. We also have a strong relationship with DFYN. Last month, we released credit scoring for DFYN token owners on Polygon. Based on the score, DFYN can evaluate their users better. We also develop Credit scores for Trava.Finance of course. You can get experience with the score by going to And we also have a partnership with Shield Finance. The partnership aims to provide insurance for lenders/loaners in our lending pool.

For backers: Dr. Chung from Oraichain is one of our advisors. He has a lot of experience in crypto and helps us a lot.

We also look for other partners in the future. Because we allow NFTs as collateral in our lending pool. We would like to cooperate with some projects in NTFs related fields, so we can build a complete mechanism for auctioning and pricing our NFTs as collaterals. We also would love to partner up with projects from other blockchains like Fantom, Avalanche,… to build up the cross-chain functions in the future.

Andrew: Yes, these partners are all big names in the crypto world. And I believe that with their supports, your project will go step by step to approach the market easity. And I really appreciate it. So, let’s move on to the next question.

@minhTrava: Thanks Andrew! Can’t wait to answer next interesting question

5. Could you please describe your tokenomic and what are the use cases of your token?

@quinnTrava: Sure. Tokenomic is one of the factors that show our desire to develop Trava as a long term project.

We issue TRAVA tokens based on Binance smart chain’s BEP-20 standard; the total supply is 5,000,000,000 TRAVA. Trava token is used with 4 main objectives: (1) Reward (2) Collateral & Lending (3) Payment (4) Staking as the details below:

1, Reward: Pool owners can receive rewards paid in TRAVA token. So you can get early $TRAVA by staking into our vaults.

2 Collateral and lending: TRAVA tokens can be used for loans and used as mortgages with lending pools on TRAVA app.

3. Payment for lending fees: users can pay lending fees in TRAVA pools.

4. Payment for pool management: Pool owners can pay for the pool management in TRAVA. The management functions are pool creation, pool’s parameter configuration, …

5. Payment for auction deposits: in the NFT auction process, TRAVA can be used as a locked asset.

6. Payment for auction organization: the NFT’s owners (auction organizers) can pay the auction fees by TRAVA.

7. Staking for a validator: The data stored on the knowledge graph chain (used to index data gathered from different chains) must be verified by validators.

8. Staking to participate in the governance process: The TRAVA.FINANCE’s rules will be elected by TRAVA’s holders.

word image 2

We distribute tokenomics with a long-term vision and sustainability for the project. As a DEFI community lending solution, TRAVA reverses the most tokens (40%) for Liquidity Mining. Trava believes that Marketing is one of the important criteria for business development.

You also can learn more about the tokenomics from our blog from the link:

Hope the answer can show the community clearly our long-term vision

Andrew: That is really detailed. And people who are interested in Trava Finance, please take note of this. So, here is the next question..

6. We all want to know about your roadmap, could you please share with us some details of it and what is Trava Finance about to do in the last 3 months of 2021?

@minhTrava: An important question for users, who would like to see how a project develops. Let me answer it.

At the moment, Trava offers some remarkable services such as the alpha version of Lending Pool (on testnet of BSC), and providing credit scores for Trava users and our partners users, we also provide the Token Health application, which is a data analytics for token based on different metrics. You guys can try the credit score app at . At this time, we can calculate the score for ETH, BSC, Polygon wallets. We also provide cross-identification for users, who would like to see how many scores achieved when confirming their wallets on different chains.

In addition, we are offering a staking program with very high APY at Please join and farm 🙂

In this Quarter (Q3) 2021, TRAVA has been listed on PancakeSwap. Especially, this September, we will officially launch our lending pool platform after the audit process by third parties is completed. We have received the audit report from CertiK and the result is very good when no critical information is found. The other issues have been resolved to guarantee the safety of smart contracts as well as our lending pool. Find more details at:

Tomorrow (Sep 10th) at 8A.M UTC, the trading feature will be enabled on BitMart with USDT/TRAVA trading pair.

In Q4 2021, we plan to provide a beta version of Knowledge Graph, NFT auction and cross-chain protocol. We target on increasing much TVL

Andrew: The cryptocurrency market is alway affected significantly by Bitcoin. So, does Trava Finance have any plan to face these situations such as unstable market or downtrend?

@minhTrava: Sure. Bitcoin is like a lighthouse for the crypto market. We of course may be affected by the fluctuation of the coin. But we can decrease the effectiveness by several ways:

– Bringing a quality product with unique functions. This helps users get the best experiences.

– Constantly developing new features to meet users’ requirements and thus creating advantages as compared with others.

– Building a strong community with many supporters. The trust of the community is the most important for our project.

– We always ensure the security of our contracts. For example, we connected with CertiK to audit our code. We also double checked with other audit partners to verify one again code. The announcement will be published next week.

Maintaining faith and spreading it to the community are important while the market is not good

Andrew: I love your answer, it is really convincing.

7. Could you please share with us on what you will do to expand the Trava Finance user’s community?

@quinnTrava: Expanding the community organically is one of the essential factors in Trava’s plan.In other words, with us, users are very important.

Community always comes first. We offer some programs to honor community contribution for our product, including:

– Connecting with influencers, KOLs

– Doing AMAs in many channels

– Connect with several strategic partners to optimize users’ profits.

At the moment, Trava offers some remarkable services such as the alpha version of Lending Pool, and providing credit scores, Token Health, etc.

You guys can try the credit score app (alpha version) at

In addition, we are offering a staking program with very high APY at

Some incentive programs for users like staking pools, games regularly to enable them to get rewards.

In the near future, we are going to gradually transfer governance in management and development of TRAVA to our community to enhance the role of the community in TRAVA.FINANCE

Last but not least, we base on many USPs of TRAVA. The USPs are the strongest attractive points for our users rather than many marketing campaigns.

Don’t forget to join us via these channels, i think u guys don’t want to miss our incentive programs and exciting news :

– Website:

– Twitter:

– Group chat:

– Channel:

– Medium:

Andrew: I love the way you do it. So we will move to the last question of segment 2.

8. We have seen that COLLATERALIZED NFTS is being mentioned in your whitepaper. Could you elaborate the role of NFT in your project and how could users gain profit from it?

@minhTrava: Yes, the function is one of our USPs. To increase the liquidity of such special assets as NFT, stock tokens, or smart contracts, TRAVA allows users to use all of these asset types as collaterals. Before that, the digital assets must be priced through our auction mechanism. The auction winners are involved in the lending contract. They can either possess the digital asset at a low price or earn a considerable profit from the contract.

The benefits for all participants include:

NFT owners can determine their NFT value based on the bid prices given by the auction participants. The value can be much greater than their initial expectation. They can either directly sell their NFT or use their NFT as collateral and earn profit without losing it. TRAVE thus increases the liquidity of NFTs and opens up a unique and exciting NFTFi marketplace.

Based on the given number of auction bids, bidders have a corresponding chance to win the reward at the end of the auction session. This rewarding mechanism provides incentives for users to actively make a bid in the auction.

Auction winners can get their desired NFT at a price lower than their bidding price (once NFT owners cannot repay the loan) or they can receive considerable interest from their loan to NFT owners (once NFT owners repay the loans and get their NFT back).

As I mentioned above, we provide credit scores for users on chains with their assets. The credit scores of NFT owners, auction winners, bidders, and NFTs can be improved after auctions. And they can gain some advantages when using our lending pool, other products in our ecosystem, and in products of our partners.

Andrew: Great, I have to admit that you are well-prepared and you know exactly what you are doing.

@minhTrava: Thanks, we would like to bring the best for our users

So, we will move to segment 3 now. 😊

Segment 3: Live Q&A

9. Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

@minhTrava: Thank you for your interesting question. I would say: yes. We have a burn function and applied to our locked vaults. For example, for 4-month and 8-month locked vaults. We allow stakers to withdraw early after half of locked time. The stakers thus only receive 15% rewards and 85% rest will be burned immediately. The mechanism helps decrease inflation. Besides, we also will apply the buy back for lending pools in the future.

10. Do you have an ambassador program available? If yes, how can I join it? And may I know what’s the benefit available for the ambassador?

@quinnTrava: This is a good question and I really appreciate it when you have the interest in being Trava team members. Yes, we are launching the Ambassador program. There is currently a trial period for Ambassadors who have signed up for the Fall Call 2021. I am delighted to see that you are interested in the program and look forward to supporting Trava. Do not hesitate and apply here so we will consider you as a potential candidate in the next round. Find more about the program here:

11. What is the competitive advantage of your project? Can you tell me 1-3 best features of your project that other projects don’t have to convince me and other investors to invest in your project for a long time?

@minhTrava: Thank you for your question. Let me list the advantage points of our project:

1. Pool Creation for everyone, who would like to start their business: we allow for flexible pool parameters, and support various tokens for the pools. In this way, the function also helps increase liquidity for low-liquidity tokens (new projects can use our service to create their own pools). We also enable the over-collateralized/under-collateralized set by pool owners (lenders, funds) (of course under our monitoring)

2. Data Analysis & Credit Score: credit rating is used for borrowers, lenders, tokens. In addition, the financial data analysis and prediction support lender/loaners to reduce risks, increase in Loan-To-Value (LTV) in real-time, and we can help detect anomaly wallet addresses on chains. Most traditional financial products have credit scores. So we aim to provide the score for crypto.

3. Cross-chain: We enable the mortgage of assets on different chains, the user may not have to move the assets among the chains. We also bring data-linking among multiple chains to calculate the credit score for them.

12. Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to your platform and keep them long term?

@quinnTrava: Thank Mr. Strong for the question. I totally agree with you that Marketing is an essential element for any project, Trava is not an exception.

Marketing is a very important factor that brings any project to users. We have done many marketing activities, including:

– Connecting with influencers, KOLs

– Develop the Ambassador Program (As i answer Shirley before

– Create the strong partnership with other trustworthy and long term projects

– Publish articles in Medium and other communication channels.

– We also provide some incentive programs for users like staking pools, games regularly to enable them to get rewards.

– Last but not least, we base on many USPs of TRAVA. The USPs are the strongest attractive points for our users rather than many marketing campaigns.

13. Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of Token?

@minhTrava: Thanks for your question, the following points are the usage of $TRAVA in our ecosystem: $TRAVA token is used in 4 main areas: Reward, Collateral & Lending, Payment, and DAO Staking. Specifically:

1. Reward: To incentivise users to provide liquidity to pools, pool owners can set up rewards paid in $TRAVA token.

2. Collateral and lending: $TRAVA tokens may be used as the basic collateral for loans and mortgages.

3. Payment for lending fees: As the native platform currency, $TRAVA tokens may be used to pay for lending fees in Trava’s pools.

4. Payment for pool management: As the native platform currency, $TRAVA tokens may be used by pool owners to pay for pool management by Trava.

5. Payment for auction deposits: In the NFT auction process, $TRAVA tokens can be used as the deposit for purchase transactions.

6. Payment for auction organization

7. Staking to participate in the governance process: TRAVA token would allow holders to create and vote on on-chain governance proposals to determine future features of Trava

@quinnTrava: TRAVA Token will be available for trading on one of biggest CEXs in the crypto world Bitmart with trading pair TRAVA/USDT:

And there are a lot of publication announce about us

word image 3

word image 4

word image 5

Andrew: That’s impressive!! There were already 5 questions that cover the most significant aspects of Trava Finance until this point. I hope that after all these questions, everyone is now having a better understanding about us and Trava Finance

@minhTrava: Thank you to the community for your time with us today. A great AMA

Andrew: Congratulations on successfully completing the hardest part of each AMA session, which is interacting with investors and the questions they want to know.

@quinnTrava: Yes, thanks the community for giving us a lot of interesting questions about TRAVA

Thank you so much for having us today! It’s a great honor for us to be able to participate in this AMA with the BSCArmy Community! You’re amazing with such insightful questions. We really appreciate it. Knowing your interest in the project is a huge motivation for us to improve our service. We’d also like to thank the Admin team for whole-hearted support.

Wish you all the best!

Don’t forget to join our Staking Program and get high incentives at:

TRAVA Token has been made available for trading on PancakeSwap, go with this link:

TRAVA Token will be available for trading on one of biggest CEXs in the crypto world Bitmart with trading pair TRAVA/USDT:

We are also running other programs with prizes for the community.

You can find more information about our project and catch the latest news in the future at our channels

📍 Website:

📍 Group chat:

📍 Announcement:

📍 Twitter:

📍 Medium:”

Minh | TRAVA.FINANCE – Will never DM you first, [09.09.21 23:36]

Thanks to host @Andrewbarmy. Good job.


Don’t forget to join our channels to get more about TRAVA everyone.

Andrew: It is our pleasure to have you here today. Thank you so much for sharing with us about Trava Finance. We will make a list of winners. Please DM @AriBarmy to provide the information.

It is the end of our AMA today!

@quinnTrava: Gud luck Trava Finance


Up to now, Trava Finance has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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