The Crypt Space – An All-inclusive Platform Dedicated to NFT Artists


NFTs are grabbing the attention of many artists and collectors by solving one of the biggest problems in the art world: monetization and incentivization. Because of the pandemic’s physical restrictions, that problem became even more serious. Luckily, The Crypt Space arrived just in time to help artists gain significant recognition and profit through NFTs, as well as increasing crypto collectors’ asset value.

About The Crypt Space

The Crypt Space is a fully-fledged Binance Smart Chain project determined to create a safe and highly profitable platform for crypto users through an ecosystem of diverse products. The Crypt Space is a one stop shop for all your crypto and NFT needs and provides interchangeable rewards for token holders and team projects alike.

The Crypt Space is the culmination of the works of four different projects, Assgard, Cryptonaughts, Ragnarok, and Gaia, now rolled into one super project. The merged platform inherits the NFT marketplace from Cryptonaughts, Launchpad for new token projects from Ragnarok, staking feature from Gaia, and portfolio tracker with tax software from Assgard.

A community-driven NFT art gallery that whole-heartedly supports the artists

Humankind is experiencing a never-before-seen pandemic where visiting galleries in person is severely limited. And even in a normal scenario, many talented artists can hardly get their works displayed in a gallery, let alone sell them for profit. This is a huge opportunity for The Crypt Space to unite millions of art enthusiasts and artists thanks to blockchain technology.

The Crypt Space is a perfect platform for artists who are still on the fence about whether NFTs will help them succeed, in regards to popularity and financial stability.

– Commission: Conventional galleries tend to charge 40-50% commission. The Crypt Space does not take anything from the artist and charges the buyer only a 2% commission fee to cover the platform expenses. In the future, as The Crypt Space becomes more established, this 2% commission can be lowered.

– Shipping: Transporting artworks is an expensive and slow process, not to mention risky. Blockchain technology eliminates these obstacles and buying NFTs using $Crypt costs the buyer very little money because the platform simply wants to break even.

– Transparency: Transactions in the art world are private and ambiguous in nature due to risk of counterfeits, private collections or payments, or stolen works getting sold on the black market. On blockchain, however, everything is accessible for all to see, including the source, transaction history, delivery method, and other information about the art piece. Customers do not need to worry about overexposure because this transparency still allows for privacy.

– Authenticity: Even experts sometimes cannot validate artwork authenticity, but with blockchain, it is almost impossible to make counterfeits. The Crypt Space aims to help creators and collectors participate in this historical shift of how the crypto world authenticates artworks.

– Exclusivity: Currently, the demand for NFTs outnumbers the supply. That disparity results in higher prices, representing a massive interest in NFTs newcomers and creating extreme scarcity in the market. The Crypt Space’s decentralized approach capitalizes on this phenomenon and helps share its partnered artists with other art galleries and projects for a win-win situation.

– Royalty bonus: Conventional artists rarely earn royalties on the reselling of their creations and are completely devoid of a lucrative passive income. On The Crypt Space, royalties can be set manually by the creator of any NFT, so every time the NFT changes hands, creators can automatically receive a part of the exchange.

The Crypt Space elevates user experience

The Crypt Space offers Premium Membership, where users can choose from a plethora of products that best suit their needs, whether they are an artist, trader, or both. That product can be Exclusive Galleries & Promotion divided into 4 tiers or Gasless Trading for Crypt token holders with hold value exceeding 200$ to trade without any fee.

With Crypt Tracker Premium, users can benefit from new and innovative ways to help them track their crypto assets. There are 3 tiers to this service, which include functions such as alerts, charts, data analytics, and value tracking across all tokens in the user wallet.

The Crypt Space adopts gamification by combining NFT Museum and Exchange to document crypto history in the DeFi world. The museum can add both sentimental and practical value to a conventional NFT Exchange. To ensure the platform smooth operation on phones, the platform’s team is going to develop a mobile app, which will have every function of the website and games. Users can play games, track portfolios, display and trade NFTs where they might be.

The Crypt Space long-term goal is to create an actual game that incentivizes holding or borrowing NFTs. The game will be modeled after the popular Hearthstone/Magic: The Gathering type of card game.


Crypt token ($Crypt) is the native token of The Crypt Space and has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000.

Smart Contract address: 0x9C0C8156b268A4432191A282BdF4287019526cCe

Use case:

– Transactions: All transactions on the NFT Exchange use $Crypt.

– Holding: Users can hold $Crypt to enjoy premium art features such as galleries and promotion.

– Staking: Users can stake $Crypt to earn tradeable $CryptLab reward tokens, which can be cashed in to get temporary private contact with partnered artists. There will be more benefits to staking in the future.

Team members

The Crypt Space is an international team consisting of veteran developers, artists, and managers in the crypto world. As of August 2021, the team has a total of 25 members, of whom are:

– Cliff Fetner, one of the three founders of TheCryptSpace. He has over 26 years’ experience as an IT manager and contributed greatly to the project’s vision of database integration.

– Simon Dorfman, a well-established Art Director/Production Manager/Webmaster and Multimedia Specialist with 21 years of shared experience.

– André Santos, a talented NFT artist. He helps The Crypt Space create NFT museum and relevant promotional NFTs for project giveaways. André is also working part-time for FEG-token as an artist.

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Social Channels

You can reach The Crypt Space through the following social medias:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Telegram

Final Thoughts

The Crypt Space endorses a super friendly and profitable ecosystem, where artists in particular can grow exponentially and users in general can experience fast and seamless asset transactions. This platform is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future and is calling for the support of the thriving NFT community.


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