The former FTX CEO will have access to the use of messaging apps

Cuu CEO FTX se co quyen su dung cac ung dung nhan tin

Sam Bankman- Fried’s lawyers and federal prosecutors have come to a compromise over his usage of messaging apps.

Both parties have agreed that SBF “must not use any encrypted or ephemeral call or messaging service, including but not limited to Signal,” according to a court document from February 6. The former FTX CEO will have access to FaceTime, Zoom, iMessage, SMS messaging, email, and Facebook Messenger, though, according the deal.

As long as “monitoring technology is installed on his cellphone that automatically logs and preserves all WhatsApp communications,” he will also be permitted to use the secure messaging app WhatsApp. Prosecutors said in particular that SBF had used the encrypted communications app Signal to try and “influence” the testimony of FTX US general counsel Ryne Miller on Jan. 15. Additionally, it was claimed that on January 30, SBF got in touch with FTX CEO John Ray to inquire about how to get access to business funds stored in Alameda wallets.

As it stands, a Feb. 1 judgement requires that SBF stay on bond until his trial and be prohibited from interacting with any current or former employees of FTX or Alameda Research “unless in the presence of counsel.” Since late December, SBF has been living under house arrest in Palo Alto, California, and his criminal trial is set to start in October in federal court in Manhattan. In the meantime, FTX’s bankruptcy proceedings are continuing in the District of Delaware.

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