Telegram AMA Recap: GrayBlock Power

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Basic information

  • Time: August 29th, 2021 at 10:00 PM GMT+8 (HKT)
  • Project name: GrayBlock Power
  • Host: Andrew from BSC Army
  • Guest speakers:

Chris Ciaravino | Founder

Phuong Skovgaard | Co – Founder

  • Vincent patrick | Co – Founder


  • Main content:
    • Segment 1: Introduction
    • Segment 2: Twitter’s questions
    • Segment 3: Live Q&A



Andrew: We will start this AMA session with the representative of a great name GrayBlock in a few minutes.Hope everyone will take a moment to monitor and evaluate the investment opportunity.

Welcome to our guest @Adamfawndale – Founder of GrayBlock and @phuongskovgaard – Co-founder of GrayBlock. How do you feel today?

Phuong SKOVGAARD: Great!

Andrew: Yes, that’s @Adamfawndale and @phuongskovgaard ladies and gentlemen. By the way I’m Andrew – AMA Host today!

Andrew: I will tell you the rules of today’s AMA. We will have a total of 13 questions and are divided into 3 separate sections.

Segment 1: Introduction (3 question)

Segment 2: Questions from BSC Army (5 questions)

Segment 3: Live Q&A (5 questions from our community)

Chris Ciaravino: Hello – thank you everyone excited to be here to tell you about Grayblock Power which will be launching on BSC in September.

Andrew: Great ! For each question you choose, you could answer by replying to their question. Please send a sticker every time you finish your answer.

Segment 1: Introduction

1. Could you please introduce a little bit about yourself and about GrayBlock Power?

Chris Ciaravino: I am the founder of Grayblock power – I have a background in finance and clean energy. I am also heavy into crypto and decentralized finance – this is an opportunity to not only make great stable yield but to accelerate energy projects around the world.

Vincent patrick: I’m a co founder of grayblockpower, two of the most exciting things we offer at Grayblock is our universal carbon credit and net Zero Bitcoin, ways to monetize being environmentally responsible.

Karl McGinnis: I am a business development & operations expert. I joined the Grayblock team to accelerate marketing & streamline operations

Andrew: Ok, right! Let’s move to the next question.

2. As I knew, GrayBlock team is working on Renewable energy which is in the macroeconomic field and we are considering how compatible has your team been in this field in order to operate your project smoothly?

Phuong SKOVGAARD: Together with Chris and Brandon, we are a team of 8, who are responsible in different areas such as Products, Software development, Marketing, Legal, Customer Relations. Please see details here

The concept got 3rd prize in Dubai Future 2019, from which we got backing from the Canadian government and invested by wealthy individuals and experienced energy developers from the UK, Italy, Australia and we have agreed to support New York in their solar project for the community scheduled for later this year.

Our strategic partners include a legal lender, Accounting firm PwC and Law firm Allen Overy to ensure needed compliance and a wide range of experienced energy developers from all continents.

Chris Ciaravino: We bring together a team that provides expertise in finance, clean energy projects, regulations/securities, blockchain development and marketing

Andrew: That is so impressive!

3. The investors will be considering what is GrayBlock’s revenue model and why they should invest in your project? What makes your project become attractive to them?

Phuong SKOVGAARD: We take a royalty from all payments made from energy projects to stakers. That fee is like uniswap or sushi swap. Same business model.

Those who stake project tokens earn stable income in stable tokens backed by the sale of electricity from the energy project.

Andrew: Wow, Renewable Energy has been a big solution since Global Warming is such a big problem for every country. So GrayBlock will attract a lot of potential investors.

Segment 2: Question from BSC Army

4. How could Gray Block handle the risk of providing loans to energy projects? And what is the strategy to do when they lose their ability to pay the loans?

Phuong SKOVGAARD: One of our strategic partners is a legal lender, who has 30 years’ experience in lending. They will structure the instrument as a loan with collateral, which has an agreed tolerance.

We are working with trusted partners, highly experienced energy developers, who can vet the projects before they are listed to minimize risk.

Karl McGinnis: For a project to get listed on our network it must pass rigorous diligence standards before being voted on by network partners. Only once the diligence is complete and network partners approve can the project be listed on our platform.

Andrew: It is so cool.

5. What are the key products and services of GrayBlock Power?

Phuong SKOVGAARD: Our first product is Energy Yield Farming, and our first project is a 1 MW solar (up to 8MWs total depending on demand) in Vietnam.

Other future products include Universal Carbon Credit and Net-Zero BTC yield farming. Please see our lite-paper the features we offer.

GVS is our first energy project, a 1 MW solar in Vietnam which is already generating cash flow. Owning GVS represents your % ownership of the yield accrued from that energy project.

What are the benefits of holding it? You can stake the GVS in the Energy Yield Farm and accrue yield immediately after the IDO ends. GVS will payout based on energy production, forecasted to be a 8% – 10% APR. GVS token can be sold for higher if demand grows for it. GVS supply is fixed.

Stake Project tokens in our Energy Yield farm to earn yield in stable tokens of 7% – 15%. Sell Project tokens for a quick profit if demand increases.

Andrew: Great. Let’s move to the next question!

6. As I saw in your tokenomic, what is the method that GrayBlock applies when producing tokenized carbon credits equivalent to 1 tonne of CO2?

Phuong SKOVGAARD: We use smart meter feeds with the specific jurisdictions or countries policies to accurately measure co2. Then the value that the policy gives is collateralized against the co2 token value. Like how maker DAO makes DAI token backed against 1 USD with different forms of collateral.

Vincent Patrick: When we onboard clean energy onto a local grid we can actually measure how much oil or gas we are removing from the grid at that time

7. Could you share with us about your policies and plans to serve the community?


– Safety and security? Grayblock Power makes use of already existing smart contracts like IDOs and staking pools which have already been audited and battle tested. Funds are constantly transferred between energy projects and staker, so there is little accumulation of funds to hack at all times.

– Our plans for this year We plan to offer up to 50MWs more of energy projects with the launch of our governance token GPN. We will also be offering Net-Zero BTC mining before the end of the year.

– Cheaper electricity We provide the energy developers with cheap funds in order to produce cheaper electricity to the community.

– Opportunity to invest in renewable energy for everyone. Our decentralised Finance system will allow everyone to invest in renewable projects and contribute to the change of our climate.

8. What will you do to expand your user’s community?


– We will be featured in the NFT Experience Festival in October and next Spring

We’ve agreed to support community projects including the ones from New York and Canada for the community as well as to promote our concept and vision to bring value to the community through electricity.

– We are doing AMAs to provide awareness of renewable energy to the communities. We work intensively in the network, whose networks would join our community.

– We attend live events, social media events to create awareness of our community and support other communities to get a better understanding of production of energy.

Andrew: Great, we will move to the last segment now.

Segment 3: Live Q&A

9. When you started the project, did you ever think you would achieve this success?

Vincent Patrick: We always dreamed we would be but in the last 4 months we realized that we finally had the technology ready to make this possible

10. What financial guarantees does an energy project need for GrayBlock to grant it financing in terms of a loan? How do you minimize the risks of losses?

Chris Ciaravino: AS mentioned we have a legal lender who you can see on our site called mountview – they are experienced with providing due diligence to these assets and have over 30 years experience. We provide those projects real term sheets and get security on the asset in case of default – we will act transparently and no lending would be provided to unknown parties

11. Can you tell us about “Universal Carbon Credit”, what benefits does it bring to both the project and the investors?

Vincent Patrick: Follow us on Twitter and telegram to get more information about our upcoming project in September!

12. What are the competitive advantages of your project? What advantages do you have that other competitors don’t have ? What would be your project’s most similar contender in the market today in terms of scalability, security, features, and adaptability?

Karl McGinnis: Our competitive advantage is our network partners, we have accumulated some of the best industry professionals from around the world. check them out on our website,

13. Many projects are just projects that make deceptive promises created by cloning existing ones and are similar to existing ones. Do you have features that are unique to you, that you have developed and that make you special?

Chris Ciaravino: We are fully transparent and we request you join our telegram linkedin and twitter here: You can see for yourself and meet the team AS WELL AS do AMA with the energy developers themselves and anyone we show on the site or a part of a new project development

Andrew: Congratulations on successfully completing the hardest part of each AMA session, which is interacting with investors and the questions they want to know.

Thank you! It’s our pleasure to have you today!

We will make a list of winners. Please DM @AriBarmy to provide the information.

Karl McGinnis: Additional prizes are available for all those who follow in the next 3 hours!


Up to now, GrayBlock Power has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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