The NBA extended its current partnership with Meta to bring some of its games freely to the metaverse

NBA da hop tac voi Meta de dua mot so tro choi cua ho vao metaverse

The National Basketball Association (NBA) said on January 23 that it would continue to work with Meta to broadcast its games utilizing VR (virtual reality) technology.

The matches will be televised via the Meta Quest 2 consumer headset and the metaverse software Xtadium, which broadcasts immersive sports events.

Users can enjoy and watch 52 games from the league on Horizon Worlds, Meta’s leading metaverse app. Using 180-degree monoscopic technology, five of these games will be presented in a more immersive manner.

NBA continues to work with Meta to Bring Basketball Games to the Metaverse

As the game progresses, the user will be able to experience it as if they were sitting close to the court, shifting their point of view. The league hopes that by making this change, it would make the sport more engaging for its current followers and attract new viewers who are accustomed to these cutting-edge technologies.

Sarah Malkin, director of metaverse media content at Meta, said the following about this: They’re excited to introduce these game-changing capabilities to the NBA Arena and live games. Immersing oneself in shared experiences with friends and fans from across the world is VR’s superpower.

With the help of immersive VR technology from Meta, sports fans now have more ways to connect with and interact with their preferred NBA teams. Fans will be able to display their team loyalty by dressing up like members of their favorite NBA team on Avatars.

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