The zkEVM mainnet beta will launch in late March according to Polygon

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The zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) mainnet’s beta launch of its zero-knowledge scaling upgrade from Ethereum layer-2 solution provider Polygon has been scheduled for March 27.

After three and a half months of “combat testing,” Polygon stated in a blog post on February 14 that the system will be ready for the mainnet debut the following month. It was introduced as a testnet in December of last year and is marketed as “seamless scalability for Ethereum.”

The zk-rollup scaling technology has been under development for the past three years. The team has acknowledged various milestones the Polygon zkEVM system has attained during that time. More than 5,000 smart contracts have been deployed, more than 75,000 zk-proofs have been produced, more than 84,000 wallets have been created, and two third-party audits have been made public.

Security, according to the team, is of the utmost importance, which is why “Polygon zkEVM has been ran through a gauntlet of tests and audits.” In the context of scaling, the technique makes use of zero-knowledge proofs, which are cryptographic confirmations that allow platforms to verify large volumes of transaction data before bundling and confirming them on Ethereum.

There are other teams than Polygon developing a zkEVM solution. Similar EVM technology is being developed by scaling supplier zkSync with its zkPorter, which off-chains crucial transaction data. Along with the Privacy and Scaling Explorations division of the Ethereum Foundation, Scroll, another provider of scaling solutions, is developing a zkEVM solution. A project called Applied ZKP, which intends to create an EVM-compatible zk-rollup, is also supported by the Ethereum Foundation.

In their explanation of the technology’s relevance, the researchers noted that full EVM-equivalence allows Ethereum to scale “without resorting to half-measures.” Preserving the current Ethereum ecosystem is the best approach to scale Ethereum; the infrastructure, tools, and code all need to function. And that is what Polygon zkEVM wants to do.

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